Mubeen Saudagar Wife Photos, Mimicry, Comedy Circus, MoviesMubeen Saudagar is an Indian comedian who is generally known for Mubeen Saudagar mimicry of various actors. He first appeared as Mubeen Saudagar in comedy circus which slowly took him to the heights of comedy on Indian television. Since his debut, Mubeen Saudagar comedy shows are much preferred by his fans, and this Stand-up comedian Mubeen Saudagar biography, Youth Developers will try to touch upon his personal front as well. However, the biography of Indian comedian Mubeen Saudagar will also talk about his professional achievements and how Mubeen Saudagar comedy videos came out to be such a huge hit. Currently, he is featured as Mubeen Saudagar in “Comedy Nights Bachao” in the latest comedy show on Colors Channel.

Mubeen Saudagar Age, Family, Wiki

Mubeen Saudagar belongs to a middle class family background. He was born and brought up in the Chandameta-Butaria town in the Chhindwara District in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. Currently, the comedian Mubeen Saudagar age is 32 years as his date of birth is 04th February, 1984. His birth name is Mubeen Bakhsh Saudagar. He is a straight forward guy and a superb comedian but he is not as much expressive and open in the media as he is in the comedy shows.

The comedian Mubeen Saudagar wiki reveals about his social, personal and love life. He is a talented comedian and mimicry artist too. With a fairly modest body structure, Mubeen Saudagar height approximated around 5 feet and 6 inches but his photos make him look shorter than he is. Talking about his education, he is very much weak in his studies. Nevertheless, ever since Mubeen Saudagar first comedy show, his fans have loved him for his comic skills and mimicry, and nothing more than that was ever required to be his fan.

Mubeen Saudagar Early Career, Comedy Shows

The Indian stand-up comedian Mubeen Saudagar started his career by performing various acts at cultural and social events. In the starting days of his career, he met Johnny Lever who is a great comedian and actor of Bollywood on the sets of “Johnny Aala Re” which was aired on Zee TV. Johnny Lever selected him for his TV show “Johnny Aala Re” after taking his audition at that time. After this, he did superb comic roles in various comedy shows like “Laughter Ke Phatke”, “Pehchan Kaun”, “Comedy Champions”, “Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai”, etc.

To be honest, comedian Mubeen Saudagar bio data consist working in “Comedy Circus” for a few years and that is very much it. Various acts of Mubeen Saudagar and Kapil Sharma were seen during the run of the show, but Mubeen Saudagar first performance in Comedy Circus will always be remembered for his mimicry where he was first seen as Pran, one of his best mimicries, and then he appeared as Amrish Puri which changed the way he was perceived as a comedian.

In the following episodes, he did several other characters like Raj Kumar, Nana Patekar, Rajpal Yadav, etc. But by now, he was only featured as a mimicry artist and not a stand-up comedian, technically. But when the show decided to pair up Mubeen Saudagar and Mantra, he was now taken much more seriously as he did characters that were not mimicry. Later a few performances by Mubeen Saudagar and Sargun Mehta were also delivered which did not get noticed too much as the latter is a daily soap actress and not a real comedian.

Mubeen Saudagar Love Story, Marriage, Wife

Well, all of us must have heard about Mubeen Saudagar controversy that recently took place where talks about his love affairs were being gossiped over. However, comedian Mubeen Saudagar love life could never be confirmed as he has always been very shy about it to the public. But it is a surprise for his fans to know that he is married. Mubeen Saudagar married to his long-time girlfriend. He had been in a relationship with her since his struggling days of career.

Mubeen Saudagar wife name is Alsaba Saudagar, who is very sweet and kind-hearted lady. The wedding date of Mubeen Saudagar was 11th November, 20011. The wife of Mubeen Saudagar is a homemaker and she is truely his inspiration and support behind his all success as a comedian and an actor. People also made gossips on the pregnancy of his wife and his kids as well. Due to his personal introvert nature that we have never seen Mubeen Saudagar with his wife in any of the TV award shows or other events.

Mubeen Saudagar Upcoming Works, Latest Buzz

As far as Mubeen Saudagar movies are concerned, it looks like it will be a little while before we see him in movies. The comedian is still struggling as a comedian and to talk about his movies would be being ahead of us. As per latest news, he will be an important asset in his new show on Colors which just started a few weeks ago. He also performed live dubbing of renowned Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar and Ranbir Kapoor on various stage shows and TV shows.

Also, to speak about Mubeen Saudagar salary, well, it all depends on how much the channel pays him per episode. Such numbers are not revealed to the viewers. However, with his comic timing, he has managed to earn some talks about him being similar to the comedian Vipul Goyal. Currently he lived in Yari Road, Andheri West, Mumbai with his family.