Sunetra Choudhury Wedding, Husband Pics, Haircut Images, Family, ChildrenThe influx of women in many industries is a heartening statistic that is showing up in India. But along with all the strides forward taken by mankind, has come hurdles too. So what does it feel like to be of the opposite gender in an industry that does not discount its share of danger? We will be finding this out through the news anchor Sunetra Choudhury biography. Sunetra Choudhury is an Indian journalist who has worked the circuit from the turn of the century when India was at the cusp of a change. Her net worth has been on the rise since the time of her inception and this is one of the current NDTV female news anchors of India. Sunetra Choudhury success story is something that every woman must sit up and take note of. For a better and closer understanding you may follow Sunetra Choudhury Twitter handle.

Sunetra Choudhury Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of news reader Sunetra Choudhury starts with Sunetra Choudhury family background; the family has its roots in Sikkim. Sunetra Choudhury parents are inhabitants of the North-eastern part of India. Sunetra Choudhury was born in Gangtok, Sikkim. Her age now is around the vicinity of 37 and Sunetra Choudhury height is of that any other average Indian female, around 5 feet 4 inches approximately. Sunetra Choudhury date of birth must be around the late 1970s.

Sunetra Choudhury wiki mentions that Sunetra Choudhury completed her education from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication and was primarily working in New Delhi. Sunetra Choudhury personal life has been discussed in detail in the following sections. Sunetra Choudhury images show a lean girl with a semi-dark complexion with eyes full of determination. Let us delve into Sunetra Choudhury TV journalist profile now.

Sunetra Choudhury Early Career

Sunetra Choudhury first job was with a newspaper, The Indian Express in 1999. In 2002, se joined STAR NEWS as a journalist but then shifted to NDTV soon after in the year 2003 and has stayed there ever since. She is one of those who is not in the league of Indian married female TV journalists who has had a successful long career in the media. It is not a very easy job and all of us know that.

Sunetra Choudhury Interviews, Controversial Cases

Sunetra Choudhury was also mixed up in a sexual harassment case where she had been audacious enough to make a pubic revelation that a certain politician was sexually harassing her in that point in time. This story was carried on by a different media house than the one Sunetra Choudhury was working at which is why Barkha Dutt and Prannoy Roy also received a lot of flak for keeping mum on the matter and not raising their voices against the atrocity towards their co-worker.

This was Sunetra Choudhury controversy that was making breaking news. However Sunetra Choudhury moved on from this and covered many high profile interviews, that of Shashi Tharoor, Manoj Bajpayee and many such personalities covering myriad topics like gay rights, feminism, political ethics, etc. the journalist Sunetra Choudhury salary has increased insurmountably over the years and this was all about the news presenter Sunetra Choudhury bio data.

Sunetra Choudhury Love life, Marriage, Husband

Now we will be looking into Sunetra Choudhury love affairs. It is hard to find Sunetra Choudhury dating history as she is a journalist and hardly had any time to squander around her time with a possible partner. Sunetra Choudhury has had relationships, that’s for sure but the mystery man has eluded the public eye for matters of his own security.

Sunetra Choudhury chose to keep her love life quiet after she made public the statements of the ‘pervy politician and his demands’. Sunetra Choudhury love story has since been under wraps. It was a huge scandal after all and she had locked horns with a congressman. Of course she was not safe, neither were the ones close to her.

The news anchor Sunetra Choudhury is not married, and there is no Sunetra Choudhury wedding date. Maybe this modern Indian lasso, Sunetra Choudhury does not want to adopt the husband name as tradition calls for it. After writing countless accounts of honor killings and brutal Khap diktats, one kind of does become repulsive towards such ideas of marriage.

The husband of journalist Sunetra Choudhury would have had a tough time anyway. Living with a so-called feminists isn’t easy either. Sunetra Choudhury loves children but hasn’t had the time to make any. Sunetra Choudhury had once tweeted about a daughter of a vegetable vendor who was an expert bomb dismantler. This was all about Sunetra Choudhury life history.

TV Journalist Sunetra Choudhury Latest Buzz

Sunetra Choudhury haircut is very trendy and fashionable. She wears a bob and imagines that while Sunetra Choudhury is in a Saree, super sexy, isn’t it? Sunetra Choudhury is also often seen in a skirt, but that is quite common. What is uncommon is the sexy Sunetra Choudhury legs that are generally not seen in journo. Sunetra Choudhury has done a lot of latest news in her time as unmarried female news anchors of India. Time has flown by but Sunetra Choudhury still manages to rule the crime and politics circuit on NDTV.