Ashish Hemrajani Wife Images, Family, Wedding, BookMyShow CEO Pics, Email AddressIn an age when no one took youngsters seriously, a few good men have emerged that have struggled with their start-ups but never perished. The BookMyShow founder Ashish Hemrajani biography is a story like that. Ashish Hemrajani success story is a story worth reading about because he has gone from days of no dinner to days like now when he has money beyond imagination. We will take a look at Ashish Hemrajani personal life in this article to understand the inspiration behind his startup. The BookMyShow founder name is a well-known and trusted name in the industry now. Ashish Hemrajani Twitter handle has a lot of followers although he seldom tweets. He does not see the point in telling everyone where he is having his coffee or what he is thinking every hour of every day. We will also throw some light on Ashish Hemrajani startups after we steal a sneak peek into Ashish Hemrajani life history. Ashish Hemrajani net worth has surpassed the 1000 Crores valuation club.

Ashish Hemrajani Family, Age, Wiki

The biography of Ashish Hemrajani will tell you how his upbringing made him resilient enough to survive the storms that would come his way in the future. Ashish Hemrajani family background is from a well-to-do family in Mumbai. Ashish Hemrajani parents are very proud of him for all his hard work and accomplishments. Ashish Hemrajani age is 41. Ashish Hemrajani date of birth is 1975. Ashish Hemrajani wiki also mentions that he has a house in Juhu.

Ashish Hemrajani education happened from Maneckji Cooper Education Trust. Ashish Hemrajani nationality is Indian. Ashish Hemrajani contact details can be found in the Glassdoor page. Ashish Hemrajani email id can be found in the LinkedIn page. He also took piano lessons when he was young while his sister took guitar lessons. His favorite movie is ‘The Kings Speech’. He likes to have all kinds of food. His favorite holiday destination is Turkey and New Zealand. And ‘A Fortune Teller once told Me’ is his favorite book. He dreams of making his customers 100% happy one day.

Ashish Hemrajani Early Career, Job

The Indian male entrepreneurs are doing great in terms of running business and contributing to the economy of the company. He is a part of the dollar value CEOs. The founder of BookMyShow started his first company at the age of 24. Ashish Hemrajani first startup idea came to him when he was backpacking in South Africa.

The year was 1999 and a radio program was promoting rugby tickets and that’s how the idea stuck on in his head and afte coming back he quit his cushy job and got to working on his idea. The name of the company ‘BigTree’ comes from the place where he was staying. Ashish Hemrajani first job was working at J Walter Thomson Associates where he had been working for two years. He never looked back at his career in advertising.

Ashish Hemrajani Success Story

Later, Ashish Hemrajani quit the job and also persuaded Parikshit Dar to quit his job and join him in the venture he was planning. Ashish Hemrajani followed the same drill with Rajesh Balpande, and thus they became his partners. The CEO of BookMyShow Company had since then never looked back. He had seen the highs and lows of business, survived the dot com bust and nurtured his venture against all calamities to be one of the most successful male entrepreneurs of India. Ashish Hemrajani interviews just reiterate this story of his huge success.

Ashish Hemrajani upcoming projects are regarding the same venture. They are looking to expand in terms of infrastructure. The BookMyShow Company CEO has really proved his mettle so far by sticking on even during bad times. Ashish Hemrajani investments come from different quarters. There have been no talks about the Hemrajani next startup as he wants to expand the existing company. Ashish Hemrajani failures are big lessons in themselves. Unlike Phanindra Sama, he was not an opportunist.

Ashish Hemrajani Love Life, Marriage

Ashish Hemrajani love life has little to do with his success. Ashish Hemrajani has always refrained from talking about his marriage. The man is a sucker for privacy. He does not even have a Facebook account because he believes that people are forced to be fake there. Ashish Hemrajani wife name is never mentioned in his interviews. Ashish Hemrajani entrepreneur keeps his personal life very low profile. The wife of BookMyShow founder Ashish Hemrajani must be very lucky to have such a talented and protective husband. Ashish Hemrajani preserves all his relationships and the mantra is zero-ego.

Ashish Hemrajani Future Plans, New Startups

Ashish Hemrajani latest news is that he has recently acquired ‘green ticket company’. Ashish Hemrajani new startup is not in the pipeline anytime soon as he is quite content and busy with the one he has. So far Ashish Hemrajani has steered clear of all controversy by keeping very private. The BookMyShow mobile app was launched seeing the shift from the computer to the phone.

He is one of the most ambitions, unconventional and successful male entrepreneurs in India. The BookMyShow website founder has established a great work culture in his offices. Everyone shares responsibility big and small. Ashish Hemrajani has enough funding as of now and plans to go for IPO soon. Ashish Hemrajani partners are also quite happy with the kind of developments they have been doing.

Ashish Hemrajani has not issued any shares as of now but he has some plans to so in the near future. He is one of the top website founders in the country. He is one of the incumbents in the industry now but at a time they had 27 competitors who finally washed out due to two recessions in the course of time.