Sushil Kumar Wrestler Wife Photos, Diet Plan, Workout, Abs, Savi Kumar PicsSushil Kumar is an Indian wrestler and is usually known by Sushil Kumar world records. It would be hard to sum up Sushil Kumar success story in a 800 word text, but in this wrestler Sushil Kumar biography, we will try to incorporate the most part of his life. Even though Sushil Kumar wrestler profile is extremely impressive, very little is known about Sushil Kumar family background or his personal life, for that matter. But this biography of Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar by Youth Developers will be focussing on various aspects of his life, perhaps, the lesser known ones. While wrestler Sushil Kumar wiki would say a lot about him, but it will mainly discuss about wrestler Sushil Kumar bio data and his professional achievements. To see other sides of him, read on this biography:

Wrestler Sushil Kumar Age, Family, Wiki

To start with his family, Sushil Kumar parents belonged to a lower middle class family in the Najafgarh District of Haryana. Born in the year 1983, Sushil Kumar date of birth is 26th May and wrestler Sushil Kumar age is 33 years as of now. Born and brought up in Haryana, also where Sushil Kumar education was completed, Sushil Kumar nationality is Indian and I am sure, every Indian is proud about that. Although, Sushil Kumar height (5 feet 5 inches) is not the best thing that he has, but Sushil Kumar weight continues to stay at 66 kgs even after heavy diet and body structure.

A lot of fans have always wanted to know about Sushil Kumar life history but being a grounded person that he is, he keeps his privacy. Aspiring wrestlers in India are always looking for Sushil Kumar workout routine and Sushil Kumar wrestler diet plan as he keeps himself really fit all the time. Youth loves how Sushil Kumar abs displays when he wears his wrestling wear.

Professional Career of Sushil Kumar

Starting at a very young age, Sushil Kumar wrestling debut happened when he was just 14 years old. He was trained in the Akhadas of Delhi and Haryana and, today, Sushil Kumar net worth is a very impressive number. However, Sushil Kumar gold medals list is what got him all the fame and money, but his performances have always been appreciated worldwide.

In the year 2008, Kumar won his first Bronze medal, internationally, in Beijing Olympics which continued to rise year after year then. Sushil Kumar photos may not reveal that how aggressive he is when in the ring, but Sushil Kumar wrestling matches sure do. In the 2003 London games, Sushil Kumar first gold medal was achieved which was a huge honour for India and all the wrestling fans here. That performance by Sushil Kumar in London Olympics is considered one of the bests and it was the first time in decades that an Indian had won a gold medal in Olympics. In 2009, he was awarded the highest sports honour of India, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award.

On a lighter side, we have seen Sushil Kumar in “Comedy Nights with Kapil” opening up well to his fans and Sushil Kumar in “Roadies” also made an appearance, back in the year 2012. He has also appeared in various television ads but Sushil Kumar controversy did not leave him there. He refused a $75,000 liquor ad only to stick to his moral values, which, he says, are a bigger discipline than any amount of money.

We have no clue about Sushil Kumar first job, but currently, he is employed as Assistant Commercial Manager in the Indian Railways. As regards Sushil Kumar current ranking, there are no exact figures out yet but Sushil Kumar medal ceremony videos are enough to talk about his skill and humility. The same humility is shared by various other sports persons such as Magnus Carlsen and Dipika Pallikal.

Sushil Kumar Marriage, Wife, Kids

Coming from a very conservative family, Sushil Kumar love life is not much of a detailed one. To be honest, we do not think that there is any Sushil Kumar dating history as he started focussing on his career at a very young age. But in the year 2011, wrestler Sushil Kumar married Savi Singh and Sushil Kumar wife name became a household name soon after that.

While Sushil Kumar wedding date was never exactly told, various other details have been revealed. The wife of wrestler Sushil Kumar is also the daughter of Sushil Kumar’s wrestling coach and that is how Sushil Kumar Savi Kumar love story makes some sense. You can browse through Sushil Kumar Savi Kumar wedding photos on the web and Sushil Kumar wife photos are also easy to find as she is a tennis player herself.

After their marriage, Sushil Kumar Savi Kumar relationship did not get anywhere until a year later as Sushil was always too busy with his training. But as per Sushil Kumar latest news, it is believed that Sushil Kumar wife pregnant but this is just media hearsay and nothing is confirmed yet. We hope to see more of Sushil Kumar with his wife in public events.