Katy Evans Author Images, Real Series, Adult Novels, Wedding Pictures, Husband Photos, ChildrenThe publishing world is not easy. With so many bottle necks cropping up and rejections doled out in traditional publishing process, more and more authors are going for self-publishing process. The freedom the latter offers is what authors love to explore but it lacks the experience of being in the book business. The “Real” Series author Katy Evans biography recounts such a situation. Her bestselling books have topped all New York charts and she has belted out 5 novels in a span of just 2 years. We will take a look at her personal life to understand how she balances her personal and professional life. Most of her fan can find her on Twitter. The author of “Real Series” always wanted to write a book and now she has written almost a dozen! Way to fulfill one’s dreams. Like Lang Leav, she has also turned the rough tides in her favor.

Katy Evans Age, Family, Wiki

Her family background must have been pretty impressive for her to be a bestselling author now. The current age of the author is 40. Her height is 5 feet 8 inches approximately. The date of birth of Katy Evans is 3rd March, 1976. Katy Evans wiki mentions that while pursuing her education early on and even while completing college she used to read a lot and mostly dwell in her dream world. That has translated into her career as is known today. Her nationality is American.

Katy Evans Romantic Novels, Writing Career

The first book written by the author was titled ‘Real’ and was released in April 2013. She has ever since written books in the same adult romance fiction category. She has always been a huge fan of romance fiction herself which is why her inspiration pointed towards this genre when she wanted to write. Her books are seen as the best romance novels available presently. The book ‘Manwhore’ by Katy Evans was released in 2015 and since then two more books have also been released in the same series.

She is intrigued by the characteristics of bad boys hence she chose to make the main character of her book one. Almost all of her book covers are erotic and she also believes that the cover induces judgment on the buyer’s mind to whether or not to buy the book. Hence a lot of thought goes into cover design. After the success of the first book the rights of the series was bought by ‘Simon & Schuster Gallery Books’. Right now most of her time is devoted to tending her family, interacting with fans, attending conventions and writing more books in her series.

Katy Evans Best-selling Books, Awards

The books in the ‘Real’ series are titled ‘Real’, ‘Mine’, ‘Remy’, ‘Rogue’ and ‘Ripped’. Her writing style, she has been nominated for many awards like the ‘Goodreads Choice Awards Best Romance’ and also the ‘Goodreads Choice Awards Best Debut Goodreads Author’. Her books of the ‘Real’ series are based on a love story between an underground boxing champion and a sports rehab therapist. It’s the bad boy falls for good girl kind of a story. The ‘Real’ book author name has made its place in the best-selling authors list of USA Today as well.

She is one of the best-selling adult romance fiction authors. She is one of those American best-selling female authors that have very queer book titles. The first book received the ‘Book Junkies 2013’ award for the ‘Best New Adult Romance Novel’. Its sequel debuted as number one on the Amazon Romance Best Seller’s list. Her books have also been translated into 10 other languages in 10 different countries namely, Brazil, Spain, France, Taiwan, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Turkey and Czech Republic.

Katy Evans Marriage, Husband, Children

Love affairs have always intrigued Katy Evans. From the age of 12 she wanted to be a writer, she just didn’t know it then that she would become one of the bestselling romance fiction female writers. She had mentioned in her interviews that she was completely besotted by book characters and had also spent her entire childhood dating them.

Katy Evans love towards books continues until she got into a real relationship with her handsome boyfriend. Since then she has woven her own love life and has also married the man. The husband of Katy Evans is lucky to have such a talented spouse. Post the wedding she lives in South Texas with her husband. She has two children to tend to and also 3 lazy dogs out of which one is a German shepherd that she has named ‘Row’.

Katy Evans Latest Buzz, Quotes, New Book

Out of all the adult romantic novels that Katy Evans has written 5 of them have gone on to become chart-busters in 2 years. The interesting fact about the author is that she was rejected many times by the traditional publishing houses she had approached under various aliases. Finally she got frustrated and went for self-publishing. Her net worth has increased since then and she lives and writes in her house on late mornings and afternoons.

The latest news about her is that she is busy writing the upcoming books in the series. None of her works have been turned into movies yet however seeing the big success in the New York Times list and the number of debut author awards that she has revived yet is safe to predict that very soon her works can be seen in the large screen. Her upcoming releases can be releases by the end of 2016 or the start of 2017.

The author herself gave a 5 on 5 of the ‘Five Ball of Fire’ to her book ‘Rogue’ on defining the sexiest books till date. Her quotes are on Instagram as well as on Goodreads. In her website she mentions that she loves to hike and bake. She is quite happy now to have come full circle with her big family and to have fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a writer.