Candice Wyatt Hot Images, Marriage, Husband Photos, Sexy Legs, Skirt, HairstyleMany celebrities have not so known wives. These better halves are happy being quaint and successful in their own terms. The news presenter Candice Wyatt biography is one such story. Although her net worth as much as her boyfriend’s she makes no bones about it. Her success story will be unveiled as we take a look at her personal life to understand what she does in her spare time being a celebrity girlfriend and a media professional. She is active on Twitter as ‘@candicewyatt10’. She is one of the most talented Australian female journalists. Although she did make headlines as Glenn Maxwell girlfriend name but most of her achievements is as a news readers. It is from stories like these that one learns the importance of poise, grace and humility. It is no easy task to stop oneself from getting lost underneath the shadows of stardom that your partner commands but even in such a situation, this woman has held her own.

Candice Wyatt Age, Family, Wiki

The family background of the journalist is that of an ordinary family. Currently, Candice Wyatt age is 34 and her approximate height is 5 feet 7 inches. Her date of birth falls in the year 1982. Candice Wyatt wiki has also mentioned that she has completed her education from Australia. Her nationality is Australian as her birthplace is Melbourne.

The Australian news reporter Candice Wyatt graduated from VCE in Terrang and then went on to get a Bachelor’s degree in Arts Journalism from the Deakins University in Geelaong. She has very shapely legs which are shown off quite often when she wears a skirt. Her eyes are very expressive and are one of her assets as a journalist.

Candice Wyatt Career, Jobs, Success Story

Just after college, she went to work at the Werribee Times Newspaper from 2003 to 2005 where she gathered a lot of professional experience. Candice Wyatt first job was as a journalist in Tasmania. She had to cover mine collapses and sports events and what not. But two and a half years later she felt the need to move on. But she couldn’t find any job back home so she took up a high stress job at ABC Radio in Ballarat.

After two years thee she was again applying for jobs in news channels that when ‘Ten’ happened to her. She was hired as the same director was there from her work experience from college days. One of her major interviews was Jill Meagher’s husband Tom. She was murdered and the case had a lot of twists and turns and that drained Candice and also gave her a lot of tough time coping with the death.

She is one of the Australian female news readers who covered the controversy of the missing MH370 plane. She was also one of the first ones to cover the release of Schapelle Corby from the Bali prison. Apart from this she has co-anchored and hosted the show based on current affairs titled ‘The Project’ on the same channel.

Candice Wyatt Shows, News Coverage

Candice Wyatt salary was a not a matter a concern to her over the years because she has a passion for her profession. On November of 2014 she became a co-anchor to Stephen Quartermain at the ‘Ten Eyewitnesses’ show. She is generally part of celebrity gossip because of her relationship with Glenn Maxwell. Most of her life she has covered serious news as well as breaking news material and is definitely not the type of chick who belts out entertainment drama.

She covers a lot of deaths and has to face many hurdles in her job like bad weather, tech problems, being chased out of houses by the relative of dead people during her death knocks but she has accepted everything as it came as part of her job. In fact she is a very lively person and believes in networking wherever she goes.

Candice Wyatt Love Life, Boyfriend, Relationships, Marriage

Candice Wyatt Glenn Maxwell Wedding, Boyfriend Pics, Love Story, IPL ImagesCandice Wyatt love affair with the cricketer has been up and around for quite some time. She has been dating Glenn Maxwell lately despite her busy work schedule. The girlfriend of Glenn Maxwell sizzled up the ‘Alan Border Medal – 2016 Night’ red carpet.

Candice Wyatt boyfriend was seen looking quite handsome and sharp in a black suit at the award function. Although Candice Wyatt glen Maxwell love story is not widely known to people they do make a lovely couple. They have not married as of yet and have also not talked about a wedding date. The journalist makes no bones about having to announce a husband name soon.

It is evident that her love life is thriving. If at all the batsman becomes the husband of Candice Wyatt, it will come as no surprise to fans. In fact they are awaiting Candice Wyatt glen Maxwell marriage. She looked ravishing in a white gown with her bare thighs showing at the recent Alan Border award night.

Candice Wyatt Latest Buzz

In the world of last minute news updates and emergency coverage’s she hardly has any time to keep beauty secrets. But she believes in a simplistic approach of life based on natural remedies for everything and a healthy living. Her hairstyle is generally straight blonde worn open. Her new haircut gives her an edgy look. One of the interesting facts is that she is also the ambassador the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, something she started after she lost her mother in 2013 to the disease.

She is one of the most up and coming female news anchors in Australia. The latest news on her is that her new show is doing quite well in Melbourne. She puts a lot of pictures of her private life with Glenn on Instagram. Being the cricketer’s girlfriend she also gets to attend a lot of matches and cricketing award functions. She is a fan f Essendor Football Club and loves her pet, a Cocker Spaniel.