Chris Martin HD Wallpapers, Dating, Wife, Children, Memes, Marriage, Girlfriend Pics, AffairsSometimes sheer talent breaks through and takes the world in a storm. Even though people try to copy them, they can because their passion is a product of their soul. The singer Chris Martin biography is one such account of a man who writes from the heart. His songs are listened to and enjoyed from all over the world. His latest release ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ was filmed in India and although the tune along with the music has been much appreciated, critics from around the world have incarcerated him for his misguided portrayal of India. In this article we will unveil some of his personal details that even his Twitter account has not told the world. He has sung some of the most amazing songs like ‘Scientist’ and ‘Violet Hill’.

Chris Martin Age, Family, Wiki

Chris Martin family background is that of mixed occupations. The family business – Martins of Exeter was sold in 1999. After which his parents took up other occupations. His mother Alison Martin is a music teacher and father is a retired accountant. Chris Martin wiki also mentions that his great-great-grandfather William Willett was the one who made and campaigned for the Daylight Saving Time.

The date of birth of Chris Martin is 2nd March 1977 and his current age is 39. He has 5 siblings out of which he is the eldest. He is quite tall and his height is close to 6 feet. Chris Martin primary education happened from the pre-preparatory Hylton School and preparatory Exeter Cathedral School. After that he was boarding at Sherborne School in Dorset and that is where he met future “Coldplay” manager Phil Harvey.

He graduated with first-class honors in Greek and Latin from the University College London while staying at Ramsay Hall and that’s where he met future “Coldplay” members Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman. His birthplace is Whitestone, Devon, England. His full name is Christopher Anthony John Martin.

Chris Martin Early Career, First Album

He never had a first job apart from being the lead singer for the band. “Coldplay” was formed during his college days where he was the lead vocals. Although the name of the band originally was ‘Pectoralz’ which later was changed to ‘Starfish’ temporarily before they got the present name from another band that apparently did not need it anymore. Their first album ‘Parachute’ was released in 2000 and with the song ‘Yellow’ they relished instant international fame.

After that there was no looking back. He has written songs popular singers like Rihanna and the song ‘Everyday Like Christmas’ was written for Kylie Minogue in 2015. He has also collaborated with Beyonce Knowles to produce the song ‘Halo’ in 2010. It would be wonderful to watch him collaborate with Charlie XCX sometime. His creates content in the music genre of Alternative Rock, Post Brit-pop and pop rock. Chris Martin plays many instruments like the piano, guitar and keyboard.

Chris Martin Rock band Songs, Movies

The first record label that represented him was Parlophone but later on he moved on to the next record label Capitol and thirdly Atlantic. His main musical influences have been the band Travis which is given the credit for why Chris Martin ever created his rock band and also U2 for political and musical influence and this was mentioned in the Rolling Stone magazine as well.

He has also been a part of a number of movies the most famous of which have been the ‘The Simpsons’. To name a few others would be the film ‘Bruno’. He has also done the song ‘True Believer’ with Avicii and his song ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ form the latest album released in 2015 has already done well in the charts.

Chris Martin Marriage, Wife, Children, Divorce

Chris Martin Wife Images, Wedding Pictures, Daughter Photos, Son Name, Gwyneth Paltrow Hot PicsHe has been known to have only one relationship so far. His love affair with famous American actress Gwyneth Paltrow is quite a story. They met at one of his live concerts in 2002 and that was the beginning of their love story. It is said that it was Chris Martin who ad comforted the actress after the death of her father and the song ‘Fix You’ was inspired by the entire experience of loss as observed by him.

Soon after she got pregnant and Chris Martin proposed marriage to her as according to him it was the right thing to do. The wedding date was 5th December, 2003 and Gwyneth Paltrow became the wife of Chris Martin in a quiet ceremony in the absence of their family & friends.

They had two kids with interesting name after that. The musician Chris Martin daughter name is Apple Martin and the son’s name is Moses Bruce Anthony Martin. The name was inspired by the song ‘Moses’ that he had written for Gwyneth. The kids’ godparents are the band member Simon Pegg and Jonny Buckland.

However in March of 2014 the two decided to split after 10 years of marriage. The divorce reason as not been clearly revealed and although the couple had adopted a conscious uncoupling in 2014, it was only in April 2015 that Paltrow filed for divorce. They are still close friends and also go on family vacations with the kids. This is one of the most amicably settled divorces in Hollywood. Recently Chris Martin has been said to be getting with another actress Annabelle Wallis and this could possibly end up in her being his next girlfriend or second wife.

Chris Martin Live Shows, Charity Work

The singer Chris Martin net worth is $140 million. One of the interesting facts about him is that he behaves like an idiot after having vodka with cranberry juice. He was also named the ‘World’s sexiest vegetarian’ in 2005 by PETA. He performs live shows around the globe and his upcoming concert timings will be available on his website. He has received many awards for his breathtaking music including the Grammys.

Chris Martin is also known to take interest in philanthropy in which he has raised relief funds during Hurricane Sandy and has also organized and participated in various fundraisers to accumulate money for the 2014 Ebola crisis in West Africa. He is also regarded as an ardent humanitarian who has worked for the Cancer Trust in America. He was vehemently known to be vocal against the Iraq War and President George W. Bush.