Maneesh Sharma Director Images, Family, Movies, Wedding, Wife PicsThe most awaited movie of 2016 is ‘FAN’ starring the King Khan himself. This subject of this movie is about fandom. The Fan movie director Maneesh Sharma biography will tell you about the back story behind this idea. Maneesh Sharma has had a few productions so far. Apart from that Maneesh Sharma has also directed three films. In this article we will throw light on Maneesh Sharma personal life. The director Maneesh Sharma is still gaining his name so his twitter handle may not have very many followers but he is finding his feet. Maneesh Sharma has already worked as a director starting 2009. Maneesh Sharma net worth has increased to the point that allows him to produce movies. Maneesh Sharma contact address has changed from Delhi to Mumbai post coming back from California.

Maneesh Sharma Family, Age, Wiki

The biography of Indian director Maneesh Sharma will tell you the connection between the movie ‘Fan’ and his personal life. Maneesh Sharma family background is that fro Delhi. He has lived in various places in the capital. The director Maneesh Sharma age is somewhere around 32. Maneesh Sharma height is 5 feet 5 inches approximately.

Maneesh Sharma date of birth is in 1980. The director Maneesh Sharma wiki mentions that he was keenly interested in theatre and dance during his earlier days. Maneesh Sharma education happened form Delhi Public School and later he attended CalArts in California to study filmography.

Maneesh Sharma Career

Maneesh Sharma first movie was ‘Band Baja Baarat’ but people don’t know was that he had always had the idea of ‘Fan’ in mind but Aditya Chopra insisted he not make it as his first film. Maneesh Sharma debut directed film got him one nomination and one award at the Filmfare. With a great start like that he went to direct more films with a contemporary storytelling approach.

Maneesh Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan are about to work their magic in the next movie whose trailer has already been release and is the topic of so much discussion among movie lovers. Maneesh Sharma acted as a producer for the movie ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’. Maneesh Sharma and Anushka Sharma worked together in the movie ‘Ladies vs Ricky Bahl’ as well as ‘Band Baja Baarat’. The debut movie of Maneesh Sharma is considered as one of the best films of this period.

Maneesh Sharma Latest Buzz, New Movies

Maneesh Sharma next film is ‘Fan’ which is slated to be released on April 16. Maneesh Sharma latest news is that he finally got to fulfill his dream of making this movie with Shah Rukh Khan. The director Maneesh Sharma got Filmfare awards for the best debutante director for his work in ‘Band Baja Baarat’. Maneesh Sharma was also nominated for best director for the same movie in 2010. There will be more of Maneesh Sharma upcoming movies as he has a 3 movie deal with Yash Raj Films.

Maneesh Sharma controversy about him and Parineeti being together has long since blown over after he went on record to say that there was nothing between them. Maneesh Sharma new movie has already created much hype among people and there are so many high expectations attached with it. Maneesh Sharma production house is not established yet. He is still working with Yash Raj Films. The director considers Imtiaz Ali and Anurag Kashyap to be his role models.

Maneesh Sharma Love Life, Marriage

So far Maneesh Sharma love life has remained normal. The director Maneesh Sharma has no marriage plans as of now. But he may have them later. Right now he is very busy taking accolades and criticisms from various quarters and trying to inculcate his learning’s to produce better movies. Maneesh Sharma wife name is not decided yet. The wife of director Maneesh Sharma will however be lucky to be married to such a talented man one day.

Maneesh Sharma has often told in his interviews that he has found a muse and that he is very grateful for that. The media has spiced up Maneesh Sharma love story; however he has rubbished all such rumors. The director Maneesh Sharma love affairs are not his prime concern now. It was said that Maneesh Sharma dating Parineeti Chopra however he has simply said that she is his muse. There is no Maneesh Sharma romance with Parineeti Chopra as he has mentioned in several interviews.

People misconstrue that director Maneesh Sharma girlfriend is her just because they are seen together. A lot has been said about Maneesh Sharma Parineeti Chopra relationships, that has affected her more than him but eventually they have learnt to live with it. Now it is said that there has been a Maneesh Sharma split with Parineeti Chopra, but the director has always maintained that they have always been good friends from the start. Even Sanjay Leela Bhansali considered Aishwarya Rai to be his muse once.