Nidhi Subbaiah Hot Images, Bikini Photoshoots, Family, Wedding, Husband Pics, HD WallpapersMany girls take up modeling in the hope of being spotted by some director so that they could finally get into acting. The “Love Shagun” film actress Nidhi Subbaiah biography will throw light into the life of such a person. She made her way into Bollywood through modeling and Kannada films. A couple of Nidhi Subbaiah movies are in the post production stage right now. The “Love Shagun” film actress name has appeared in many tabloids for her stellar performances in various movies. Nidhi Subbaiah Twitter handle is very active as she tries to tweet almost daily. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah had started her career with modeling. We will discuss Nidhi Subbaiah actress profile in order to understand what led to her fame. Nidhi Subbaiah songs are quite famous due to their melodious nature. Nidhi Subbaiah controversy will be discussed here in due course of time.

Nidhi Subbaiah Family, Age, Wiki

The biography of Kannada film actress Nidhi Subbaiah will tell us what shaped her present fame. Nidhi Subbaiah family background is that of a small family from Mysore, Kodagu District. Nidhi Subbaiah parents are Bollachanda Subbaiah and Jhansi Subbaiah. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah age is 28. Nidhi Subbaiah height is 1.73cm. Nidhi Subbaiah date of birth is 16 February, 1987.

Nidhi Subbaiah education happened form St. Joseph’s Central, Mysore. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah wiki also mentions that she is a college dropout. She was pursuing Civil Engineering from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering but she quit after 1st year because her modeling assignments took off. Her story is similar to that of Shriya Pilgaonkar who made into Bollywood from being a regional film actress. The interesting fact about Nidhi Subbaiah is that she is a college dropout.

Nidhi Subbaiah Bollywood Films, Songs

The actress Nidhi Subbaiah is about to be seen in upcoming movie ‘Love Shagun’. Nidhi Subbaiah first film was ‘Sweetheart’ which was produced in 2009. Nidhi Subbaiah first Bollywood movie was ‘Oh My God’ in 2012. Nidhi Subbaiah role in ‘Oh My God’ was that of Shweta Tiwari. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah got to star in a Bollywood movie and that too opposite Akshay Kumar.

The appearance of Nidhi Subbaiah in Hindi songs has increased her credibility down south. Nidhi Subbaiah Bollywood films that are released have fared pretty fairly at the box office. The actress of ‘Love Shagun’ movie is on a roll with three new releases to happen soon. Nidhi Subbaiah bikini photo-shoots show her flaunting her exquisite body. Nidhi Subbaiah romances with Anuj Sachdeva will be revealed after seeing the full movie.

The ‘Love Shagun’ movie heroine has shifted to Mumbai to stay closer to more opportunities. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah and Anuj Sachdeva chemistry sizzled up the screen in the film trailer of ‘Love Shagun’. It is expected that there will be a few Nidhi Subbaiah kissing scenes. So far Nidhi Subbaiah stayed away from scandals, but it will not be too late before she finds herself in deep waters as Bollywood is also known to be a very notorious industry.

Nidhi Subbaiah Ads, Kannada Movies

Nidhi Subbaiah advertisements were from her modeling days. She had starred in local ads. Nidhi Subbaiah modeling contracts are over now as she is concentrating on films. It’s been a long time now that Nidhi Subbaiah has been seen doing a ramp walk. Nidhi Subbaiah TV commercials offer as increased since the time she has started appearing in Hindi films. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah was also seen in a “Sandalwood” soap ad.

The actress Nidhi Subbaiah shot to fame after her stint in ‘Dabangg 2’. Nidhi Subbaiah South Indian movies are many. She has done films in Kannada as well as Telugu. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah will next be seen in ‘Ajab Gazabb Love’. Nidhi Subbaiah was applauded for her great performance in ‘Pancharangi’. After that there was no looking back for her.

Nidhi Subbaiah Modeling, Photo-shoots

The image of Nidhi Subbaiah in Saree is seen in a song sequence where she is clad in a wet orange nine yards. The photo-shoot of Nidhi Subbaiah in bikini has shown just how sculpted her body is. Nidhi Subbaiah net worth has been on the rise ever since she has stepped into Bollywood. So far Nidhi Subbaiah music videos have not been very astounding but fingers crossed for the next one. Nidhi Subbaiah hairstyle is different in different films depending upon the character. Nidhi Subbaiah looked gorgeous in the SIIMA awards. The model Nidhi Subbaiah new photo-shoots were done when she was applying for roles in Bollywood.

Nidhi Subbaiah Love Life, Marriage

The actress Nidhi Subbaiah love affairs have not been revealed yet. Nidhi Subbaiah was dating Jackyy Bhagnani but there is some speculation that she has been dumped. This is all that has been made public about Nidhi Subbaiah relationships. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah boyfriend was actor Jackyy Bhagnani and they were spotted together in Juhu most recently. The actress Nidhi Subbaiah love life has been kept covert apart from this.

The actress Nidhi Subbaiah is not in the mood for marriage so soon. Her career has just started to take off and hence Nidhi Subbaiah is not planning a wedding in the thick of things. Nidhi Subbaiah husband name has not been decided yet. The husband of actress Nidhi Subbaiah will be privileged to have such a beautiful wife.

Nidhi Subbaiah Upcoming Movies

Nidhi Subbaiah latest news is that she has two Hindi and one Kannada movie in the post production phase. So in case Nidhi Subbaiah new movies do well she will have reasons to rejoice this year. Nidhi Subbaiah next films trailers are already out and she has been looking sizzling hot in them. The other movie of Nidhi Subbaiah in the post production stage is ‘Direct Ishq’ movie. Nidhi Subbaiah Bollywood songs have not been as famous as the films itself but this time it could be different. Nidhi Subbaiah has mentioned in some interviews that she is pretty psyched about the upcoming movies.