Sarah Backman HD Wallpapers, Wedding Pictures, Husband Photos, Kids, Workout, Hottest WWE Female WrestlersThey say it was a man’s world but since the inception of women into wrestling it is a whole new world now. There are some things that girls can’t do, so was said but the so-called weaker sex proved them wrong. The account of wrestler Sarah Backman biography is a testimony to that adage. The WWE women wrestlers are just as much celebrated and watched as their male counterparts. These girls also go through their workout routine to build their abs apt to become the coveted WWE female wrestlers. The female in discussion here is in fact an arm wrestler. She is an 8-time European Arm Wrestling Champion. She is the most beautiful WWE female wrestler which will serve as an inspiration for aspiring women wrestlers. Just like Indian ace shooter Apurvi Chandela who has made her country proud by doing the unthinkable, Sarah has done the same for her country in her own way.

Sarah Backman Age, Family, Wiki

Her family background is from Stockholm. Her parents are quite proud of her for having the guts to follow her dreams. Currently her age is 24. She has a weight of 73 Kilograms. The wrestler’s height is 5 feet 8 inches. The date of birth of Sarah Backman is 8th December, 1991. More than having her education or being stuck up in normal college stuff like every other teenager; she was interested in making her nation proud. Sarah Backman wiki also mentions that she always wanted to become a ‘Gladiator’ ever since she was a child. Her nationality is Swedish.

Sarah Backman Wrestling Career, Modeling

Sarah Backman began wrestling training even before she was 14, most of which consisted of innumerable types of power-lifting and bench press. She is one of the hot female wrestlers who is also most decorated. If you see the pictures of her bikini photo-shoots then you will realize that she has amazingly strong arms. She is also in collaboration with WWE to come up with a new format show called ‘WWE NXT’.

She has been monitoring her diet plan and hitting the gym since she was 12. She was introduced to the glamorous of wrestling divas when she signed with WWE. She was a recently released diva in WWE but she quit just after 3 months but her husband and brother-in-law are still part of the show. Before that she had already participated in many wrestling matches. She is a much decorated wrestler and is an 11-time Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion. However she took retirement from arm wrestling in May 2013.

She never indulged in fights and has surpassed all kinds of injury during her 14 year long career. She is known as Gladiator ‘Spirit’ in the Swedish version of Gladiator. In the show she had replaced ‘Stinger’. Her vital stats are still amazing even though she has stopped wrestling. Her developmental contract with WWE ended in April 2014.

She has also done a little bit of modeling. Her model profile is that of a fitness model. Being one of the hottest WWE divas she did not have to fish long to sign a modeling contract. She has also done a little bit of figure modeling and bikini shoots. Sarah Backman vs Joanne Poole arm wrestling was outstanding and even better performance by the former wrestler in that match than in Sarah Backman vs Nathanie Falk match. She has never been embroiled in any controversy.

Sarah Backman Marriage, Husband, Love Story

Talking about her personal details it is said that she had one serious love affair so far. She was dating Bo Dallas. But before that she was dating Notabe professional body builder Shawn Rhoden. Her relationship with Bo Dallas started while she was working at WWE. Their love life was cranked up a notch when they decided to get married. The wedding date is 2014. The real husband name is Taylor Rotunda.

Sarah Backman Bo Dallas love story is going smooth. However the wrestler has decided not to get pregnant right now. She still needs more time to get into the groove of raising kids. The husband of Sarah Backman is very supportive and there is no question of a divorce between the happily married couple. Her husband also performs at WWE and Bo Dallas is his stage name. Their wedding pictures show the both in a kiss shot.

Sarah Backman Beauty Secrets, Latest Buzz

She has no particular hairstyle as she has very long hair which is blonde. She usually keeps it open or ties it up in a pony. Maybe it is her way of upping her feminine factor. One of the interesting facts is that she has retired from wrestling then tried out modeling for a while but now she is working as a real estate broker. Her net worth has increased a lot in the past 20 years.

She has been seen in a variety of costumes varying from a bikini to a skirt during the course of her career. However the present job requires her to wear a suit. Once she was also approached for a Japanese TV show which shows how far and wide her fame had spread. The latest news on her is that she has settled down for a non-violent job and may never appear in an upcoming fight again. This shows that women can achieve anything if they set their heart to it.