Harishree Mehta Hot Pics, Wedding Pictures, Husband Images, Family, Legs, Times Now JournalistsThe news industry is taking in more and more females each year. They say that apart from the somber business of news delivery, these women also up the glam quotient. Hence more and more media houses are relying on these women to increase their viewership with their beauty. The news anchor Harishree Mehta biography will talk about how she got into the news business. Hopefully it will give some insight to her credentials. Harishree Mehta net worth has increases manifold since the time she has entered the industry as a news anchor. Harishree Mehta has been a success story so far. In fact she has been a revelation for the media house she works for. But it is common knowledge that news anchors have to invest 75% of their time into the job so a sneak peek into Harishree Mehta personal life will also tell us how she has managed that. She is considered to be one in the top 10 glamorous news anchors in India.

Harishree Mehta Family, Age, Wiki

The biography of news reporter Harishree Mehta will reveal the childhood milestones of the anchor. Harishree Mehta family background must have been really good as she is a very accomplished reader of the market trends. Harishree Mehta parents are very proud of their daughter for the accomplishments she has at such a young age. The journalist Harishree Mehta age is 33. Her weight is 55 Kilograms.

Harishree Mehta height is 5 feet 7 inches which is pretty good for an Indian female. Harishree Mehta date of birth is 1982. The news reader Harishree Mehta wiki mentions that she was very good with numbers and has superior analytical skills. Harishree Mehta education was completed and she became a chartered accountant. Harishree Mehta birthplace is India. Her ethnicity is Indian/Asian.

Harishree Mehta Career, Job, TV Shows

Harishree Mehta first job was as a chartered accountant. She is one of the most accomplished Indian female news anchors that have the audience hooked to her show. Harishree Mehta TV shows are ‘Closing Bell’, ‘Midcap Radar’ and ‘Classroom and Stocks and Money’ etc. these shows were for CNBC TV18 and before she switched over to Times Now. Harishree Mehta presently works for Times Now. She covers some of the prime time stock market shows there and is known for her great understanding of the stock markets.

Harishree Mehta contact details can be found on the official website of Times Now. Harishree Mehta email id is also mentioned there itself. Harishree Mehta salary was increased post the switch from CNBC TV18. She was the second female after Mini Menon to switch from CNBC TV18. She has now shifted to The Time News Broadcasting Company and is looking forward to newer opportunities that will give a boost to her career.

She is proving to be a tough competition for the other incumbents of the industry. She has shown a lot of potential at a very young age and her competitors do have a reason to be worried. Her day starts at 5 in the morning and she works till after midnight on most working days. It is generally said that women are very intuitive when it comes to finance and this girl has proved that saying right by sheer intuition and skills.

Harishree Mehta Beauty Secrets

Harishree Mehta hairstyle is in the form of brown colored curled step cut. Her tresses fall beautifully over her shoulder. Harishree Mehta beauty secrets are that she keeps herself hydrated at all times given her hectic lifestyle. The interesting facts about Harishree Mehta are that she is very bright and brainy when it comes to foresight about the stock market.

On several occasions of festive times, Harishree Mehta has appeared in a Saree on screen. The news anchor, Harishree Mehta looks absolutely stunning in a skirt as her figure gets accentuated. Harishree Mehta legs are rarely shown on the show but they can be seen in the pictures available. Harishree Mehta latest news is that industry specialists are expecting her to go a long way in the career front.

Harishree Mehta Love Life, Marriage

The journalist Harishree Mehta love affairs are a private thing. The news anchor Harishree Mehta likes to keep her dating details under wraps. Harishree Mehta relationships have so far not made it into the public scrutiny. Harishree Mehta love life has been kept covert so far. The news anchor Harishree Mehta is not married yet.

Harishree Mehta wedding is not on the cards right now as she has just started doing well in the career front and has great things planned in the future. Harishree Mehta husband name has not been decided yet but when she does the guy will b a lucky one to have such a beautiful wife. The husband of journalist Harishree Mehta will also have to work really hard to impress such a beauty with brains.

Harishree Mehta Latest Buzz

Harishree Mehta new TV show is still in the pipeline. She is working as a stock editor for Times Now at present. Harishree Mehta interviews mostly include talking to market honchos to give more information about the rise and fall of the stock prices. Till now Harishree Mehta has steered clear of all kinds of controversy. Harishree Mehta Twitter account has a huge fan following.

She has been also rated among the top 10 hottest Indian female TV journalists at present. Harishree Mehta and Mayanti Langer are in the profession of stock market anchors and the latter happens to be the no.1 on the list of hottest news anchors of India, and Harishree is on no. 5. Still she is not too far away from the top spot.