Author Nikita Singh Biography, Books, Blog, MarriageNikita Singh is a promising young Indian novelist who is best known for her novels Love@ Facebook and If it’s nor forever. She is one of the young and educated Indian authors who have penned her modern notions in an extremely captivating yet lucid manner. She released her first novel when she was only 19 years old but her flair and passion for writing has made her a prominent writer today. Author Nikita Singh biography gives detailed information on her education, family background and dreams and passions. She is not just a prolific writer but a voracious reader as well. Indian author Nikita Singh biography also unfolds the much disguised fact that she holds a deep interest in World history and has a command on the engrossing period of French Revolution. The author has only completed her graduation in pharmacy but the novels and writings have already graced Nikita Singh author profile. She is one of the most realistic writers of the nation today like Durjoy Datta, Rashmi Bansal, etc.

Nikita Singh Age, Personal Details and Education

Nikita Singh has a realistic and practical approach reflected in her writings. She was born in Patna in the state of Bihar. Nikita Singh date of birth is October 6th, 1991. Nikita Singh author age is 23 years approximately. She lived first few years of her life there until the age of 4 and the moved to Indore from where she completed her primary education.

Nikita Singh family background represents a simple ambience where she has got accustomed to the values and ethics of Indian society and has witnessed the various transformations. She had completed her pharmacy from Acropolis institute of pharmaceutical education and research in Indore in the 2012. Nikita Singh height is around 5 feet and 4 inches and she has gorgeous sparkling eyes that epitomize a clear juvenile heart with mesmerizing charm. She has written 7 books so far and has emerged as a prominent inspiring personality.

Author Nikita Singh Wiki, First Book

Author Nikita Singh had written her first book when she was still pursuing pharmacy. Author Nikita Singh wiki brings before you the concise detail of her first book and the list of novels that she has penned within 2-3 years. Nikita Singh first book was “Love@Facebook” in which she had highlighted the story of a 19 year old girl who falls for a popular VJ after befriending him on the most popular social networking space Facebook.

The starry eyes and blushing teenager focused story had done a massive hit and her book became a humongous hit. This biography of writer Nikita Singh also discloses the fact that she is currently the Director of Grapevine India which has been co-founded by Durjoy Datta. Her second book has been co-authored by this versatile author Durjoy Datta and its peak the book records for quite some time.

Indian Author Nikita Singh Books List

Versatile and dynamic author Nikita Singh had contributed to the series of The Backbenchers and wrote the second book in its series named The Backbenchers: The missed call. Nikita Singh novels list and Nikita Singh books list includes some more books and a few sequels. The novel “Accidentally in Love with Him… Again?” was a sequel to her first book in which she showered light on long distance relations and open relationships completed directed to a practical and mature world full of realities and agonies.

In the year 2012 she penned her next book “If it’s not Forever” with Durjoy Datta and it became one of Nikita Singh best books. The book focused on a real life incident and the story simple moved the readers and left them speechless. Nikita Singh someone like you was her 5th novel that was released in the year 2013 co-authored by Durjoy Datta. The book had been released by Penguin India and it ranked on 5th position of Hindustan Times bestseller list.

She was laureled with a prestigious and august recognition Live India young achievers awards that year. Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta books have given the nation a fantabulous quality of writing with some thorough engrossing stories. Right here right now by Nikita Singh was her latest book that was released in May 2014. Her latest book has charmed the readers and they anxiously waiting for more of Nikita Singh new books. Besides being a writer she is also an entrepreneur at Grapevine India and has spoken in numerous TEDx seminars and conferences all over the nation.

Writer Nikita Singh Personal life

Author Nikita Singh is one of the most successful young Indian female authors and is also the highest selling fan-fiction author. She has garnered venerated awards for her illustrious way of writing. She has not written any blog yet but the growing number of fans and readers are anticipating for Nikita Singh author blog.

She is a promising ignited youngster who is adorned with the perfect amalgamation of intellect and emotion which gets reflected in her writing. Nikita Singh personal life has also been the growing interest of her fans. The 20 year old girl is blessed with a charismatic and pleasant personality and has made people fall head over heels for her.

The rumors and gossips about Nikita Singh love affairs and Nikita Singh love life have churned the crispy gossip mills. Her smile has dazzled people at one glance and her talent has inevitably hypnotized them. People are curious about Nikita Singh boyfriend name and willing to gather every aspect of Indian writer Nikita Singh personal details. The author laughs at such rumors and takes them lightly. She takes it as part and parcel of life and finds pleasure in the little rumors and gossips.

Author Nikita Singh Marriage Rumours and Upcoming Novels

Regular gossips do not bother much but marriage headlines do get a bit irksome if it does not have a pinch of truth in it. Author Nikita Singh has also confronted such annoying rumours about relationship and marriage and has been linked up with a few co-authors. Is Nikita Singh dating anyone or is Nikita Singh married is a common doubt of her fans and adorers. They are striving hard to unlock the mysteries of Nikita Singh marriage gossips and find out the name of would be Nikita Singh husband.

The author declared that she is willing to traverse the journey of a successful career not and has no intentions of marriage hence gossips like boyfriend of Nikita Singh must be kept away from her. News about the author also focuses on Nikita Singh upcoming novels and her upcoming writings. She has just released her new book in May 2014 and her next novel might take some time.

Apart from being a write she is also spelling bee. Nikita Singh spelling Bee was heard in one of her interviews in which she spoke about the fact of being impeccable with spellings. She has already enthralled Indian population with her incredible work and it has led to the prominence of Nikita Singh Facebook and Instagram. She is a true gem who has raised the bars for novice authors and created an ambience of panache writing and notions.