Feryna Wazheir Bikini Wallpapers, Hot Pics, Kiss Scene in Rangrasiya, Wedding, Husband, Navel Images, Sexy FeetMany foreign actresses are entering the Bollywood scene. Competition has been rising with this sudden influx of foreign talent. How is it happening? Let us find out. In this article we will be exploring into the Airlift actress Feryna Wazheir biography, who has recently gained popularity due to her upcoming movie. Feryna Wazheir movies are few; however she is seeing regularly in the Bollywood circuit. If you see Feryna Wazheir hot pics, you will find the image of a natural beauty who doesn’t quite look like an Indian. We will be discussing the details of Feryna Wazheir personal life in the ensuing sections. The Airlift film actress name is Feryna and Feryna Wazheir actress profile is revealed below. Read on to find more of the interesting facts about Feryna Wazheir. The performance of Feryna Wazheir in Airlift will mark a new high in her career if the film does well.

Feryna Wazheir Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of actress Feryna Wazheir basically talks about Feryna Wazheir family background. She belongs to a very ordinary family from Scotland. Feryna Wazheir parents are Kashmiri apparently who settled in the United Kingdom. The actress Feryna Wazheir age is 29 as Feryna Wazheir date of birth is 25 July, 1986. Feryna Wazheir height is 5 feet 5 inches and Feryna Wazheir weight is 53 Kgs.

Feryna Wazheir education happened primarily in the UK. She studied theatre and drama in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to study acting skills. The actress Feryna Wazheir wiki also reveals that her religion is Hindu and her nationality is British. You can follow all the latest tweets by this gorgeous actress on her personal Twitter account.

Feryna Wazheir Modeling, Advertising and Films

The Asian actress Feryna Wazheir bio data does mention a number of accolades about her but what it does not reveal is that this heroine of Airlift film was modeling from a very young age. She was watching camels once and a stranger asked to click her photos and voila! That was that and the hot Feryna Wazheir images convinced the man that she had a commercial face.

After that there was no looking back for her, Feryna Wazheir landed quite a few modeling contracts and even served as the face of the leading jewelry brand, P C Chandra Jewelers for 2 years. Feryna Wazheir latest photo-shoot happened in Mumbai. Feryna Wazheir first movie was the ‘Echo of eco’ after which she was seen in the 2008 Bollywood movie, ‘Rangrasiya‘. She was also seen in the movie called ‘Khaana’ and now Feryna Wazheir will be seen alongside Nimrat Kaur and Akshay Kumar in the yet to be release thriller, ‘Airlift’.

The performance of Feryna Wazheir in “Rangrasiya” was quite commendable and after that she became one of the most popular Bollywood actresses. In the latest movie, it will be interesting to watch the chemistry of Feryna Wazheir and Nimrat Kaur. Because she has an Indian heritage, Feryna Wazheir is often seen wearing a Saree, and she looks gorgeous in it.

The actress of Airlift movie somewhat shares a history like that of Iulia Vantur, who is also from different country and trying her luck in Bollywood with her acting skills. Feryna Wazheir did quiet a commendable job in ‘Echo of eco’, followed by the presence of Feryna Wazheir in the movie ‘Khaana’. Apart from this Feryna Wazheir has also starred in the much-acclaimed drama ‘The Vagina Monologues’.

Actress Feryna Wazheir Love Life, Marriage

The British actress Feryna Wazheir love affairs are quite covert or non-existent because as of yet no one knows who she is dating. She could be single, yes that is one possibility but we doubt that. Feryna Wazheir may be secretly dating someone and just does not want to make it public. Feryna Wazheir is a very shy person and does not really like to publicize her relationships.

However the actress Feryna Wazheir boyfriend is one lucky man to have such a beautiful girlfriend. Feryna Wazheir love life is a mystery to all and maybe the actress Feryna Wazheir has remained untouched by any kind of controversy.

The actress Feryna Wazheir marriage has not been decided yet as Feryna Wazheir wedding date is still not decided. Feryna Wazheir husband name will be decided when she feels she is ready to settle for a marriage. The husband of actress Feryna Wazheir will be lucky to have such a successful star as his wife.

Actress Feryna Wazheir Latest Buzz

The celebrity gossips so far have failed to target her as she has not socialized a lot. Feryna Wazheir beauty secrets are yoga. Although she travels a lot between Mumbai, Glasgow and London due to her work, she makes it a point to do yoga regularly.

Feryna Wazheir latest news is about her performance in the latest movie Airlift. The film actress Feryna Wazheir hairstyle is very ordinary and she likes it that way. Feryna Wazheir net worth is slowly increasing no that she is getting more acting jobs.

Feryna Wazheir diet plan is a complicated one which is very hard to follow and the Airlift movie actress wiki also mentions that she was discovered by Farookh Chotia who is a leading photographer of India. The Airlift movie actress wallpapers look very poetic and this is sure to help Feryna Wazheir land her upcoming movies.