Tania Sachdev Hot Images, HD Wallpapers, Marriage Pics, Husband, Legs, Indian Chess PlayersChess is an off-beat game. Many do not take interest in it because it takes flexing of the brain muscles to get ahead. The Indian chess player Tania Sachdev biography will show how women are excelling in every field. She is known for her FIDE ratings and her current rankings tell no lies. Her chess records are laudable and that’s makes her one of the most talented Indian female chess players. The grandmaster is active on Twitter. Since she is sponsored by Red Bull, she has agreed to be part of the ‘Red Bull Battle for the Queen’ where a nation-wide blitz will be organized and the winner will get to challenge her. Tania Sachdev chess player profile is quite amazing as we will find out soon. She was personally trained by a professional from a very young age, now she pursues the dream of opening her own chess academy and for that she has started by organizing stand-alone events for mentoring kids through chess games.

Tania Sachdev Age, Family, Wiki

The family background of the chess player is that of moderately affluent family. Her parents especially her mother Anju introduced her to the game when she was just 6 years old. Her current age is 32. The approximate height of the chess player is 5 feet 6 inches. Her date of birth is 20th August, 1986. Tania Sachdev wiki also mentions that she completed her primary education from Modern School, Delhi and graduated from Shri Venkateshwara College.

Some interesting facts about the chess player are that she loves Italian food and chocolates. She likes to keep healthy and her beauty secrets are to stay hydrated and indulge in yoga. She generally has the same hairstyle, where her layered brown hair fall on her shoulders in an open bundle. Her birthplace is Delhi.

Tania Sachdev Chess Championships, Awards

She is one of the most successful married female chess players. She has participated in many chess tournaments and won most. Her first entry into the world of chess was when she was 6. In future she wants to coach young minds who aspire to take up the game as a profession just like Vishal Sareen has coached her. It was two years after her debut match that she won a title at the age of eight. The international chess championships admitted her talent and she went on to win many medals thereafter.

Tania Sachdev achievements include being the 8th Indian player to become ‘Woman Grandmaster’ in 2005, wining the Arjuna award for chess in 2009, winning the national Indian Women’s Chess Championship in 2006 as well as 2007, winning the 2007 Women’s Asian Chess Championship held in Tehran, with 6½ points out of 9 rounds and finishing 4th in the Asian Games held in 2010. She has become a well-known Indian female sports icon. She lost to Hemal Thanki on Day 5 of the 2015 commonwealth games. She is to chess that Sharmila Nicollet is to golf.

Tania Sachdev Love Story, Marriage, Husband

Tania Sachdev Husband Photos, Wedding Video, Dresses, Viraj Kataria Images, KidsTalking about her personal life she rarely talks about her love affairs. She does mention her mother once or twice but never about the episode of dating Viraj Kataria. Tania Sachdev boyfriend Viraj was introduced to her in 2012 when her mother had thrown a birthday party.

Tania Sachdev Viraj Kataria relationship blossomed from friendship to love in a year after which Viraj proposed to her on the same terrace where they had met the first time. Thus their love life started.

The wedding date was fixed for a year later in 2014 and in the meanwhile preparations were underway. The husband name is popular in architect’s circles. The Sangeet ceremony saw many elaborate and fun dance performances to popular Bollywood numbers.

Viraj Kataria Tania Sachdev love story took a turn in their fairytale wedding which lasted for almost a week with their 6 ceremonies that of Havan, house party, kirtan, sangeet, mehendi and the actual wedding. It all amounted to so much because the bride and the groom are from different religions.

While Viraj is Hindu, Tania is Sikh. The wedding video offers a peek into their revelry and happiness as both of them along with family and friends broke into song and dance routines at the sangeet. The husband of Tania Sachdev has been married to her for two years now but she has not decided to get pregnant very soon. They do not have kids yet. But whenever she decides to have children, they will be very proud to have her as a mom.

Tania Sachdev Chess Academy, Latest Buzz

She is one of the female chess players in India who have changed the mentality of Indians that women can’t play chess. To describe Tania Sachdev as hot is only a half-truth as she is the classic case of beauty with brains. Her net worth is quite commendable as she has been playing since a long time. She was seen in a gorgeous muted color Saree on her wedding.

Tania Sachdev and Rajeev Sen were seen at a party hosted by designer Sanajana Jon before her show at WIFW, Lalit Delhi. Both, Tania Sachdev and Lawrence Trent have shifted gears as commentators for international chess games. There has been no controversy surrounding the player. The latest news on her is that she dreams of opening a chess academy one day. In one of her interviews she has revealed that she is a trained classical dancer.

The new chess game as well as the dates of her upcoming chess tournaments can be found on her profile page at India Bull. She believes that Magnus Carlsen has changed the look and feel of chess. Currently she is part of a campaign titled ‘Improve Your Chess with Tania Sachdev’ where she guides young people through the ropes of chess. Her blog also provides for an interesting read in the matter.