Suchi Mukherjee Husband Photos, Limeroad Website CEO Images, Wedding, ChildrenFemales have started donning the entrepreneurial role rather swiftly and with ease in India. Today we will be unfolding a story of such a fashionista who made the digital platform her playground. The Limeroad founder Suchi Mukherjee biography consists of her story, struggles, dreams and goals. Her success story has become quite big now and a lot of people have started scrap booking in the web platform which is owned by founder of Limeroad website. Suchi Mukherjee has also been featured in the YourStory platform which clearly shows her success and huge net worth. Neha Dhupia is already a part of the site and for the long term she can introduce more fashionable actresses on her site like Alia Bhatt.

Limeroad CEO Suchi Mukherjee Age, Family, Wiki

Suchi Mukherjee hails from Haryana from a middle class family background. Suchi Mukherjee parents are very proud of her for creating a brand new concept with Limeroad which encourages lay people to experiment with looks and fashion statements.

Currently, Suchi Mukherjee age is 43 as her date of birth is 06 July, 1973. Suchi Mukherjee height is average for a business woman. She was a brilliant student in her school as well as in her college times. Her personal life must have been difficult to juggle with work as she had started her career at a very young age. She also worked for brands like eBay, Skype and Gumtree.

Limeroad Founder Suchi Mukherjee Story

Suchi Mukherjee career started with eBay which was Suchi Mukherjee first job. Before Suchi Mukherjee first website could be launched, she had worked for GumTree and Skype. Suchi Mukherjee first project was for the first job she had at eBay. The Limeroad website owner bio data mentions that she is a willful lady who is looking to transform the fashion industry on the digital platform by making products from the South East Asia more visual.

Suchi Mukherjee new plans are to keep creating great products while keeping the churn rate at an all time low. Suchi Mukherjee personal details will be discussed in the next section as this was all there is to discuss about Suchi Mukherjee next project. Suchi Mukherjee, CEO of Limeroad website is very user-friendly and can easily draw anyone’s attention. The whole site looks like a fashion flipbook and is the first of its kind.

The Limeroad founder images are usually the ones that are taken during Suchi Mukherjee interviews, where she mostly tells the story how she got the idea of creating his website post the birth of her second child one day when she was flipping through a fashion magazine and a piece of jewelry had caught her eye. She had wanted to ouch it immediately but alas! This is how Suchi Mukherjee love affairs eventually culminated into a business idea.

Suchi Mukherjee Marriage, Husband, Kids

Suchi Mukherjee dating history is not that important as compared to Suchi Mukherjee relationships. It is said that Suchi Mukherjee wedding plans served her well. After Suchi Mukherjee dating period ended, she got married and had two beautiful children. She had a well paying job, a loving husband and two children, what more could she want? Let’s find out!

Suchi Mukherjee wedding date was an auspicious moment for her as that is when Suchi Mukherjee got married. Often times Suchi Mukherjee husband name crops up in interviews when journalists want to know if he helped her shape the idea but Suchi Mukherjee latest news confirm that it was all her hard work and vision that paid off.

She has worked with immense poise, focus and grace so as no Suchi Mukherjee controversy would arise and the husband of Limeroad CEO Suchi Mukherjee must be really supportive and proud of her. The Limeroad founder husband has got a great woman as is wife indeed! This is all about Suchi Mukherjee love life; we are sure that Suchi Mukherjee boyfriend must be ruing the day he got dumped!

Limeroad CEO Suchi Mukherjee Latest Buzz

Out of all the Indian startups, a few of them are owned by female Indian entrepreneurs, among them Suchi Mukherjee profile crops up time and again for her amazing work with Limeroad in collaboration with Neha Dhupia who is the art director of the company. Suchi Mukherjee hot pics have her wearing really fashionable clothes reflecting the quality of products she sells on her web platform. As of now the Limeroad website review is quite good and the Limeroad website funding has been successful so far.