Shriya Pilgaonkar Hot Pics, Fan Movie Actress Images, Boyfriend, Family, WeddingRegional cinemas have become a booming industry, of late. Regional movies have especially gained momentum in the south, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Orissa. Today we will be discussing about the “Fan” movie actress Shriya Pilgaonkar biography and delve into details about Shriya Pilgaonkar films and the road she took to get success. Shriya Pilgaonkar hot pics show a smart woman with contemporary looks. The “Fan” movie actress name has been declared and hence people have wanted to know about her. All the details of Shriya Pilgaonkar personal life will be revealed in the next section. It is also known that there will be quite a few Shriya Pilgaonkar dance in Shah Rukh Khan starrer which is yet to be released. The news about Shriya Pilgaonkar’s debut in “Fan” movie has spread like wildfire because we all know what happened to Anushka Sharma’s career after she did her debut in “Rab Ne Bana De Jodi”.

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar Age, family, Wiki

The biography of actress Shriya Pilgaonkar mostly mentions Shriya Pilgaonkar family background. Her family comes from a film and entertainment background. Both her parents are actors, directors and producers so it can be said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Shriya Pilgaonkar’s real parents are Sachin Pilgaonkar who is Shriya Pilgaonkar father and a renowned Marathi actor and director, and Supriya Pilgaonkar which is Shriya Pilgaonkar’s mother name who is also an actress and has entertained the Indian public by working in many Hindi and Marathi movies, plays, comedy shows and reality TV shows.

Shriya Pilgaonkar date of birth being 25th April, 1989 the actress Shriya Pilgaonkar age turns out to be 26. Shriya Pilgaonkar height is 5 feet 3 inches which is not very tall for an actress. The actress Shriya Pilgaonkar wiki also shows the hot Shriya Pilgaonkar images posing in different premieres of her films in Marathi. Shriya Pilgaonkar education happened from Film and Television Institute of India of Pune.

The daughter of Sachin Pilgaonkar is said to be excellent in studies ad sports and has also learnt Japanese. Shriya Pilgaonkar debut film is “Ekulti Ek” in 2013. This will be Shriya Pilgaonkar first movie in Bollywood. Shriya Pilgaonkar and Kharishma Makhni relation are that of sisters.

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar Movies, TV Commercials

Shriya Pilgaonkar and Shah Rukh Khan movie is called “Fan” where SRK plays the role of his own “Fan”. The Pilgaonkar new movie will be her breakthrough to Bollywood and it is yet to see if she becomes Deepika’s competitor in coming years or not. In Shriya Pilgaonkar upcoming movie “Fan”, it has been said that there is no leading lady but women have small and important characters and roles in it nonetheless.

Shriya Pilgaonkar next film is not yet announced and it is safe to say that she will cast only after her performance in this film is judged. Shriya Pilgaonkar is not adopted, but she has a sister who was adopted by her parents. Many have wondered is Sachin Pilgaonkar daughter adopted, the answer is yes, one of their daughters named Kharishma is adopted. Her biological father is Kuldeep Makhni. This was the only actress Shriya Pilgaonkar controversy, as many thought that she was adopted.

After the announcement of the “Fan” movie cast, Shriya Pilgaonkar twitter has gathered more followers overnight. Shriya Pilgaonkar ads include her presence in the “Tata Sky” TV commercial. Shriya Pilgaonkar songs are many as she has acted in 4 Marathi movies till now. Shriya Pilgaonkar awards nominations have been many which has added credibility to Shriya Pilgaonkar’s actress profile. The Marathi film actress Shriya Pilgaonkar bio data is full of her film achievements. She has also had experience in directing a short film.

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar Love Life, Marriage

The actress Shriya Pilgaonkar love life will get a kick start now that she is so famous. Shriya Pilgaonkar must be dating someone as she is 27! Shriya Pilgaonkar boyfriend has not been spotted yet. There are 4 Shriya Pilgaonkar Marathi films, out of which Shriya Pilgaonkar is seen in in “Ekulti Ek”, which is her dad’s home production. The heroine of “Fan” movie is slowly gaining momentum in her career. The “Fan” movie actress wiki also mentions that she did a Harvard’s summer course in acting.

Shriya Pilgaonkar personal details are mentioned in the above section. The actress Shriya Pilgaonkar marriage is not something to think about now as she is just getting started with her career. Shriya Pilgaonkar wedding date has not been decided yet nor has been Shriya Pilgaonkar’s husband name. Shriya Pilgaonkar relationships have been kept silent till now. Shriya Pilgaonkar love affairs are private information which has been guarded as she is a very low profile actress. The husband of actress Shriya Pilgaonkar will be very lucky to have her as his wife.

Actress Shriya Pilgaonkar Latest Buzz

Shriya Pilgaonkar latest news is all about the “Fan” movie role that she has bagged. Shriya Pilgaonkar hairstyle is a feather cut with layers and Shriya Pilgaonkar beauty secrets is yoga. The interesting facts about Shriya Pilgaonkar is that she has directed a short film, has done theatre acting and also done 2 plays.

The actress of “Fan” movie is sharing screen space with one more woman. Shriya Pilgaonkar and Waluscha De Sousa are the two ladies who will be seen in the “Fan” movie. Supriya Pilgaonkar daughter has landed the role of a lifetime and she has been sharing her happiness through photographs in Shriya Pilgaonkar Instagram handle.