Rohitash Gaud Wife Pics, Family, Wedding Pictures, Movies, Ladoo Ke Bhaiya Real Name, KidsRohitash Gaud or now-a-days referred to as Ladoo Ke Bhaiya in “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain!” serial is an Indian television and film actor who has worked in several TV shows. While Rohitash Gaud TV shows have been fairly popular, Rohitash Gaud movies have featured him in small roles and he could not gather much success there. However, he is quite a famous actor on TV and in this actor Rohitash Gaud biography; we will incorporate his journey of becoming a TV artist of such strata. First seen as Rohitash Gaud as Mukundilal Gupta in the TV show “Lapataganj” on the SAB TV, he managed to win a lot of audience through the character’s honesty and sarcasm that brought into light the bitter truths of the Indian society. However, Rohitash Gaud actor profile is not limited only to that genre and we shall get to know more about his works in this biography.

Rohitash Gaud Family, Age, Wiki

The actor Rohitash Gaud wiki talks mainly about his works in the TV as well as in the filmography. Rohitash Gaud belongs to a non-filmy family background. Rohitash Gaud date of birth is 16th October, 1967. So, as of now, the actor Rohitash Gaud age is 48 years. To speak of Rohitash Gaud height, he is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall and he is a well educated person too.

As for his fans, he is mainly known for his works on the television and Rohitash Gaud twitter handle is filled with praises and appreciation for his work. Even though we cannot speak definitely about Rohitash Gaud life history, but we can talk about his past works and future engagements in the television industry.

Actor Rohitash Gaud TV Serials

After watching Rohitash Gaud in “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain!”, it has become hard for his fans to comprehend that how Mukundilal Gupta played by Rohitash Gaud in “Lapataganj” serial could turn into a comedian so swiftly. In the show called Lapataganj that aired on SAB TV, Rohitash played a role of a common villager that had to overcome the challenges of the Indian society along with his friends, family and neighbours.

However, Rohitash Gaud as Manmohan Tiwari is an easy going light hearted character that flirts with the wife of his neighbour, who in turn does the same. Ever since Rohitash Gaud first TV serial showcased in which he was taken as a lead, he has been gathering lots of attention and appreciation for his works. However, it took him a long time to get here and had to play several small roles.

Rohitash Gaud Bollywood Movies

To start with Rohitash Gaud first movie, he played a role in the film “Veer Savarkar” which was a biopic but the film went unnoticed. Later, more Rohitash Gaud Bollywood films were filmed and released but with no major success. Then we saw Rohitash Gaud in “Munna Bhai MBBS” where he played the tiny role of the coconut vendor and this was just the beginning of Rohitash Gaud and Sanjay Dutt movies. He was again seen as Rohitash Gaud in “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” film as the secretary of Boman Irani.

He then also portrayed tiny roles in films like “3 Idiots”, “A Wednesday”, “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge” and “Dhoop”. Although he never received much acclaim for his filmography, he was neither criticized for his acting. So, turns out it all turned out to be well for him in the film industry and it turned out great for him in the Indian Television industry. With little success in the film industry, Rohitash Gaud role in PK movie was that of a police inspector with only a few scenes.

Rohitash Gaud in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain!

In the currently on-air show, Rohitash Gaud and Shilpa Shinde chemistry is amazing and all the four lead actors on the show are appreciated for their performances. As per Rohitash Gaud latest news, some sources informed that the role played by Shilpa Shinde on the show was previously offered to Rashami Desai and she walked out of the show when she got to know that Rohitash was going to play her husband on the show. This led to actor Rohitash Gaud controversy and as they say, any publicity is good publicity; the show got a boast and went on to become a light-hearted comedy for all.

Rohitash Gaud Marriage, Wife, Children

To speak of actor Rohitash Gaud love life, nothing much has ever been said or written about it and so, Rohitash Gaud love story continues to be a deep rooted secret if that ever took place. In fact, he is so secretive about Rohitash Gaud relationships that we do not even know for sure that whether actor Rohitash Gaud is married or not.

Although, to take a guess, we would believe that Rohitash Gaud wedding would have taken place some years back but nothing is known about the wife of actor Rohitash Gaud or even Rohitash Gaud wife name. There is a similar concern regarding Rohitash Gaud children as nothing about them is known too.

Rohitash Gaud Latest Buzz

Today, Rohitash Gaud net worth is not as much as that of a movie star, but he has enormous amount of fans. This is why his fans are always counting on Rohitash Gaud next TV serial and are eager to know that which genre he will play in Rohitash Gaud upcoming TV shows.

For his on-screen TV roles, he has been nominated several times for awards and has also won a few. He still hopes for working in a big film someday and wishes to work with the Bhai of the industry, Salman Khan. Even though the silver screen had nothing to offer him, Rohitash Gaud TV shows got a major boast and he became a household name as Mukundilal Gupta.