Harsh Rajput and Aneri Vajani Pics, Family, Girlfriend, Wedding, Hairstyle, Wife ImagesThe film industry of India is teeming with young artists. Television actors make the small screen somehow and then start dreaming of the big screen break but very few TV actors are given a meaty and meaningful role. We are going to explore what goes on in the mind of a TV actor regarding this in the Indian actor Harsh Rajput biography. He came into the limelight with the launch of his recent TV show based on a historical figure. Harsh Rajput currently is doing TV shows. The erstwhile Harsh Rajput actor profile mentions that he is still new to this and needs more time to be a seasoned actor. Seeing Harsh Rajput shirtless pics, one might say that he is trying too hard o fit into mainstream methodologies of gaining attention. In the next section we will discuss Harsh Rajput personal life.

Harsh Rajput Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of actor Harsh Rajput starts with Harsh Rajput family background; which says that he was born in Navsari where the entire family along with Harsh Rajput parents is based out of Gujarat. The actor Harsh Rajput age is 28 as Harsh Rajput date of birth is 5 January, 1988. Harsh Rajput height is average around 5 feet 6 inches for an average Indian male.

The actor Harsh Rajput wiki also mentions that Harsh Rajput education happened from Mithibai College, Mumbai. During his college days he was an active participant in cultural events like Dance and Drama. Harsh Rajput Twitter handle is slowly gathering followers each day. Harsh Rajput brother name is Preet Rajput and he is younger than Harsh.

Harsh Rajput shares a very amiable bond with his younger brother. Both of them, Harsh Rajput and Preet Rajput have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles where there fans follow both of them and that helps them get a glimpse of their life.

Actor Harsh Rajput TV Serials, Movies

Harsh Rajput first TV serial was in ‘Sapne Suhaane Ladakpan Ke’ where he played the role of a mentally ill boy named ‘Bittu’. Harsh Rajput first movie was in 2010 in ‘Krantiveer- The Revoltuion’, so in a way; Harsh Rajput has already had a break in bollywood films, but not entirely. Harsh Rajput played a role in the Channel V show ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’ which tells unconventional love stories.

Apart from this Harsh Rajput did a cameo role in ‘Hitler Didi’ where his character was named Ishaan and this was still not the end. Harsh Rajput and Rajat Tokas did an amazing job in ‘Dharti Ka Veer Yodha – Prithvi Raj Chauhan’. His immediate competitor is Ashish Sharma of ‘Siya ke Ram’ fame. The ‘Janbaaz Sindbaad’ TV serial male actor is indeed a talented man as he has proved through his myriad roles in ‘Janbaaz Sindbaad’ and many other roles as mentioned above.

Harsh Rajput also played the role in the movie ‘Aalaap’ which was released in 2012. The male actor of ‘Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan’ TV serial is known for his roles in such biopics. He was seen playing the role of Sindbaad earlier and also had a part to play in ‘Dharamveer’. Harsh Rajput has also proved his mettle in mainstream roles, with his performance in ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’.

He has also starred in ‘Traces of Sandalwood’ whose original title was ‘Rastres De Sandal’ and this was released in 2014 which had 8 nominations and 3 wins. It is a movie in the Catalan language and harsh is seen sharing screen space with the likes of Nandita Das. But the fame gained by the ‘Janbaaz Sindbaad’ actor name, Harsh Rajput has been because of the latest biopic of Prithviraj Chauhan.

Actor Harsh Rajput Love Life, Marriage

The actor Harsh Rajput girlfriend is said to be Hiba Nawab. During his teenage years, Harsh Rajput may have had many love affairs, but right now Harsh Rajput is seriously dating Hiba Nawab, of Channel V’s show ‘Crazy Stupid Ishq’ fame. Harsh Rajput relationship with Hiba Nawab started in the sets of the show itself and this is not a new thing. Most of the TV star couples’ love story starts this way.

There were reports of Harsh Rajput romance with Aneri Vajani earlier but they have died down now. The actor, Harsh Rajput shared a much closed relationship with co-star and friend Aneri Vajani which she herself has also admitted several times. Their on-screen chemistry, however was sizzling and hence everyone thought that they were in a relationship. This is all about the actor Harsh Rajput love life.

Although actor Harsh Rajput marriage has not been finalized, whenever that happens, the wife of actor Harsh Rajput will be blessed to have such a talented husband. There is still a lot of time to think about Harsh Rajput wedding, as he still trying to get a firm foothold in the industry and therefore does not have a lot of time to decide Harsh Rajput wife name.

Indian Actor Harsh Rajput Latest Buzz

We have already discussed the actor Harsh Rajput bio data in full detail. Now coming to the fun part, Harsh Rajput hairstyle has gained a lot of trend momentum from his epic shows. Harsh Rajput net worth has increased after doing so many movies and serials of popular interest. Harsh Rajput new looks keeps changing with each of his character in different serials.

Harsh Rajput new TV show will come soon once this Prithviraj Chauhan project is completed, as it takes up most of his time. Although, Harsh Rajput is primarily a TV star, his performances in offbeat movies makes us believe that we will be seeing a lot more of him in upcoming movies. This was all about Harsh Rajput latest news. We do hope that this young lad who does not look more than 25 touches great heights with his work. He literally has his entire life ahead of him in this pursuit.