Anish Giri HD Images, Chess Games, Parents, Family, Marriage, Wife PicsRarely do we see celebrated young minds with the right brains to astonish people with sheer brilliance. The unique life of Chess Grandmaster Anish Giri will be revealed through this Biography. He is just out of his teens and has already won many titles and performed impressively in the fide rating with hi marvelous moves in chess games. We will take a sneak peek at the marvelous boy’s personal life, who keeps on interacting with fans through Twitter. This chess player’s profile is outstanding and one will wonder if he is not a prodigy. Apart from being a chess grandmaster, he knows several languages like English, Dutch, and Russian and understands Japanese, Nepalese and German. He also takes a keen interest in playing football and table tennis. A look into his life will reveal the path he took to this kind of success and what he does to maintain his ranks or even better them. Although he is just 21 he has married another chess player, this shows his eccentricities as most child prodigies are.

Anish Giri Age, Family, Wiki

The chess player Anish Giri comes from a family background of brilliant people. His parents are from diverse backgrounds. His father is a Nepalese named Sanjay, who works at a research and consulting foundation while his mother is a Russian named Olga. Currently the son’s age is 21. His height is 5 feet 6 inches approximately. His date of birth is 28th June, 1994.

Anish Giri completed part of his primary education in St. Petersburg, Russia where he was born but in 2002 they moved o Sapporo, Japan. In 2008 again the family moved to Netherlands and he completed his college from Grotius College in Delft. Anish Giri wiki also mentions that his favorite subjects are physics, mathematics, geography and history. His current nationality is Dutch.

Anish Giri Chess Championships, Ranking

The young Anish Giri played his first match as part of the local youth sports club ‘DYUSH-2’ in St. Petersburg, Russia. His coach name is Asya Kovayova and trainer is Andrei Praslov. He also took part in chess championships while his stay in Japan as a member of the Japan Chess Association and the Sapporo Chess club.

Anish Giri is said to have developed quickly while participating in many chess tournaments during his junior years. At the debut appearance in TATA Steel in 2011 the match was Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen where the former scored 6.5/13 defeating the latter with black in 22 moves. His live ratings are quite promising. He just might become the next Viswanathan Anand whom he has successfully defeated in a few games.

He does have the makings to become the best chess grand-master in the world. In the match of Anish Giri vs Nakamura the latter won the tiebreaker and hence Anish was unable to qualify to the Melody Amber Tournament. His highest rating is 2798. His current coach is Vladimir Tukmakov. His chess records are many for example; he became the Dutch champion for the 2nd time sharing the space with Wesley So.

Anish Giri current FIDE ranking is 5. He is one of the top chess players in the world who despite having a low ranking had won the Reggio Emilia Chess Tournament in 2012. He is one of those former Russian chess players who have had the most famous victories at a very young age. Anish Giri is said to have helped Viswanathan Anand in preparing him for the 2010 World Chess Championship.

Anish Giri Marriage, Wife, Love Story

Anish Giri Wife Photos, Sopiko Guramishvili Love Story, Wedding Pictures, Girlfriend Images, KidsThe only love affair the boy had was with another chess player. They were dating for quite a while. He was quite content with his relationship with Sopiko Guramishvili. The witty husband of Sopiko Guramishvili insists her to learn Dutch though he hasn’t learnt Georgian himself. Their love story resulted in his girlfriend landing up being married to him.

The couple Anish Giri and Sopiko Guramishvili have now embarked upon a new phase in life. The wedding date was set for 18th July, 2015. Anish Giri wife name is Sopiko Guramishvili who is also a chess player. Anish Giri romance finally culminated into him tying the knot with his beloved at the historic marriage location of Mtskheta which is a place 20 Kilometers from Tbilisi.

Anish Giri and Sopiko Guramishvili age difference does not matter a lot as they are in love and wish to spend their life together. Anish Giri wife profile is pretty strong which is evident by their combined rating of 5161. The wife of Anish Giri had won the title of Woman Grandmaster in 2009 and also awarded the International Master title in 2012. They don’t have a kid yet but marriage at 21, so you never know!

Anish Giri Book, Awards, Medals

The house where he lives has the latest member that’s his wife since the past 9 months. He loves to blog annotations of various chess games. He has also written one book called ‘My Junior Years in 20 Games’. In this book he relates the nitty gritties of some of his best games. His next chess tournament and other many upcoming matches are mentioned in the player’s official website.

Anish Giri has also won a myriad awards and medals as he is a new young hero and has won numerous tournaments. He has won the Grandmaster title at the age of 14. His net worth is quite commendable. In one of the interviews he was asked if he expected his newly-wed bride to become a house wife and to that he answered that right now he was just expecting her to learn his language. He often is featured in chess magazines like “New In Chess”, “64” and “Schach Magazin64”.

It is not an easy task to excel in something at such an early age. Here the credit also goes to his parents for encouraging their child from such a tender age to go out and play a game that interests him. This is a very valuable lesson for everybody and the result is a child prodigy.