Brie Bella Wedding Dress, Engaged, Husband Pics, Hot WallpapersNikki and Brie Bella are twin professional wrestlers and popular models. It is hard to believe that the amazingly gorgeous and riveting models are professional wrestling champions and have garnered the recent Tag team championship tidal. Nikki Bella is also the current Divas Champion. She is no less gorgeous than actresses like Michelle Keegan, Elizabeth Gillies, etc. Brie Bella WWE matches and Brie Bella fights are among the highest demanded matches in WWE. The Bella twins have created their aura of panache in the wresting arena. The biography of wrestling manager Brie Bella is an insight on Brie Bella net worth, WWE wrestler Brie Bella bio data and Brie Bella personal life. The Bella sisters don’t just rock the WWE ring but their spectacular moves and glamour, adds to the craze. It is interesting to read about their professional and personal life engulfing the stardom of a Champion wrestler, model and popular actress.

Brie Bella Age, Family, Personal Details

Nikki and Brie Bella were born some 16 minutes apart to Jon Garcia and Kathy Colace. Brie Bella date of birth is 21st November in the year 1983 and hence Brie Bella age is 31 years currently. Brie Bella nationality is American. Brie Bella height is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches. Brie Bella real name is Brianna while Brie Bella sister name is Nicole Garcia. Brie Bella parents raised the twin kids in Scottsdale in Arizona and Brie Bella family background hails from Italian and Mexican descent.

The twin sisters had a staunch penchant for soccer and they also played in Scottsdale clubs. Brie Bella education was accomplished from Chaparral high school in the year 2002 after which they shifted to San Diego. Soon after that Brie Bella and Nikki Bella moved to Los Angeles and worked as waitresses over there at the Mondrian hotel. During this time, twin sisters looked for an agent to embark on their modelling career.

Nikki Bella Sister Brie Bella Wiki

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella started their career in modelling and bagged ample opportunities and TV commercials. Nikki Bella sister wiki talks about the versatility of the twin sisters who left no stone unturned and emerged as popular actresses, models and professional wrestlers. “Meet My Folks” aired in Fox Reality show aired the first TV appearance of the twin wrestling sisters.

Brie Bella wiki is adorned with her achievements in the wrestling matches. Brie Bella bikini wallpapers and hot Brie Bella photos are posted on several sites that are flooded by viewers. Their journey to the WWE Championship matches is worth the read!

Wrestler Brie Bella Career, Fights, Matches

Nikki and Brie are born 16 minutes apart and they also share pretty much the same interests and traits. Nikki Bella sister Brie Bella biography is a compact story on their journey from TV shows to the WWE championship tidal and also about Brie Bella merchandise. The twin sisters were also hired by the elite “Budweiser” and there are enormous pics of sister of Nikki Bella and Brie Bella hot pics holding the venerated “World Cup Trophy”. Brie Bella with her sister had also taken part in the DIVA Search of WWE in the year 2006 but much to their dismay they could not cut the mustard then.

Brie and Nikki Bella signed the WWE contract in the year 2007 that lead them to a complete different profession. Brie Bella fitness routine marked the inception of Brie Bella workout and she emerged as one of the strong contenders in the wrestling ring. The twin sisters were assigned to FCW (Florida championship Wrestling) and Brie Bella first match was debuted on 15th September in the year 2015 with her sister Nikki wherein they defeated Krissy Vaine and Natiie Neidhart.

The victory did get the twin stars into colossal prominence but it also invited heated up rivalry with Crawford and Neidhart. Brie Bella upcoming WWE matches were then placed with Neidhart and the series of matches got in a lot of popularity for the Bella twins. Brie Bella weight and Brie Bella abs reached the perfect figure with her strenuous workout and fitness discipline.

Brie Bella Championships, Theme Song, Signature Moves

Soon after FCW the Bella twins paved their way to the most popular WWE shows and Brie made her debut in “SmackDown”. During this time the Bella sisters took advantage of their resemblance and won a couple of matches but which later lead to Brie Bella controversy. In due course of time Brie Bella theme song became popular and every time she came up with something unique and fascinating to the ears.

Brie Bella first theme song was “Fell my body” and her 4th theme song “Beautiful Life “also became famous. During the matches the Bella sisters often flaunted their tattoos and Brie Bella tattoos captivated the attention of millions. Brie Bella has competed in mixed tag team matches as well and have had several matches with other popular female wrestlers. Brie Bella vs Tamina and Brie Bella vs Aj Lee are also quite interesting and engaging matches.

Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly is yet another must watch for the fans of Bella twins. Brie Bella’s signature move is also quite renowned and Brie Bella signature move name is the curiosity of many of her fans. Brie Bella finisher move is a must watch for all her shows that grabs the victory for her. Inevitably these moves and her gameplay have lead to the victory of the championship tidal.

Brie Bella John Cena Relationship

Brie Bella is the star Diva in the wrestling world and she is quite a head-turner in her matches. Brie Bella latest news is all about the rumours and gossip giggles about Brie Bella love life and Brie Bella love affairs. Brie has linked with many professional wrestlers that have raised the curiosity among her fans about Brie Bella boyfriend. There have been appalling rumours about Brie Bella and John Cena engaged and Brie Bella John Cena relationship.

However, it was Brie Bella’s sister Nicole dating Cena. Brie Bella personal details have finally confirmed that that there is no truth about John Cena and Brie Bella love story and Brie Bella split with John Cena. Later, Nicole got married to her childhood sweetheart but the marriage was annulled after 3 years.

WWE Wrestler Brie Bella Kisses

Besides, brie has also faced many other kissing rumours that have gone viral tarring her name. Brie Bella kiss Roman Reigns, Brie Bella kisses Rosa Mendes and about Brie Bella Kiss Paige. Brie Bella got involved in many link-ups with many other professional wrestlers. There are rumours about Brie Bella and Randy Orton and Brie Bella and Dean Ambrose. Brie had been dating professional wrestler Bryan Danielson for a commendable long-time.

Brie Bella Daniel Bryan Relationship, Marriage

Bryan, boyfriend of wrestler Brie Bella is also a popular WWE wrestler and Daniel Bryan Brie Bella relationship has always been healthy and admirable. Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan married in the year 2014. They got engaged in the year 2013 and Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan wedding took place in the year 2014. Brie and Daniel share an amazing understanding that does not hinder their professional growth as well.

WWE wrestler Brie Bella husband and Brie Bella husband name is widely known in the wrestling arena and Brie Bella wedding date is 11th April in the year 2014. Since the news of wrestler Brie Bella married wrestler Daniel there have been no gossips about Daniel Bryan Brie Bella breakup. Moreover Daniel, husband of wrestling manager Brie Bella has never been involved in any controversial affairs so far.

Wrestler Brie Bella Hobbies, Merchandise

Apart from this Brie is also animal lover and promotes many programmes about animal welfare. It is interesting to learn about Brie and her love for animals. Brie Bella t shirts are widely famous and they have also been mesmerized by Brie Bella new tattoo, Brie Bella new hair style and Brie Bella new song. Brie is the all new ravishing and riveting DIVA in the world of WWE wrestling entertainment.