American Actress, Singer Elizabeth Gillies Biography, Hot PicsElizabeth Gillies is a popular and gorgeous American versatile personality who has enthralled the viewers of film and drama with her stupendous looks, mesmerizing acting, euphonious voice and sizzling dance. She has won the hearts of millions of spectators with her talent at a very young age and is striding on the popularity ride to traverse to the zenith of fame and recognition. Elizabeth Gillies actress profile is adorned with remarks on her talent and acting skills and she has bagged appreciation for her music and dance as well. Most of the fans are interested to know about American actress Elizabeth Gillies biography and get acquainted with her personal and professional life. She is most popularly known for her role of Jade West on the famous television series Victorious. She had voiced the character of Daphne on the hit animated series Winx Club after which people developed interest on Elizabeth Gillies singer profile. This simple and short, singer Elizabeth Gillies biography shall unveil the details on her acting and musical career. It shall speak about her affairs and crunchy love story as well.

Actress Elizabeth Gillies Age, Personal Details

The gorgeous and charming American actress Elizabeth Gillies was born in Haworth in New Jersey, U.S. Elizabeth Gillies date of birth is July 26th, 1993. Elizabeth Gillies full name is Elizabeth Egan Gillies but she is popular known as Liz Gilles. Elizabeth Gillies age is 21 years currently. She had a penchant for dance and drama since her school days and hence embarked on acting at the age of 12.

Elizabeth Gillies family background represents a modern American family who supported her to pursue her dreams. She had started with some commercials and soon grew up as a popular TV actress in an American series. Elizabeth Gillies height is nearly 5 feet and 7 inches and she has a sparkling fair glow that gives her an amazing look.

She had voiced in an animated series of Winx Club and her musical work was well appreciated. Elizabeth Gillies TV shows included some more hit shows and she also ventured into movies that made her a leading young actress of Hollywood. The actress has recently starred in the TV movie Killing Daddy.

American Singer Elizabeth Gillies Wiki

The ravishing and stunning American actress received the first opportunity to embark on acting from a local open casting call and then she featured in a couple of commercials. Actress Elizabeth Gillies wiki gives a brief detail about her work and personal life. Elizabeth Gillies debut TV show was The Black Donnellys.

She then appeared in 3 episodes of the show and featured as a recurring character. She then played the role of Shelby Wexler in The Clique and received recognition. She shot to fame with her role in the popular TV show Victorious. She also released a musical with Victorious co-star Ariana Grande.

There after Elizabeth Gillies movies and TV shows list highlighted a couple of hit works and she is now a popular American celebrity. Elizabeth Gillies in Sam and Cat played as a guest star who was aggressive and violent. She has also signed many TV shows and movies and is filming for her upcoming releases.

Actress Elizabeth Gillies Movies & TV Shows

Elizabeth Gillies had done the TV shows named The Black Donnellys and also featured in the movie The Clique. Elizabeth Gillies legally bl**des and few others like Selena Gomez look pretty with their ravishing looks. But besides her looks she gained fame from the Broadway musical 13. In the year 2008 she featured in Harold as a supporting star.

Later she was cast as Lucy which was a musical about growing up by the Goodspeed Production of Jason Robert. She had also featured in several songs and audio tracks of Victorious including in a duet with Ariana Grande named Give It Up. Elizabeth Gillies songs list include her works for the soundtracks of Victorious and her composed song “You don’t know me for Victorious 3.0”.

Singer Elizabeth Gillies Songs List

Apparently Elizabeth Gillies first album was with alternative rock music and in the 2012 she recorded a duet with the singer Ariana Grande named Santa Baby for Grande’s Christmas EP Christmas kisses. She has appeared in a couple of movies and Elizabeth Gillies debut film was Harold in which she played a supporting role. She had also acted in a short film called “The death and return of Superman”.

Elizabeth Gillies movies list includes a total of 5 flicks so far and Animal and Killing Daddy are her latest releases of 2014. Animal was one of the Elizabeth Gillies horror movies. The movie was directed by Brett Simmons and it was released on June 17th, 2014. Animal the movie Liz Gillies Keke palmer was appreciated for her work and the story was quite intriguing.

The biography of American actress Elizabeth Gillies has talked about her acting and musical career but there are a few Elizabeth Gillies dancing shows that witnessed her vigour and panache in dancing. Elizabeth Gillies s**&drugs&rock&roll created a recent buzz. She also maintains a YouTube account, LizGilliesOfficial where has uploaded covered songs with Ariana Grande and Max Schneider.

Elizabeth Gillies Personal Life

Actress Elizabeth Gillies has gained prominence owing to her professional achievements but it has certainly invited some controversies and rumours. Elizabeth Gillies hot pics are displayed on some popular internet sites and she has a hoard of and following her. Dancer Elizabeth Gillies personal details talk about her controversial and chirpy Elizabeth Gillies personal life, love affairs and boyfriend mysteries.

There was a misconception about Elizabeth Gillies and Daniel Gillies relation owing to the same surname they share but the stars revealed that there is nothing common but the same Gillies tag. Elizabeth has appeared in musicals with Ariana Grande and much to everyone’s surprise. People did not just enjoy their musical but also talked about the weirdo headline Elizabeth Gillies kissing Ariana Grande.

Elizabeth Gillies Hit Songs, Love Life

The famous Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande Christmas song was released in the year 2013 and the duet was massive hit. Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande bathroom video had two parts in which they altered outfits in different rooms and also posed for camera in the bathtub. The remix version is available on popular sites.

The starts share a good friendship but to everyone’s shock news about Elizabeth Gillies dating Ariana Grande hit the gossips. However Elizabeth Gillies love life is pretty normal and there mysterious secrets about who is the boyfriend of Elizabeth Gillies. The actress has been spotted with a couple of stars and is yet being talked about. Though she hasn’t disclosed anything in public but the media shall soon unveil the details.

Actress Elizabeth Gillies Dating and Link-ups

Elizabeth Gillies has a sensational smile and adoring personality that has charmed millions of viewers. No wonder she has also won the hearts of some charming and handsome celebrities and stirred gossips about Elizabeth Gillies boyfriend name and Elizabeth Gillies love affairs. Her co-actor Matt Bennett from the TV series Victorious has been linked up with her and there have been chatters about Elizabeth Gillies dating Matt Bennett.

Matt Bennett had also featured in a popular YouTube video The Slap. There was a random video in which Matt and Elizabeth were asked to kiss each other. Elizabeth Gillies kissing Matt Bennett had gone viral and people churned the rumor mills Elizabeth Gillies and Matt Bennett engaged. It also arouse the question in the minds of some people is Elizabeth Gillies pregnant with Matt Bennett.

Elizabeth Gillies Avan Jogia Love Story

The 21 year old actress was pretty disgusted with such disturbing news. However such rumours only added to the spicy Elizabeth Gillies controversy. Such attempts to tar the celebrity names often become futile but it makes a buzz for a short span. Avan Jogia is another popular star from Victorious and he too featured in a couple of videos with Elizabeth Gillies leaving people with notions about their relationship.

Avan Jogia and Elizabeth Gillies love story and Elizabeth Gillies dating Avan Jogia soon stormed the media gossips but the stars paid no heed to any of it. The stars of Victorious have also been linked up and there have been several articles on Liz Gillies and Leon Thomas dating. The more you read the more you come across the various link ups but the stars prefer to remain quiet about all of these which cook up the mystery of their love life.

Actress Elizabeth Gillies Dating Gossips

Elizabeth Gillies have been linked up with quite a few co-stars and celebrities but the news about Backhouse Mile dating her had turned a bit serious. There were news about Elizabeth Gillies dating Backhouse Mike and it seems she had been putting pictures on tumblr of his dog. The news about them being together is not conformed but her fans respects her every decision and wishes that even if it is Mike Liz is happy and that is all it matters.

Though there rumors about other link-ups like Elizabeth Gillies dating Jack Barakat but this one seems the most serious of all that is heading for Elizabeth Gillies marriage gossips. The duo looks pretty good together and her fans are waiting for some positive declaration about their relation.

Singer Elizabeth Gillies Marriage News

Every celebrity is engulfed with many crispy and entertaining gossips but the rumors take a serious turn when news about nuptial knot and vows start surfacing. Quite similarly Elizabeth Gillies have invited some rumors about Elizabeth Gillies husband that has fueled questions like is Elizabeth Gillies married. After her pregnancy rumors with Matt Bennett this seems to be the next most irksome gossip.

The rumors had disturbed Elizabeth Gillies and Matt Bennett mommy and daddy as well and it became an annoying issue. The actress finally declared that she shall let the genuine details be unveiled whenever she settles her mind on marriage and Elizabeth Gillies married wedding pics won’t be kept away from the media. The actress is a versatile star and she wishes to excel in her profession and give her dream the desirable edge.