Phanindra Sama Wife Pics, Redbus Founder Images, Wedding, Contact, Email, KidsThe business scenario in India is booming. Entrepreneurship is opening up and more enterprising lads are stepping into this every day to make it big with a small but potent idea. Often times these ideas spark up when someone somewhere feels the prick of a demand supply disconnect. The Redbus founder Phanindra Sama biography is about that. We are going to dig deep into the reason behind Phanindra Sama success story, why did he decide to walk down the path of entrepreneurship which is often tagged to be risky? Phanindra Sama net worth is $12 million approximately at present. Phanindra Sama photos show a very scrawny fellow with a very naïve smile. At first sight you wouldn’t fathom that he could be a CEO of a company, but he is! The Redbus founder name has appeared in many magazines and websites since the time he started

Phanindra Sama Family, Wiki, Story

The biography of Redbus co-founder Phanindra Sama basically includes Phanindra Sama family background which is very humble. He comes from a middle class family. Phanindra Sama has started his own company at a very early age, which others can only dream of. Phanindra Sama’s parents are really proud of him now that he has tasted success but when he was chucking his lucrative job at Texas Electronics Company, they were not very keen about the path he was planning to tread on.

With his new venture Phanindra Sama has reached new height of success. More than Phanindra Sama date of birth, the date on which he turned entrepreneur is famous. Phanindra Sama wiki says that the education of Phanindra Sama happened from BITS, Pilani where he was pursuing electronics engineering. Phanindra Sama nationality is Indian and Phanindra Sama first job was in the field of electronics with a Texan MNC of Bangalore which he later quit in 2005 to work on Phanindra Sama first startup.

Phanindra Sama personal life has so far been never discussed but in the next section we will try to give all the details. He is slowly gaining popularity which is evident from the number of followers Phanindra Sama Twitter handle has. There are three founders of Redbus, apart from him. The other two founders’ names are Sudhakar and Charan, who are also educated from BITS, Pilani like him. Phanindra Sama email id as well Phanindra Sama contact details can be found in the official website. The Redbus founder wiki of its founder is in the next section.

Phanindra Sama Career, Net Worth, Funding

The Redbus acquisition price was $101 million and the Redbus acquisition deal has worked well for the newly formed company. There was a lot of news that Redbus was acquired by Ibibo is true. Post the acquisition, Phanindra Sama has stepped down. The Redbus acquired by Naspers is true news and the deal happened for $101 million by the South African media company. Naspers achieved the deal through their Indian company Ibibo. The Redbus acquisition details are quite clear. It happened in June 2013, after which he quit and a different executive was appointed in his place.

Phanindra Sama and Charan Padmaraju were college mates both working in Bangalore. Same was the case with Phanindra Sama and Sudhakar Pasupunuri when all three of them decided to create Phanindra Sama Redbus CEO profile has had a lot of value addition since the time his journey began as an entrepreneur. The Redbus founder images show a very ordinary man with nothing special about him, but he faced a problem and created a company to connect the gap.

The CEO of Redbus created the company because the bus transports industry was highly fragmented and because of that he couldn’t go home in one of the festivals. Sensing this he decided to do something about it. After the company was sold all Phanindra Sama investments were paid up and the fact that the Redbus funding was done in two stages also gave faith to the buyer that the company had potential.

Phanindra Sama website as well as Phanindra Sama Redbus mobile app is in red color still after the acquisition. Phanindra Sama has now decided to fund new startups, by joining the Global SuperAngels Forum. Right now Phanindra Sama stake in Redbus is sold out and he is starting a new chapter in his life. Unlike the CEO of Oxigen Wallet, Pramod Saxena, Phanindra has decided to come out of the business very soon.

Phanindra Sama Love Life, Marriage, Wife

Phanindra Sama admits that having a love life while trying your hand at building a business is very difficult. Phanindra Sama did not find time for dating when he was busy all the time aggregating bus services himself. Phanindra Sama relationships mainly remained confined to his stakeholders and he had no girlfriend. Phanindra Sama personal details mention that Phanindra Sama married in the arranged marriage set up.

Phanindra Sama wedding date was decided by his parents and Phanindra Sama wife name has not been divulged to the public. The wife of Redbus founder Phanindra Sama is a very private person and rarely attends events with her husband. She stays at home taking care of the children. Phanindra Sama clearly told that he sold his company for many reasons and one of them was to find more time for his daughter and Redbus CEO Phanindra Sama wife.

Phanindra Sama Latest Buzz

The Redbus CEO name continues to make headlines and Phanindra Sama latest news now mostly concerns with his involvement with GSF where he is working on many upcoming projects. There is no news yet about Phanindra Sama next startup and it seems that the Redbus founder days of giving interviews are over but you never know just when a Phanindra Sama controversy may arise.