Apurvi Chandela Hot Pics, Gold Medals, Boyfriend, Wedding, Family, Husband ImagesWith such male dominancy around the society, women, at most time, are kept as show pieces or domestic damsel, burring their skills and creativity into some long lost graveyard. Today we stand at 21st century, where women have found their long lost skills or at least trying to figuring out. Today, women are powerful. They are gaining their power from their self within and education. Damsel is a lost word now. Women have diversified themselves in different sectors and professions- teaching, medical, technocrats, nursing, business, IT, politics and not to forget sports. An example of one such woman is Apurvi Chandela. Apurvi Chandela is an India woman shooter who excelled in her career in spite of struggles and problems constantly paving in her ways. All her works and success story is tough to fit in one blog. This biography of Apurvi Chandela will tell you a lot about her life, career and success story. Read this blog to find out more interesting facts about her life. Apurvi Chandela biography is an assured blog of inspiration for young birding talents across the country.

Apurvi Chandela Age, Family, Wiki

Family is the most important community that constantly influences our upbringing and deals with the way we grow up. Apurvi Chandela family belongs to a Rajput family in the Udaipur District of Rajasthan. Apurvi Chandela parents are Kuldeep Singh Chandela, an hotelier in Udaipur and Bindu Rathore, a homemaker. Born in the year 1993, Apurvi Chandela date of birth is January 4th. Apurvi birthday parties are generally thrown by her closest friends and family. Her fans too contribute to it.

Indian shooter Apurvi Chandela age is 23 years as of now. Born and brought up in Rajasthan provinces Apurvi Chandela nationality is Indian. She is that woman who made Indians proud. Apurvi Chandela education qualification is honours graduate. She went to Maharani Gayatri Devi’s school in Jaipur. After she completed her schooling, she moved to Delhi where she studied sociology honours from Jesus and Mary’s college, Delhi University.

Apurvi Chandela height is 5 feet 1 inch which is definitely not a good sign for a sportsperson but she has proved that wrong completely. Apurvi Chandela weight is near about 57 kg after heavy diet and body structure which improved her fitness. Apurvi Chandela wiki suggests she have put up high hopes for 2016 summer Olympics. Her fans are definitely waiting to see her on field again.

Apurvi Chandela Early Career

Like wrestler Sushil Kumar, Apurvi Chandela started her career in sports very early. Starting at a very young age, Apurvi Chandela shooting debut happened when she was just 19 years old. She started her training at a range, which her uncle Hem Singh built for her in his house. Apurvi Chandela always enjoyed this sport of shooting. It was 2008 Olympics games, when Indian shooter Abhinav Bindra won the gold medal; it sparked the thirst in Apurvi to master this game.

Apurvi Chandela and Abhinav Bindra are both now Indian famous shooters. Abhinav Bindra is Apurvi’s all time favourite sports role model who inspired her to take up this sport. Apurvi Chandela gold medals list is what got her lot of fame and money. Hence Apurvi Chandela net worth is quite promising. Her performances have always been appreciated worldwide by her fans.

Apurvi Chandela Medals, Records

Apurvi Chandela, today, comes under top Indian women shooter in India. Apurvi Chandela career history tells us that she has made herself to rank as best female India shooter. She competes at 10 metres air riffle events. Apurvi Chandela first match was at National Shooting Championships, New Delhi where she won her first gold medal in 10 meters air rifle. Later she won gold medal in 2014 commonwealth games in Glasgow. Since then she never looked back.

In 2014, she also won four medals at the Inter-shoot Championships at The Hague which included two individual and two team medals. Apurvi scored 206.7 points in final of commonwealth games 2014, thus creating a new games record. Apurvi Chandela emerged as ‘the shooter of the tournament’ in the Swedish cup Grand Pix. Chandela has qualified for Women’s 10 m air rifle at 2016 Summer Olympics. Her latest interviews say that she is in need of more sponsors to perform well in the tournament. Apurvi Chandela silver medal was earned in ISSF world cup in 2015 along with three gold medals.

Apurvi Chandela Love Life, Marriage

Belonging from a conservative Rajput family of Rajasthan, Apurvi Chandela love affair is not much of a varied one. Apurvi Chandela love life is kind of confidential. Hence not much is known about her personal life and love life though her boyfriend stories from her early life was sometimes heard. Apurvi Chandela relationship with her co players and other persons are quite good. Therefore no such Apurvi Chandela controversies are heard so far.

Apurvi Chandela, being only 23 years old, is more focused on her career right now. So her marriage details are not yet fixed. Career oriented Apurvi is not much of a dating person. We hope that Apurvi Chandela wedding will be a happy ceremony. Her wedding dates are expected to be on headlines in near future. Seeing her personality and the kind of person she is, it is quite clear that Apurvi Chandela husband will be a lucky person. Young female shooter of India is thus single and still waiting for per prince to show up.