Zhu Zhu Chinese Actress HD Wallpapers, Songs, Tubelight Heroine Images, Wedding Pics, HusbandZhu Zhu, the Chinese video – jockey and singer turned actress, has recently come into limelight after she was cast opposite Salman Khan in the Bollywood blockbuster Tubelight. In 2014, Zhu Zhu starred in “Last Flight” as the female lead opposite Ed Westwick. The film also co-starred Cary Alexander and Leon Lee. In the same year, this Chinese female actress started appearing as Kokachin in the TV series Marco Polo. Both Zhu Zhu and Lorenzo Richelmy have earned fame for the TV series. Zhu Zhu in Marco Polo features as the “Blue Princess” who gets to be the love interest of Marco Polo. It was in the year 2016 that Zhu Zhu signed in the Bollywood movie “Tubelight”, cast opposite Salman Khan. This is the first of the Bollywood movies that she expects to venture into. This break came when she is at an age of 32 years. The film is most likely to be released in the next year.

Zhu Zhu Age, Family Background, Wiki

The 32 year old actress was born in Beijing China. Her date of birth is July 19, 1984. She first came to grab attention as a video jockey for MTV China. She can boast of a military family background, her grandfather Zhu Xuzhi being a major general in the People’s Liberation Army. Her father Zhu Hanbin runs a business in Beijing. Zhu Zhu’s parents have their original familial residence at Linhai, Zhejiang.

With an impressive height of 5 feet and 4 inches (1.66 m), Zhu easily rates among the top 10 Chinese actresses in Bollywood. Zhu declares that she keeps a strict beauty regime like most beautiful Chinese actresses and shares her beauty secrets in a television talk show, declaring that she uses some special cleansing oils for her skin as the skin is rather dry. Her eyes being naturally attractive, Zhu is comfortable with a little taupe eye shadow.

The actress is known for her typical hairstyle with long hair, spa-ed and undyed. She confesses that as a teenager, she had dyed her hair with five hair colours at the same time. The shades were all variations of red and gave her a rather awesome look. Zhu likes her hair to be trimmed in the set only, based on the need of the particular scene or movie.

Zhu Zhu Education, Debut Film

Zhu Zhu, a talented pianist and actress from a very young age, has however, pursued higher education from the Beijing College and done her graduation in Electronics and information Engineering. However, she opted for a career as a video jockey and she joined MTV China in 2005. Zhu Zhu as a video jockey has hosted quite a number of music shows on the national MTV network.

Zhu’s first major breakthrough was when she came third in a national singing contest. Her first album hit the stands in 2009 and she was under contract with MBOX at that time. She came up with some hit album songs and music videos before signing for her debut film, “What Women Want” starring opposite Andy Lau and Gong Li. This movie by the VJ turned actress is a Chinese romantic comedy.

Chinese Actress Zhu Zhu Movies

Zhu’s next venture was “The Man with the Iron Fists”, where she was starred alongside Russel Crowe, Cung Le, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung. The American blockbuster of 2012 on martial arts has been a big grosser. In the same year, Zhu starred in five films including “Shanghai Calling”, “Cloud Atlas” and “The Secret Sharer”. Her first movie as a leading actress was in a series production called Great Mr. Zhou, in which her performance earned critical commendation and made her way into big productions.

Zhu Zhu Love Life, Relationships

Zhu Zhu and Lapo Elkann shared a romantic relationship from May 2012. The dating went on for a year, but they split in 2013. Lapo Elkann happens to be the grandson of the illustrious Gianni Agnelli, the CEO of Fiat Automobiles, and is himself a successful entrepreneur. Of late the “Tubelight” film actress name has come up much in discussion in the social media.

The lead actress of the “Tubelight” movie has not had a long and dazzling love life or serious romantic relationships as she is still busy making a great career in Bollywood movies and otherwise. Zhu Zhu and Salman Khan will share the Screen for the first time. The film is all set to rock the industry next year with some great songs and a sensational story line. The expectations are sky-rocketing after the tremendous success of the latest Hindi movies by the same director, Kabir Khan.

Zhu Zhu in Tubelight Movie

Zhu Zhu is also taking regular lessons in Hindi from a Mumbai – based instructor. “Tubelight” is set in the background of Sino Indian War of 1962, making Zhu Zhu the right choice for the role in the movie. It is a touching love – story between an Indian male and a Chinese female in the backdrop of the war. The songs from the movie will be composed by Pritam Chakraborty and are most likely to make to the top of the latest songs in Bollywood very shortly.

Although the production unit of “Tubelight” is not very vocal about the movie or the cast, the latest news of the upcoming movie is all over the Net, thanks to some twitter and Instagram posts by the “Tubelight” movie heroine herself. The young actress, in order to avoid any controversy, has deleted the posts, and has categorically declined to make any comments on her love affairs and other personal details. With the movie all set to make it to the movie halls by Eid next year, many interesting facts about the life and husband of Zhu Zhu are likely to come to light very soon.

As to whether the Indian audience get to watch some romantic embraces and kissing scenes between the Chinese diva and our very own Khan, the eager Indians have to wait for some more time before such details are revealed by the production team.

Zhu Zhu Upcoming Projects, Marriage Plans

At the same time as shooting for the movie, Zhu Zhu is planning for some live concerts and has also great plans for her next movie, other upcoming movies, music videos, music albums and other contracts. If Zhu Zhu manages to keep up the way her career path is going, she will soon turn out to be a favourite with not only Chinese audience, but also the Indian movie-goers.

Tubelight actress Zhu Zhu biography in the social media reveals her aspirations about her film career and she declares her unwillingness to be married and to settle down in the coming days. On her birthday this year, Zhu had a big birthday bash thrown in, which made news as she is one of the most promising Chinese actresses in the recent days.