Sorabh Pant Wife Pics, Family, Books, Wedding, Iva Bagchi Images, KidsThe comedy scene in India has opened up a lot. But that was not the case way back in 2003 when a certain man was finding his foothold in comedy. The Indian stand-up comedian Sorabh Pant biography will throw light upon the life and struggles of such a man. Sorabh Pant had opened a comedy company in a tie when there was one in the industry. Hel! The industry did not even exist. He has done comedy shows across countries in the world and across cities in this country. The comedian Sorabh Pant YouTube channel has millions of hits. Sorabh Pant Twitter has been playfully named @hankypanty. Right now Sorabh Pant does a lot of live shows at various events. The rest of the time, Sorabh Pant spends on writing books. Sorabh Pant stand-up comedy has become a brand over the course of 12 years. He is one of the top rated Indian male stand-up comedians.

Sorabh Pant Family, Age, Wiki

A look at Sorabh Pant comedian profile will help us decode his success story but that we will do by understanding his childhood years. Sorabh Pant family background is that of a small creative family which explains much of what he does these days. Sorabh Pant parents had been very supportive of his decision as they were from an artistic background and understood the need to pursue something you love. The comedian Sorabh Pant age is 34.

Sorabh Pant height is 5 feet 6 inches approximately. Sorabh Pant date of birth is 14 September, 1981. The comedian Sorabh Pant wiki also mentions that. Sorabh Pant education happened from in a very good school which has shaped his quality of comedy to be one of a high grade. Sorabh Pant nationality is Indian. The biography of writer Sorabh Pant not only reveals intricacies about his life but also shows how much a man can do if he loves doing it.

Sorabh Pant Comedy Shows, TV Series

Sorabh Pant first comedy show was the opening act for Vir Das show ‘Walking on Broken Das’. The comedian Sorabh Pant used to writes scripts for TV series and that is when thought of writing a book. Sorabh Pant TV shows, Sorabh Pant comedy on Muslim names, Sorabh Pant organization founded. Sorabh Pant comedy tours have enabled him to perform in 800 shows across 32 cities. Sorabh Pant tour dates are always available on his official website. He has been ranked as 6th in the list of India’s top 10 stand-up comedians.

Sorabh Pant comedy events happen across all kinds of places and genres. He has performed in corporate events, in bars, in theatres and even comedy fests. Sorabh Pant first book is known as ‘The Wednesday Soul’ which is a funny take on the afterlife. Sorabh Pant live comedy shows has happened all over the country and also a few places outside of it.

He had worked with Vir Das for 3 and a half years before doing his solo act at the HQ. ‘Pant on Fire’ was his first solo special which was staged across 210 countries. The duo Sorabh Pant and Vipul Goyal will be performing soon together and the tickets of the show are already out. Fans of comedy might even be as lucky to witness Sorabh Pant and Sapan Verma together in that show. He is even the role model and inspiration of Kanan Gill.

Sorabh Pant Comic Roles, Books

Sorabh Pant has given the most number of live performances in 2011 when ‘Pant on Fire’ became the most toured comedy show in India. Sorabh Pant comic roles talk about a lot of things. It talks about cultures, religion, sex, Indian bosses, education systems, rape victims and the misunderstanding surrounding it, religious names etc. he is regarded as one of the most successful male comedians in India.

Apart from digging in into Sorabh Pant funny memes you might also like to know that he is an industry stalwart. In a time when comedy was not even a career choice Sorabh Pant was writing one liners at the speed of light. Sorabh Pant has also opened a production company called the ‘The East India Comedy’ which apart from comedy also makes the warning against tobacco use that is shown before movies. Sorabh Pant new book is called ‘Under Delhi’ which documents the countless mindless and wild remarks that have been said by various men of the country to answer what causes rape and how to avoid it.

Sorabh Pant Love Life, Marriage, Wife

The comedian Sorabh Pant has done a lot of dating jokes. He has even cracked people up on Twitter when fans asked him that question. Sorabh Pant love affairs have been kept under wraps. Sorabh Pant girlfriend is a writer who is now his wife. The comedian Sorabh Pant’s wife name is Iva Bagchi. Sorabh Pant relationship with Iva lasted for 30 months before they decided to settle down for good.

Sorabh Pant lets slip one or two things about his love life during his comedy tours performances. The comedian Sorabh Pant got married to Iva Bagchi at a resort in the Corbett National Park. The wife of comedian Sorabh Pant was sent on a treasure hunt whose end result was a diamond proposal ring.

Sorabh Pant Latest Buzz

Sorabh Pant latest news is that his latest book ‘Under Delhi’ has been released. Sorabh Pant new comedy show is called ‘Travelling Pans 2.0’. Sorabh Pant next comedy event will be held soon and its tickets are already on sale. Sorabh Pant net worth is approximately $716161549. Some of Sorabh Pant jokes were construed to be part of a controversy but that’s how comedy works.

Sorabh Pant has a lot of comedy content on Goa. He says that he could wed a bottle of King’s beer at a beach wedding. Sorabh Pant comedy videos are regularly uploaded on his official YouTube channel. He is one of the most famous and successful male stand-up comedians of India.