Nada Faris Images, Poems, Novels, Family, Wedding, Husband Pics, Kuwaiti Female Author PhotosTo the outside being a writer does not seem like a very complicated vocation but they are gravely mistaken. To become a writer is not an easy task. Heightened sensitivity and impeccable conscience is important. The account of Kuwaiti Writer Nada Faris Biography will throw some light on how the life of a writer is. She has written quite a few bestselling books. The romantic poems that she has penned re read worldwide and have an ethereal quality to them. We will take a look at the author profile o understand the influences from her personal life that are reflected in her works. She is constantly in touch with her fans through Twitter. She is one of those adult fiction female writers who do not restrict their performances based on the age of the audience. She had performed the poem ‘Dear Ms. English Teacher’ for the age group 12-17 and the poem ‘Superhero Mission’ for school kids.

Nada Faris Family, Age, Wiki

The family background of the poet is from a small Kuwaiti family. Today her parents are proud of their daughter’s success. The writer’s current age is 30. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches approximately. Nada Faris date of birth is 1986. She completed her education in 2006 with a BA in English Language and Literature. She attended the college of Arts in Kuwait University.

Nada Faris wiki also mentions that in 2010 she was honored as the top student in Kuwait University’s MA in comparative literature. She has also received a higher diploma in 2015. Her love for her birthplace transcends into her writings. Her nationality is Kuwaiti and her religion is Islam. At the age of 17 she knew that she wanted to be a writer and also understood that it would not be easy. She knew in her heart that a 10 year preparatory period would be necessary for her to meet any success hence she took up English literature as her subject in which she would align all her energies to.

Nada Faris Best-selling Books, Poems

She had written a few chapters of an anthology and that can be counted as her first book while her first poem that was published was titled ‘Said the Expert’. She was part of the international writing program and one of her best poems is the ‘Before the Morning After’ which was published in the Indianola Review in the winter 2015 edition. She is also the author of the renowned fiction book ‘The Elephant in the Room’ and also the collection of poems titled ‘Artemis and Other Poems’.

She is locally known as Kuwait’s finest slam poet for which she has travelled the world over and won many awards. She is the only Kuwaiti female poet who takes into consideration writing about social issues and several of her works have also been published in many international magazines. She is one of the most upcoming famous Kuwaiti female authors of this decade.

She has also written short stories and various articles for international magazines. Her topics have varied from homeless children to geo-political issues to gender equality to even voicing concerns to the rising number of malls to replace its heritage sites. She is a 7 time national slam poetry competition winner coming in the top two positions.

She has written the fiction novel titled ‘The Elephant in the Room’. Most of her other writings can be found in her blog titled ‘Digital Terrains’ and the rest of her published works are in her official website where all her published works are enlisted. She has the makings of a great writer just like author and poet Lang Leav.

Nada Faris Love Life, Relationships, Marriage

The poet is generally a very secretive person and so far has not revealed any detail about her love affairs. Though it is certain that she is dating and may even be in a serious relationship however she seldom talks about her boyfriend and it is construed that her love life is sailing pretty well.

There have been no talk about a wedding as of yet and the writer is not married. Nonetheless whoever gets the privilege to be the husband of Nada Faris will have to sharpen his brains to be the fitting partner of this bright mind.

Nada Faris Latest Publications

She has also represented Kuwait in the London’s Shubbak Festival that is usually organized by the mayor of London. She has 4 poetry performances in 2016 March. Her latest publications will be her new book titled ‘Fame in the Adriatic’ which is a young adult romance fiction set in The Vatican. The poet is known to always write for a cause and in this case it how a human and society behaves when it gets something that it does not understand – fame.

The latest news about her is that she will be seen in her upcoming appearances in March 2016. She is one of the most beautiful female writers of Kuwait who writes brilliantly. She has been part of some small controversy where she was voicing protests on the rising number of malls replacing the country’s old cultural buildings. She is constantly motivated by the power of art that has the potential to change the world.

Nada Faris Upcoming Books

Her upcoming books have not been announced yet. She has told in one of her interviews that she believes herself to be an Anglowaiti and writes for that particular audience. Her favorite authors have been Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. She believes that she has learnt more values and life lessons from books than any of her teachers or parents.

She does live shows as well as live concerts as a performance poet. Her tour tickets are available on her official website. She is not doing any book tours currently. Her net worth has shot since 2009. She lives with her family at their ancestral house in Kuwait.