Ashwin Sanghi Wife Pics, Next Book, Wedding, Family, Kids, QuotesIndia is the land of rich culture and heritage and its panache and depth is depicted in many writings by famous novelists, writers and poets. Their flow of ink is enlightenment on our historical significance and modern notions of advancements. Arundhati Roy, Durjoy Datta, Preeti Shenoy and Jhumpa Lahiri are epitomes of authors whose writings and novels reflect their innate ability to narrate brilliance and captivate people with their flow of ideas and imaginations. Ashwin Sanghi is an exemplar of yet another Indian author whose fictional writings based on historical and mythological themes have created a saga of amazement. Has written three best-selling novels and Ashwin Sanghi biography is an inspiration to all readers and budding writers. Indian author Ashwin Sanghi biography is an insight on his writings, novels, career and personal life. Ashwin Sanghi is not into the mundane writings on love stories but he chose the subject of conspiracy and fiction in the wisest way capturing millions of mind worldwide.

Ashwin Sanghi Family, Age, Education

Indian author Ashwin Sanghi is prominently known for his three best-selling novels namely “The Krishna Key”, “The Rozabal Line” and “Chanakya’s Chant”. He was born in a Maharashtrian family in the monetary heart of the state, Mumbai. Ashwin Sanghi date of birth is 25th of January in the year 1969 (age 47). He hails from a well-off opulent Maharashtrian family background. His family business has always been in a stable and flourishing state and he joined into it right after his MBA.

Ashwin Sanghi acquired his schooling from the elite Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai and later completed his graduation with a prestigious BA in Economics from the venerated St. Xavier’s College. Ashwin Sanghi education was finally accomplished when he acquired a MBA from the Yale school of Management. No sooner than that did he join into his family business in the year 1993 and embarked into the professional world witnessing the reality of life and business. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of creative writing from the Bangor University, Wales.

Ashwin Sanghi Wiki, Early Career

Ashwin Sanghi had a flair for writing right since his childhood and he was also a voracious reader. His qualification and commencement in business did give him enough notions to begin with. Ashwin Sanghi first novel was written in the year 2006 which was quite sometime after he joined his family business. This led to the inception of his parallel career where he followed his dreams and inked the most amazing novels along with his business.

Entrepreneur and writer Ashwin Sanghi biography is an encouragement to all who wish to pursue their dreams inspite of being in a profession already. There is no bar to our dreams when we are string willed! Ashwin Sanghi wiki unveils the fact about his dual career as a prominent writer and businessman. He has written a couple of best-selling and award-winning novels and his upcoming writings are being anticipated by many readers all across the globe.

In the year 2013 Ashwin Sanghi announced to write an India-based thriller with James Patterson. The book stormed into the markets in the year 2014, July. “Private India” within Patterson’s Private series gained prodigious success and prominence all around. His novels are truly enthralling and a gripping read with a thorough historical research and impressive relevance.

Ashwin Sanghi Writings and Novels

Ashwin Sanghi inked his writings at a matured age and hence his writings bear depth with a close inclination to reality where people can relate themselves. His writings are mostly fictional thriller based on conspiracy, diplomacy and politics with a staunch research on spiritual, religious, historical background. Ashwin Sanghi best-selling novels “The Krishna Key”, “Chanakya’s Chant” and “The Rozabal Line” reflect the maturity in expression based on mythological, historical and theological themes.

No wonder, Indian author Ashwin Sanghi is among the best-selling conspiracy fiction author who has used history and myths in a contemporary context. His best-selling novels and writings have garnered him humongous prominence and his books are a subject of today’s diplomacy and management. He is also in the list of Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list. Ashwin Sanghi upcoming novels are being greatly anticipated by many readers and apparently “The Sialkot Saga” is slated to storm the marked in the year 2016, April.

“Private India”, co-written with James Patterson is also among the list of must-read in the collection of Ashwin Sanghi’s writings. ”13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck” is also a very pronounced and notable work of this great Indian contemporary writer. Ashwin Sanghi books and novels have been published in different languages and was won away many critical acclamations and accolades.

Ashwin Sanghi Awards and Achievements

Ashwin Sanghi has written a couple of novels so far but his writings have been immensely appreciated and praised by critics and media. Ashwin Sanghi “The Rozabal Line”, has garnered him the title of “Indian Dan Brown” which was looked upon as the Indian version of the popular novel “The Da Vinci Code”. Ashwin Sanghi’s novel “The Krishna Key” was also compared to “The Lost Symbol” and was colossally acclaimed and appreciated. His writings are a pure work of fiction depicting conspiracy and diplomacy in the most intellectual way.

Ashwin Sanghi has won away many accolades for his notable work. The Vodafone crossword popular choice award was bestowed on him in the year 2010 for his novel “The Chanakya’s Chant”. This prestigious award is based on reader’s votes. The book also recorded for the highest sale in year 2010. Ashwin Sanghi “Private India” was also among the top best-selling books in UK and was included in the UK top bestseller list.

Ashwin Sanghi Marriage, Wife, Children

Ashwin Sanghi is a passionate writer and a respectable businessman. He has earned humongous fame and respect through his writings and novels. The biography of Ashwin Sanghi has shared highlights on his career, passion, achievements but his personal life still remains placid and unveiled. Ashwin Sanghi is married to Anushika Sanghi and he happily lived his married life with his wife and children.

He is a controversy-free man and hence his personal life is not much highlighted in media till date. There has been news about Ashwin Sanghi kids and the family has been seen in some of the functions. Ashwin Sanghi son Raghuvir Sanghi is eight years old currently and he also carries a deep penchant towards writing and creativity.

Ashwin Sanghi is settled in Mumbai with his family and is currently is busy preparing for his upcoming novel “The Sialkot Saga” which is anticipated to release this April, 2016. The trailers and extract of the story is already published on many sites and his personal blog. “Faith or Fate”, Ashwin Sanghi has yet again come up with a master stroke in his writing!