Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra Images, Age, Wedding Photos, WifePriyanka Vohra is the wife of actor and VJ, Rannvijay Singh. The famous MTV roadies host wife is a London based woman and Rannvijay Singh romance with Priyanka Vohra has been in news for quite a while now. The two married in the year 2014. This biography will cover Rannvijay Singh girlfriend Priyanka Vohra bio data, which now is his wife and many other aspects of their relationship. Although little is known about Priyanka Vohra personal life as she is not much of a celebrity as of now, Priyanka Vohra love life with Rannvijay Singh is pretty famous. As much fame she has received being the wife of Rannvijay Singh, she gained higher applauds for her beauty and simplicity. To see how lovable she is, find out the latest Priyanka Vohra images and also look for Rannvijay Singh wife pics with him.

Priyanka Vohra Wiki, Age, Family

Although Rannvijay Singh wife Priyanka Vohra biography has nothing much to talk about her professional career, but there’s a lot more about her that we must discuss. His dear friend Rannvijay Singh wife name is Priyanka Vohra, and Priyanka Vohra birthplace is India only. However, Priyanka Vohra education and her adolescent years were completed in London, UK.

Although Priyanka Vohra family background is less heard of, Priyanka Vohra husband Rannvijay Singh family is well seen on the TV. However, Priyanka Vohra brothers were quite seen during her wedding. As a matter of fact, Rannvijay Singh wife wiki does not exist as of now, given the fact that she is not too famous in the industry. Due to her introvert nature, there is no source to gather the information about Priyanka Vohra date of birth and so, Rannvijay Singh wife age cannot be exactly estimated.

Priyanka Vohra nationality is Indian and in anytime soon when we’ll be able to look at Priyanka Vohra wiki, this shall be confirmed. Along with this, Priyanka Vohra height and details about Priyanka Vohra parents will also be known in a short while if and when she decides to be a part of film fraternity.

Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra Love Story

The couple was always known for their friendship before they tied the knot, and today Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra love story is known to all fans and media. As famous as is Priyanka Vohra husband name, equally famous was Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra affair prior to their wedding.

While the profession of Priyanka Vohra spouse is that of a VJ, actor, and presenter, no clue about Rannvijay Singh wife profession could be traced. While Priyanka Vohra biography mostly talks about Rannvijay Singh, Priyanka Vohra husband wiki talks about his own professional career and life.

Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra Wedding

The couple got married in the mid 2014 and Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra wedding date is 10th April, 2014. While many fan girls got their hearts broken, the couple posted Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra wedding photos on Facebook and Twitter a few days later. With his London based sweet heart, Priyanka Vohra marriage with Rannvijay Singh was seen as a big occasion for his fans and so, his marriage video was later webcasted on the internet. The couple looks beautiful together and Priyanka Vohra Rannvijay Singh age difference hardly seems to be any. However, due to lack of Priyanka Vohra personal details, the exact age gap between the two cannot be told.

During the period of Priyanka Vohra and Rannvijay Singh honeymoon, the couple posted several pictures on the social networking websites and received millions of likes. Having seen their pictures together, it could be easily concluded that Priyanka Vohra lifestyle is a sophisticated one. So, we wonder that Rannvijay Singh wife is a lady with class and dignity. Another celebrity spouse with same nature is Drashti Dhami’s husband, Neeraj Khemka.

Priyanka Vohra Bollywood Debut

The news of Rannvijay Singh married to Priyanka Vohra was a big one in the industry, since the actor had kept the relationship a secret. However, later when Priyanka Vohra with her husband was spotted on various events, the two had confirmed their love. We all know that husband of Priyanka Vohra is a famous personality in the B-wood, as an actor as well as the host of Roadies, it would be interesting to see Priyanka Vohra Bollywood debut, if that ever happens. And if that happens, we would be eager to watch some Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra movies together in the future, and watching that how Priyanka Vohra films perform at the box office would be interesting.

Currently, there are talks about Rannvijay Singh and Sapna Pabbi acting together in a film, but the sources of this are unreliable. Given the fact that Rannvijay is now a known name, Priyanka Vohra husband pictures wouldn’t be hard to find on the web. However, Priyanka Vohra Twitter profile should give a glimpse of her too.

Priyanka Vohra Latest News

As of now, the plans of their future are quite personal. However, there were talks about Rannvijay Singh wife pregnant which are still unconfirmed. It turns out that media is very eager to see Priyanka Vohra pregnant and so discussions about Priyanka Vohra children were in the news much before they should have been. The same way, the bad side of media came up with some Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra divorce rumours which are surely fake as of now.