Lang Leav Love Quotes, Poems, Hot Images, Wedding, Husband Pics, Family, BoyfriendThere are many talented artists around the world. They are caring out a niche for themselves in newer innovative ways than ever has been known by mankind. The contemporary poet Lang Leav biography will throw some light into this. Lang Leav is a very talented artist who has written many books. The author of “Love and Misadventure” book is an extraordinary woman which is why she has a huge fan following. Lang Leav has written many books but 3 out of them are the best books. Lang Leav poet profile is going to be discussed in the following sections. Lang Leav personal life is very interesting. The romance fiction poet Lang Leav writes beautiful poems and that is the reason behind her fame. If you look at Lang Leav images you will find a fair girl with Chinese bangs. She looks like a porcelain Chinese doll. The internationally acclaimed Lang Leav has established herself as an artist.

Poet Lang Leav Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of poet Lang Leav is going to be very enlightening about how passion can translate into success. Lang Leav family background is quite out of the box. She was born to a migrant family in a war torn country. She was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and stayed there till the age of 5. Lang Leav age is 29 approximately.

Lang Leav parents were Cambodian and on the run from the Khmer rouge. Lang Leav date of birth must be somewhere around the late 1980s. The poet Lang Leav wiki also mentions that she started writing poems into her journal as a young girl. Lang Leav education happened in Sydney, Melbourne in the College of Fine Arts.

Lang Leav height is average at 5 feet 4 inches. She is one of those living acclaimed poets that have a cult following across social media. She gives hope to self-publishers that anything is possible. More about the author Lang Leav bio data is revealed in the next section. She resembles Celeste Ng from her tiny eyes.

Author Lang Leav Best-selling Books

Lang Leav first book was self-published one titled ‘Love and Misadventure’ that was published in 2013. Lang Leav has millions of Instagram followers and recently Khloe Kardashian regrammed her piece called ‘Closure’. Apart from this there are numerous art by Lang Leav. She illustrates and sketches and all her artworks are sold from her official website.

Lang Leav best-selling books are ‘Lullabies’ published in 2014 and ‘Memories’ which was published in 2015. Lang Leav has also forayed in fashion and has designed many dresses. Lang Leav used to blog her poems into Tumblr from where she was discovered and urged to publish a book. Presently Lang Leav goes on a lot of book tours majorly into South East Asian countries to promote her works.

Lang Leav has created a legacy of books and arts that she will be fondly remembered by. Lang Leav’s lesser known works include many illustrated books that she ships off to people who specially order them. Lang Leav has 170000 Facebook followers and still counting.

Lang Leav Love Life, relationships, Marriage

Lang Leav love life is the inspiration behind most of her works. Lang Leav has never gone on record about her dating history but she has a partner. Lang Leav never refers to him as a boyfriend; he is always addressed as a partner or a best friend. Lang Leav is in a live-in relationship with a particular man named Michael Faudet.

“Memories” by Lang Leav is the third book that has a lot of inspiration from her real life experiences. Lang Leav has not planned for a wedding yet but she just might in the future. Lang Leav husband name will only be revealed when she sets her mind to it. Lang Leav does not have any children however she does like cats.

Lang Leav has a fear of teddy bears and she absolutely despises them. Lang Leav met Michael through the internet when he bought one of her multidisciplinary paintings. She says things just clicked thereafter because they have the same aesthetic towards work. Lang Leav refers to her lover as a creative soul mate.

Lang Leav lives with her partner in New Zealand in a tiny house by the sea. Before that they used to fly out to each other halfway across the country to meet but eventually they wanted to work in collaboration and hence decided to move in together.

Australian Poet Lang leav Awards

Lang Leav awards are many. The first is the Qantas Spirit of Youth Award followed by the much coveted $25000 Winston Churchill Fellowship to study the Harajuku Girls. As if this were not enough Lang Leav is also in fashion and has a label called Akina, clothes of which are found across Japan and Australia. Her book ‘Love and Misadventure’ is second in the Goodreads Best Book of 2013. Most of her works may be seen as greeting card material but her 120000 cult following on Tumblr suggests otherwise.

Writer Lang Leav Latest Buzz

Lang Leav latest news is that she is writing a novel. So fans can really expect a Lang Leav upcoming book. The partner of author Lang Leav is also a writer and she actually said that they have a beautiful working relationship. Lang Leav next book is going to be a romance novel. Lang Leav is still going to continue publishing love poems book.

Lang Leav quotes are ethereal and dreamy and re-tweeted and reposted all over the social media. Lang Leav has millions of followers in her Twitter handle. Very soon she is going to be one of the romance fiction writers. Lang Leav hairstyle is a simple one that covers her forehead in bangs. Lang Leav has carved her own destiny and increased her net worth. Now it’s simply time to patiently wait for Lang Leav new book, yes the romance novel.