Shoma Chaudhury Hot Photos, Wedding Pics, Husband Images, Son, Catch News Journalists ScandalShoma Chaudhury, the charismatic former managing editor of Tehelka, has recently been in headlines, trying to refute allegations by fellow journalist Rana Ayyub about Tehelka succumbing to political pressure. Shoma had resigned from her post in Tehelka in 2013; following jests that her stand on burning social issue events likes sexual harassment did not match the softness she exhibited when her boss Tarun Tejpal was alleged with a similar crime. Her career success story as a journalist began much later. Before that she served on her first job at Doordarshan, in which she directed several weekly TV shows and was soon rated among the hot married female TV journalists in the country.

Shoma Chaudhury Family, Age, Wiki

Shoma Chaudhury or Suparna Chaudhury, with a Bengalee family background and parents settled out of Bengal, was born in Madhepura and had her elementary education from Kurseong St. Helen’s Convent, and then from La Martiniere School, Kolkata. Shoma Chaudhury age is 52 years currently and her date of birth is 11th June, 1964. One of the leading married female news anchors of India, Shoma completed her college and post graduation studies in Delhi.

Shoma has dark brown coloured hair wore in straightened hair style that matches the colour of her eyes. She is of average build and height, and is mostly seen draped in a Saree or wearing skirts that expose her beautifully shaped legs. Her beauty secrets lie in her simplicity and warm smiles.

Shoma Chaudhury Career in Journalism

Shoma Chaudhury, as journalist, started her career in The Pioneer, from where she moved on to “India Today”, and ultimately to “Outlook News Magazine”. Her career took a turn when she joined Tehelka as Director of Special Projects and Features Editor, earning a dream salary. She moved up till she became the Managing Director, a position from which Shoma resigned in 2013.

Shoma and The Tehelka Controversy

Shoma Chaudhury has always been looked upon as the protégé and natural successor of Tarun Tejpal, the founder Director of Tehelka weekly news magazine. While the main voice in Tehelka against social injustice, Shoma Choudhury, spoke in favour of Tejpal after he was charged with molesting and raping his fellow journalist, all hell broke loose with some very interesting facts.

The same Shoma, a foremost figure in the Indian media, had once been reported to have commented that the CBI chief should step down, after his smirk comment on a rape victim. Now when her email about Tejpal’s coming out clean from the sex assault controversy and resume office in six month’s time, got public, Shoma had to face quite a harsh time from her colleagues and other fellow journalists who alleged her to maintain double standards. In spite of her relationship with godfather Tarun Tejpal, Shoma had to quit her post.

Shoma Choudhury and Rana Ayyub Allegations

In a recent development, Rana Ayyub, the Tehelka journalist, who had covered the Gujarat riots in 2010 – 2011 in a sting operation, alleged that her report was not carried forth by the magazine due to political pressure. Shoma Chaudhury, by way of refuting that, commented that it was the quality of the operation carried out by Rana that was not found of suitable standards to be featured in the magazine, and that Tehelka succumbing under political pressure was a ludicrous proposition.

Shoma also asserted that the loopholes in Rana’s Gujarat files and the management’s inability to publish it in the magazine had been communicated time and again to the journalist. The Shoma Chaudhury and Rana Ayyub controversy has been a centre of many a juicy TV shows.

Shoma Chaudhury: Catch News Female Editor, Asked to Quit by Owner

Shoma had been working as the founder editor – in – Chief of Catch News, the multi-media digital platform owned by Rajasthan Patrika. In a breaking news recently, Catch News female editor Shoma had been asked to step down from her post, the latest news announces. She viewed this action as an arbitrary and whimsical step by the owners, and it came as a great shock to her.

She was completely unprepared, she said, when she was asked to resign on 29th February this year. She opined that the management decision to sack her came as a natural consequence of the site’s successful launching and attaining stability under her able leadership. Her allegations are yet to be commented upon by Rajasthan Patrika officials.

Shoma Chaudhury: A Colourful Life & Eventful Career

In her career as one of the top 10 glamorous news anchors in India, with a very high net worth Shoma has witnessed many up’s and down’s. The major one was being the target of the outcry in India following the news coverage of allegations against Tarun Tejpal and her attempts at covering him up. Shoma, in her resignation email to Tehelka management team, has tried to clarify her stand and actions after the news broke out.

In the Indian reporter Shoma Chaudhury biography, she stated that she had stood by the woman colleague, allegedly raped by her boss, and had done all that was best at that time for the lady’s family and the shattered family of Tehelka. Yet the country blamed her for not acting her characteristic feminist role, saying that it was targeted to undermine the grievous nature of Tarun’s crime. She resigned, she said, in her Twitter posts to take cognizance of the questions that had been risen about her integrity by fellow journalists and the public in general.

Shoma Chaudhury Marriage, Husband, Divorce, Kids

Talking about her personal life, it is known that Shoma Chaudhury married long time boyfriend Sanjay Raina. He remained as husband of Shoma Chaudhury till 1988. After a quiet divorce Shoma paired up for a tumultuous love life with Sujit Menon and had her second marriage in 1991. They have a son Shivy Menon, his date of birth being in November 1992. Shoma got a divorce in 1997.

Shoma Chaudhury now lives in Delhi with her two children. She has a daughter and a son. She has been able to keep her dating, love affairs or her love life more or less under wrap and does not carry her husband name on her, as revealed by Shoma Chaudhury wiki.

Shoma Chaudhury Awards, Nominations

Shoma has been a foremost literary critic of India. She has been a judge in the Vodafone Crossword Book Award in 2006. She has participated in many public debates on political affairs and other topics, and has earned a lot of fame and popular nominations in the Riz Khan Show on Aljazeera. The world of Indian media now waits for the upcoming projects in Shoma’s life, and also waits eagerly to find out how much more controversy her life can attract.