Lili Wilkinson Images, Family, Wedding, Pink Book Author Husband Pics, Love Story, KidsWriting is being taken up as a full time career by a lot of aspirants. But what if you have it running in the family blood? The Australian author Lili Wilkinson biography will throw light on what exactly it feels like to grow up in a creative and open environment. The author of ‘Pink’ book does know her job really well. Lili Wilkinson best-selling books are not few but many. She has written 9 novels till date and all of them have received great reviews and nominations. We will get a sneak peek into Lili Wilkinson personal life to understand what it was that shaped the artistic talents in her. Lili Wilkinson twitter has a huge fan following. Lili Wilkinson novels are a mixture of fantasy crime and romance. She is one of the best romance fiction female authors who always come up with fresh and original content. The ‘Pink’ book author name has received a lot of fame. We will now look at all Lili Wilkinson latest news and find out what she has been up to lately.

Lili Wilkinson Family, Age, Wiki

The biography of writer Lili Wilkinson will talk about the growing up years of the author. Lili Wilkinson family background is from a very accomplished and creative family in Melbourne, Australia. Lili Wilkinson parents are very supportive of her profession. Her mother is Carole Wilkinson who is also a popular children’s stories writer. The author Lili Wilkinson age is 34. Lili Wilkinson height is 5 feet 7 inches approximately. Lili Wilkinson date of birth is 7th April, 1981.

The author Lili Wilkinson wiki mentions that her father is John Wilkinson, who is a film and television Sound Recordist. Lili Wilkinson education happened from the Spensley Street Primary School and Mac. Robertson Girl’s High School. Lili Wilkinson nationality is Australian. She considers herself to be a bit of a nerd. The writer Lili Wilkinson bio data mentions that her content is influenced from Lewis Caroll, Diana Wynne Jones and David Almond. She was even part of a drama when she was 7.

Lili Wilkinson Best-selling Books

Lili Wilkinson first book was ‘Joan of Arc: the story of Jehanne Darc’. This book was published in 2006. The ‘Pink’ book by Lili Wilkinson came in 2009, two books after the first one. Lili Wilkinson books list is quite long. She has written a total of 12 books out of which 9 are novels. One is an anthology of short stories and the other two are miscellaneous works.

The latest release is the ‘Green Valentine’ book by Lili Wilkinson. This book was published in 2015. Lili Wilkinson book ‘The Zigzag Effect’ came out in 2013. This book is all about a romantic crime and is specifically written keeping the youthful audience in mind who likes their books fast and pacy. The author Lili Wilkinson has also written a number of romantic novels like ‘Love Shy’, ‘Green Valentine’ and ‘The (not quite) Perfect Boyfriend’.

The ‘Pink’ book is all about sassy content and how girls like it pink. She is one of the most well regarded and talented Australian female novelists. Lili Wilkinson writing style has a touch of mystery, reverie and adventure to it. The title ‘A Pocketful of Eyes’ book by Lili Wilkinson was published in 2011 after which ‘Love Shy’ came out in 2012.

Lili Wilkinson ‘Scatterheart’ novel is of the fantasy genre. Lili Wilkinson net worth a lot since she first started writing. Most of her works have some resemblance to that of writer Lauren Kate. But their works still have their stand out points as well. Lili Wilkinson ‘Love Shy’ book is a romantic book which has been nominated for many awards.

Lili Wilkinson Love Life, Marriage

The author Lili Wilkinson love affairs are never made public. Lili Wilkinson likes to keep her dating data very protected. The author Lili Wilkinson writes about relationships but rarely talks about her own. But we do know that the author Lili Wilkinson had a boyfriend but the identity of the boy is still not revealed. Lili Wilkinson love quotes sometimes throw light on the fact that she might be getting her inspiration from her own personal life.

Lili Wilkinson love life has been kept very secretive so far. However we know that the author Lili Wilkinson is married and she absolutely loves him. Some of Lili Wilkinson wedding pictures can be found on Pinterest. Lili Wilkinson husband name has not been officially announced. Lili Wilkinson love story might have been the inspiration of one of her books. The husband of “Pink” book author Lili Wilkinson is just way too lucky to have such an imaginative and romantic wife.

Lili Wilkinson Facts, Upcoming Books

Lili Wilkinson beauty secrets are that she likes to live carefree. The interesting facts about novelist Lili Wilkinson are that her favorite Narnia character is Aslan. She loves mashed potatoes and Christmas. ‘The (not quite) Perfect Boyfriend’ by Lili Wilkinson is all about an out of the ordinary teenage romance novel. She is one of the best-selling female writers in Australia who stand as an inspiration for many to come.

Lili Wilkinson new book is already on the best seller’s charts. Lili Wilkinson movies are not made yet but they might soon be. Lili Wilkinson life history reveals that she went on a tour to China with her parents when she was very-very young. Lili Wilkinson next novel will be out in 2016 going by the trend so far. Lili Wilkinson upcoming books are also expected to be as fresh as the previous ones. So far Lili Wilkinson has steered clear of all controversy. She has really made her mark as one of the most talented romantic fiction female writers around the world.