Emma Shah Singer Images, Wedding Pics, Husband Photos, Hot HD Wallpapers, Live PerformancesEmma Shah is a Kuwait based singer, actress, dancer, composer, director, guitarist, pianist, and writer. She is multifaceted and popular for her skills in all these areas with artistic manifestation. She has achieved so many awards and honors which are prestigious and spirited. She is famous for her presentations of Arabic Music, Asian Music, and also Western style. Kuwaiti singer Emma shah biography is a perfect illustration for success and lifetime achievement at a very young age. She is expert at playing the instruments Guitar and Piano. Her reputation as the best one of female singers in Kuwait is the appraisal of her performance and stability in her profession. Her songs expose both classical and pop influence for which she is recognized as the superstar in Kuwait. Her independent nature is also appraised by the world and placed her in the front row of female Kuwaiti guitarists.

Emma Shah Age, Family, Wiki

According to her family background, Emma Shah mother is basically from Iran and father is from Kuwait. Her date of birth is June 7, 1981 on Sunday and age is 34 now. Emma Shah Zodiac sign is Virgo according to her birth date. Due to her parents stay in Kuwait, she is an authentic of Middle Eastern culture with Kuwaiti nationality and compels with diverse ethnic background. Emma Shah wiki is enriched with many languages including Arabic, Russian, French and Japanese.

Emma Shah education is completed according to her interests in the areas of Opera, films, and Photography. She had got complete knowledge of dermatoglyphics and criminology at very young age. Emma Shah looks beautiful with the height 5.05 feet / 154 cm and weight and 48 kg. Her beauty is adorned with long black hair and also tries for different hairstyle models.

Emma Shah Personal Information & Public Profile

In personal life, she was very fond of her grandfather and grandmother in her childhood and attached to them. She used to read and understand so many books at the age of four. She was attracted to study various books at the age of nine. Emma Shah is fascinated towards humanitarian activities as anthropologist. She has radical thinking style and views in controversial point for every serious thing. Besides of being best Kuwaiti female singers, she is also a member of Kuwaiti Human Rights Association and Club Business and Professional Women in Kuwait. She is the founder and president of a troupe Anthropology.

Emma Shah is also an active member of the organizations ‘Team Force of the Rising Sun for Brides’ in Kuwait, ‘Kuwait Cinema Club’, ‘National Democratic Youth League’, ‘Kuwait Democratic Forum’, and ‘Dubai Community Theater’. She shares many interesting facts and incidents in her tweets at her Twitter profile. Her website reflects her biography, news and video albums. Latest news of her can be seen on internet on many social media platforms.

Emma Shah as a Theatre Artist

Emma Shah career has been started in 1985 as a musician and actress. Even in her childhood, she used to participate in numerous musical live concert and plays. One of her renowned program was performed at the feast of the minister in Al-Ahmadi region which was the first one of her live shows on television. She got the nickname ‘The Singer of the Golf’ for her attempt in playing piano very fast. She sung Arabic songs in touristic festivals in 1996.

She joined the High Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait in 1998. She worked as a journalist at the age of 19 and wrote a story ‘A Day at Churches’ which was appreciated by the journalists. She exhibited her artistic skill and made a glass guitar in 2002, when she worked in a glass factory. She changed her singing style and became a festival actress in theatre shows. She performed as a good artiste in her shows and recognized by the public very well and also got prizes. Her first stage appearance was ‘Silence’, which was followed by ‘The Rhinoceros’.

She worked as an active member of the group ‘The Shining Sun’ in the puppet theatre with the producer Mohammed Al-Haddad as an actor, producer, coach, and lighting technician. She sang the song ‘Peace’ for children along with the workshops of the Russian Band. Later she presented children play ‘An Evening with Puppets’. Emma Shah performed as an actress in many plays like ‘Simmerg’, ‘The King’, and ‘Les Plasticiens Volants’. She also entered the field of production for the plays ‘The Obstacles’, ‘Munther Al-Isa’ and got the image of a producer.

Emma Shah Movies as a Multifaceted Artiste

Emma shah debut film as an actress is a short movie ‘Mooz’ which won the jury prize at Dubai International Film Festival. She acted in another short movie ‘Swing’ which was released in 2011. Actress Emma shah movies are also include ‘I Wish We Were Dancers’ in 2011 and ‘Who Killed $arah’ in 2014. Her next film ‘When You Free Your Residents’ is a short movie released in 2015.

The Kuwaiti celebrity Emma Shah upcoming movies as an actress are ‘Scars of a Predator’ and ‘Bell’ which are going to be released in 2016. Her movie songs are very famous and lift the spirits of the viewers. She deserved the characteristic as a director for the movies too. Emma Shah directed movies include ‘Choose to See’, ‘When You Free Your Residents and the upcoming movies ‘Bell’ and ‘Fyez A’.

Emma Shah Super-hit Songs, Albums, Live Shows

She stood as an amazing singer and exhibited excellent performance in her songs Hava Nagila in 2010, in which she ignored Israel-Palestine conflict. She tried to promote Zionism and normalize the ties with Israel and to bring universal peace. It was the controversy she faced by the religions and public. She proved herself as one of the best female music composers of Kuwait once again with her recent live performance at the opening night of the American Sephardic Federation’s 19th New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival which was held on March 10, 2016. She achieved this year’s Pomegranate Award for her courageous stand for co-existence by performing in Hebrew in the Arabian Gulf.

Emma Shah first song for dance performance was directed by Gibran Khalil Gibran. She has given dance performances which with her own composed songs are named as great musical events such as ‘Jesus the Son of Man’. Her first album as a music director is ‘Choose to See’ and followed with next album ‘Hey Mister in 2012’. Her Next albums are ‘Masheenee Alcketiara’ and ‘Aleqini, which were released in 2013 and 2014.

Emma Shah guitarist profile in which she had explored excellent performance is ‘When You Free Your Residents’, and she has given a best composition for her upcoming film ‘Bell’. Her next live concert and live performances in her music composition with xylophone for ‘Masheenee Alcketiara’ received good response. Her new song is also uploaded on the internet sites. All her music compositions were appreciated as the best songs forever.

Emma Shah super-hit songs with her solo dance from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Jacksonville, Florida received plentiful concert tickets and applause. Her album songs for ‘Mambo Italiano Concert’, ‘A Woman from Edge of the City’, ‘My Story does not end’, and ‘Guly Wain Ema’ are also available on the internet.

Emma Shah Best-selling Books

Emma Shah is also famous for her books and her writing style. Her author profile is enriched with her first theatrical play titled ‘Al Serkaliyaa’. Later onwards she wrote ‘A Bash Stuffed with Pork Grease’, ‘Mitari Yulier’, ‘The Verdict is Proof of Justice’, ‘The Scissors’, and the new book ‘A Serpent in my Camouflaged Bag’. She also wrote the screenplay for the philosophical movie ‘Void’.

Emma Shah Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

There is no open information about her love affairs, dating and relationships until now. Her love story is not described with any boyfriend and linked with love life. But all the nations expect the news of her wedding and would be husband name as well as about children very soon. The qualities and nature of the husband of singer Emma shah who get married to her must be matched with her and give support to her.

Emma Shah Charity Work

Emma Shah is also active in social works and worked as a follower in so many organizations like The Democratic Platform, National Democratic Youth Association, Cinema Club, Human Rights Association, and The Shining Sun. She had been offered by so many opportunities by directors and producers to work as an actress and a singer. Her personality and nature is enriched with the beauty secrets and her thinking ability. Her accolades and awards are a big list as she won so many prizes for her music composition and live performances