Author Durjoy Datta Wiki, Books and his Girlfriend AvantikaDurjoy Datta is a popular and venerated novelist who has written some bestselling novels that has created a powerful wave among the readers and engrossed them in his captivating stories. He has not confined his portfolio to novels alone but he is an established entrepreneur and script writer as well. He has also penned lines for some popular television shows and movies. He has also written for a youth show named Sadda Haq and the popular Star Plus soap opera ‘Ek Veer ki Ardass.. Veera’. Indian novelist Durjoy Datta biography revolves around his life, education, love story and nine amazing books that express amazing stories in extremely lucid lines. He is recognized as one of the youngest achiever by the august Times of India.

Author Durjoy Datta Age and Family Background

Durjoy Datta was born in the capital city of India, Delhi. Durjoy Datta date of birth is February 7th, 1987. He has secured his degree from Delhi college of Engineering, Management and development Institute. Durjoy Datta age is 27 years currently. He completed his management from the elite Business School “Management Development Institute (MDI)” in Gurgaon. He also secured a degree from Frankfurt School of finance and management. Durjoy Datta family background is an opulent and educated Bengali family settled in Delhi.

People often wondered is Durjoy Datta Bengali. In an interview he revealed that being born in a Bengali family he had inherited the regular tradition of being a book lover. He decided to embark on writing during his final year in college. He has written popular novels like Of course I love You, Now that you’re Rich etc. that has graced Durjoy Datta author profile with fame and success. He has written nine books so far and has emerged as a successful writer.

Indian Novelist Durjoy Datta Wiki

Novelist and writer Durjoy Datta has earned a prestigious degree in Management and has also excellent in the field of writing and entrepreneurship. Author Durjoy Datta wiki gives detailed information about his career and love life. Durjoy Datta first book is Of Course I Love You which was released in the year 2008 when he was still a college student. The book was a humongous hit among young readers and has enchanted the nation with its brilliant story.

Apart from being a writer Durjoy Datta entrepreneur and speaker identity has also become pretty famous. He owns the Grapevine Indian Publishers. He has also spoken in some popular TED conferences across the nation that has motivated the youngsters to grow well in career. Durjoy Datta best novels include his first novel, till the Last breath and some more that has regarded him as the best selling fiction author of the nation. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Teacher’s Achievement awards.

Famous authors like Maanvi Ahuja have thoroughly enjoyed writing with Durjoy Datta and have contributed to his first novel. Novice authors like Ravinder Singh have been motivates from his work. Durjoy Datta famous books have made him one of the best authors of the nation. His books are not priced high and hence are easily affordable.

Author Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja Books

The successful young entrepreneur and novelist Durjoy Datta had launched his first novel at the age of 21. Of course I love you by Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja was a sleeper hit of the year 2008. He gained experience from his co-author and penned the experience of a young and overprotected by whose life changed after 4 years engineering course. After the success of his first book he wrote the sequel of it Now That you’re rich with Maanvi Ahuja.

Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja novels were sold well in the market and the response was pretty lukewarm. Durjoy Datta Maanvi Ahuja books was well accepted by the Indian crowd. His third book was released in the 2010 and it received a prodigious opening and emerged as one of the best-selling novel of that year. ‘She Broke Up, I Didn’t’ had a powerful story that conquered the hearts of readers. His fourth book, ‘Ohh Yes, I am Single!’ was a joint venture of Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi. He then co-founded the prestigious organisation Grapevine India Publishers to create a platform for young and novice authors.

He wrote 6 more books after that and the last novel When only love remains by Durjoy Datta was released in this year 2014. Durjoy Datta and Manika Taneja novel When Only love remains had buzzed the market with its story and became a big success of the year. His writing is simple yet keeps you glued till the end and this makes his novels an interesting a page turner. Durjoy Datta net worth has now reached large figures owing to his versatile and dynamic profile. He is also writing for television shows and the youth centric show ‘Sadda Haq’ reflects his writings.

Durjoy Datta TV serials and Movies

Durjoy Datta has written for some television shows and the result has been pretty encouraging. TV serial Sadda Haq author name Durjoy Datta is now known to most viewers owing to his engrossing script and storyline. Durjoy Datta Sadda Haq was loved by most viewers and he thus embarked on a new career of being a screenplay writer. People thoroughly loved his work in the serial and he was soon offered to work on the scripts of “Ek Veer Ki Ardaas..Veera”.

Durjoy Datta serial was yet again appreciated by the spectators but found the job a bit hectic and ‘Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera’ by Durjoy Datta had helped the serial take a leap in its story and he got involved in writing and focusing about many characters. Durjoy Datta gains experience from each of his writing and claims that Durjoy Datta upcoming novels will witness the change and improvement. He has also written a few screenplays for Bollywood flicks and one of it has been narrated to the prestigious filmmaker Subhash Ghai. He has kept his fingers crossed and is anticipating a positive gesture.

Durjoy Datta movies are sure to garner him respect and success just like his best-selling novels and writings. Apart from writings Durjoy Datta songs and Durjoy Datta new song rumours had stormed the market. His fans are anxious about the final words of the director and filmmakers and are anticipating another Bollywood treat.

Indian Writer Durjoy Datta Personal Life

Durjoy Datta has written popular novels that peaked in the top charts of eminent publications and has stayed there for consecutive weeks. Durjoy Datta blog is read and followed by most of his fans to know about the updates of Durjoy Datta new books. He has mostly focussed on stories do not quite emphasize about eternal love stories. Hence people wonder about his personal life and love story. This biography of Durjoy Datta also unveils fascinating facts and details about writer Durjoy Datta personal details and Durjoy Datta love affairs.

Durjoy Datta had written his first novel with Maanvi Ahuja and had completed its sequel with her. They spent quite some time to share their thoughts and appeared in a couple of places together. This led to rumours about Maanvi Ahuja and Durjoy Datta dating and hummed gossips on Maanvi Ahuja and Durjoy Datta relationship. However all the crap soon faced a dead end and the authors turned a deaf ear to these disturbing gossips. Durjoy Datta best-selling book and Durjoy Datta love story books have moved people into deep love tales but his real life hasn’t quite got involved in such charming depths of love. He is a handsome Bengali young, talented writer but he is still relishing his single hood.

Author Durjoy Datta Girlfriend & Marriage Gossips

Durjoy Datta had grabbed gold in his first attempt with Of Course I love you that sold more than 25000 copies. Durjoy Datta she broke up i didn’t and shades of love are some of his other popular works. Durjoy Datta someone like you novel along with author Nikita Singh was released in the year 2013 that was recorded among his best known works.

Durjoy Datta and Nikita Singh books include If it’s not’s not love and Someone like You. Some like you had debuted on the 5th position of the Hindustan Times bestseller list. His work has undoubtedly a treat to treat but some of them have stirred rumors about Durjoy Datta girlfriend name.

After his character of Avantika from his first novel it had convinced many of his fans about the flavored gossips of Durjoy Datta girlfriend Avantika. There were rumours and crispy talks about Durjoy Datta and Avantika Mohan affair. It even stimulated news and chatters about Durjoy Datta wife and built doubts on is Durjoy Datta married. However Durjoy Datta has not unveiled anything about his relation and hence topics of discussion like Durjoy Datta marriage remains in dark.

We hope to see the novelist Durjoy Datta and his girlfriend very soon creating an eternal love story and getting reflected on his next novels. The versatile and multi-talented writer, TV screenplay writer, entrepreneur and an elite speaker and orator Durjoy Datta epitomizes the true ignited mind of today’s Indian youth.