Sana Mir HD Wallpapers, Wedding Pics, Husband Photos, Pepsi Ad, Hot Images, Bowling StyleDreams are hard to follow and sometimes passion is the only thing driving us towards it. The Pakistani women cricket team captain Sana Mir biography is an account that will show how a woman who was passionate about the sport is not only playing international cricket but is also captaining her team towards greater heights now. Sana Mir has no formal training since in the 1990s there rarely was any cricketing clubs for women however her love blossomed for the game in the streets and alleys of Pakistan. From a dusty girl in the rural streets to someone who has found a spot in the list of glamorous women cricketers she has seen it all. Sana Mir is not the kind of woman who has a lot of followers on Twitter as women’s cricket is still not popularly watched on an international basis. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries need to promote women’s contribution to sports too. Sana Mir is one among the many that has spearheaded this movement through their interviews to the media.

Sana Mir Age, Family, Education

Talking about her personal life she has moved from place to place in Pakistan a lot. The cricketer’s family background is that of a small humble family from Abbotabad. Her parents are Kashmiri. Her father served in the Pakistani Army and hence the family had to move a lot. Currently, Sana Mir age is 30. Sana Mir height is 5 feet 7 inches approximately. Her date of birth is 5th January, 1986. The wiki on Sana Mir mentions that she began her early studies in Rawalpindi and did her matriculation from Taxila.

She completed her education (her Inter and bachelor’s) from one of the college that comes under the Karachi University. Her nationality is Pakistani. The commendable thing about Sana Mir is that she never compromised with her studies. But when it came to studying engineering or playing cricket, her father supported her in choosing the latter. She has no political affiliations.

Sana Mir Wiki, Cricket Career

The cricketer profile of Sana Mir is quite strong. Her debut match in ODI category was on the 28th of December 2005 against Sri Lanka. Her ODI stats are as follows – she has played 66 ODI matches and has scored total ODI runs of 766. Her batting average is 14.18 and her top score is 49. There has not been any test debut for her. Her T20 stats are pretty admirable as she led her team to the first ever tournament wins in the categories of ODI and T20.

She has taken 41 T20 wickets after playing 41 matches. Sana Mir bowling speed is medium pace ad she has given her best performance in ODI as 5/33 and in T20 as 4/13. She has survived much injury but that is part and parcel of the game. Being the captain of the team she has to resolve a lot of fights.

Sana Mir batting style is right handed. The T20 runs of this cricketer are 324 in 41 matches. She is the best ever female Pakistani cricketer in the team and she has changed the game after she took the helm in the hands. She has not been in any controversy as of yet. The Pakistani bowler Sana Mir has instilled hope in her team members with so many wins. The cricketer Sana Mir was also chosen to do the Pepsi advertisement that was aired in Pakistan.

She has captained all the matches from 2009 till now. She has taken a commendable number of wickets. Her bowling style is right arm off spin. She has not made many bowling records but the 4/13 is a very lovely performance. The T20 world cup 2016 is round the corner and her performance in the upcoming matches will define her ICC world ranking.

She has also said that the country needs more sporting facilities to support its female players. For her she was really lucky to have the support of the family and has also called out to parents in Pakistan to be more accepting of their children’s career choices. Although she was a Vice Captain before this she learnt a lot from the previous captain Mumaaz. Sana Mir has redefined the Pakistani Women’s Cricket for everyone associated with it and has made it enjoyable for everyone.

Sana Mir Love Life, Marriage

The cricketer is too busy plying her favorite sport to indulge in love affairs. Sana Mir dating history is not generally talked about. She shares an amicable relationship with her team mates and does not have a boyfriend. She takes more interest in the game that in her love life. She has not been married yet and has said in an interview that a wedding is not in the cards right now.

Sana Mir is at the peak of her Cricket career but her fans and followers always made gossips on her husband name. She said that all these gossips are distraction in her sports career and she doesn’t mind it at all. She also said that she is enough mature to find her groom herself. However she has said that in case she decides to get married then she will balance both personal and professional life. The husband of Sana Mir will be lucky to have a girl like her.

Sana Mir Beauty Secrets, Interesting Facts

The latest news on Sana Mir is that she had tweeted recently that it was shame that some of the Pakistani men’s team members were caught in the 2010 scandal of betting against England. Her hairstyle is rarely noticed under her cap. The net worth has increased a lot from 2009 onwards. Sana Mir hat trick made her really famous. Her new haircut looks fabulous and awesome in both the Cricket dress as well as in Burkha suit.

One of the interesting facts about her is that she idolizes Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni as good captains. She is one of the most inspiring female sports personalities who believe in taking responsibilities. Her T20 ranking has improved with time. She has also encouraged other girls in her country to become women cricketers and make the country proud.