Celeste Ng Husband Photos, Everything I Never Told You Writer Images, Family, ChildrenFor an aspiring author to make it big in the competitive world of publishing is a difficult task indeed. With hundreds of thousands books getting published every year, it is a matter of immense talent for those who get the fame. “Everything I Never Told You” author Celeste Ng biography is what this article is all about. We will also throw light upon some of Celeste Ng books, while discussing Celeste Ng author profile which led to the various Celeste Ng awards. Some believe that the latest book is derived from Celeste Ng personal life. Celeste Ng writer photos are available on her personal website and the frequent tours she has been doing is on Celeste Ng latest news. The true mark of a successful author is when Celeste Ng books will be turned into movies much like that of Nicholas Sparks.

Author Celeste Ng Age, Family, Personal Details

Celeste Ng family background is that she belongs to a family of scientists. Celeste Ng parents were very bright. Her father was a physicist at NASA while her mother was a chemist who taught at the Cleveland State University. The family had moved from China to USA in the late 60s. Celeste Ng nationality is American.

She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the writer Celeste Ng date of birth is speculated to be somewhere around 1983 which would make the author Celeste Ng age to be 32 approximately. Celeste Ng height is more than 5 feet 2 inches and the novelist Celeste Ng wiki suggests that Celeste Ng education happened in the University of Michigan where she did her graduation and also earned her Master’s in Writing.

Author Celeste Ng Books, Novels

The biography of writer Celeste Ng will now mention some facts about the career of the author of “Everything I Never Told You”. Celeste Ng best-selling books have been 2 so far. Celeste Ng first book was “Girls, At Play” which was an anthology released in 2012 and had won the Pushcart prize in the same year. The second one which is the latest is called “Everything I Never Told You” which was released in 2014.

Seeing Celeste Ng hot pics one would never think that she was an author. After the success of the first two works of the author, fans are waiting to read more of Celeste Ng upcoming novels. With the vehement touring that the author is doing, the “Everything I Never Told You” author wiki has become common knowledge. She is one of the most trending female authors and her competitors will have to up their game to beat her next novel.

Author Celeste Ng Love Life

Celeste Ng personal details clearly say that she is a gifted person and Celeste Ng novels only prove that time and again. “Everything I Never Told You” author name has already been shortlisted for many awards for new books as well. Celeste Ng love affairs must have inspired her in some way to write her latest book. Though it revolves around a family and the different kinds of love, the heart of the story is a tragedy.

The writer Celeste Ng net worth has increased drastically after the release of “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng last April 2014. Celeste Ng writing style is very poignant and the seed for the story of her latest story has been derived from the author Celeste Ng love life.

Author Celeste Ng Marriage, Husband, Children

Author Celeste Ng married with her boyfriend and converting their relationship into a long term one. Celeste Ng wedding date is a memorable day for her; she has been heard as saying in an interview but she has tried to protect her husband identity at all costs even during prying interviews. Celeste Ng husband name is still a mystery for her fans and followers.

Although she has not stopped narrating the stories with her husband in various events and interviews but she has been careful enough to not divulge further details about her partner. It is sure that “Everything I Never Told You” writer husband is a lucky guy and give her a lots of happiness and love.

Celeste Ng has one child as she gave a birth to a baby boy till now. Currently, the husband of author Celeste Ng and her son lives together in a big house at Cambridge. Celeste Ng son name is yet to be revealed. The beautiful and pretty Celeste Ng images make her look very much like the girl on the cover of the book Memoirs of a Geisha.

Novelist Celeste Ng Latest Buzz

The novelist Celeste Ng blog is mostly active which is a part of her official website. It has snapshots of Celeste Ng and Emma stone too. Celeste Ng Twitter has many followers and Celeste Ng controversy happened when she became the Amazon book of the year winner defeating the likes of Hilary Mantel.

This was all about the novelist Celeste Ng bio data. The winner of Amazon book of the year is expected to write more amazing novels and become one of the famous American female novelists of the world and win more accolades. The author has been busy in her book tours and if you are an ardent fan and would like to grab a signed copy or meet her, then you may visit her website to get the future dates of her tour.