Divya Khosla Kumar Yaariyan Director, Wiki, Height, Wedding, Salman Khan SongDivya Khosla Kumar is an Indian producer, director and actress who live in Mumbai. Divya Khosla Kumar was initially a model, but soon after marriage, she changed her career path to make it more enriching, and took to producing, choreographing and directing music videos and finally then directed Divya Khosla Kumar’s first movie “Yaariyan” in 2014. The biography of Indian producer Divya Khosla Kumar has been looked at by many, but there are so many sides to this versatile person that any brief mention of her is not enough. Although Divya Khosla Kumar is such a big star in the Hindi film industry, Divya Khosla Kumar’s personal life is not on much display.

Divya Khosla Kumar Age, Personal Details

Divya Khosla Kumar hails from a simple family in Delhi. Divya Khosla Kumar’s family background is that she and her parents lived in New Delhi where she completed her B. Com Honours. After Divya Khosla Kumar’s education completion, she came to Mumbai to do modelling. On getting her mother’s blessing she started doing print modelling and later she completed a course in Editing and Cinematography.

As she started very young when she moved to Mumbai at age 20, Divya Khosla Kumar’s age now is just 33. Divya Khosla Kumar’s date of birth is November 27, 1981. Divya Khosla Kumar’s height is 5 feet 7 inches and thus this young and tall, beautiful lady started her rewarding modelling career.

Divya Khosla Kumar Wiki

She appeared Divya Khosla Kumar in Falguni Pathak album and many other music videos in the initial stages of her modelling career. There also appeared Divya Khosla Kumar song with Salman Khan in the music video. Thus she had several experiences Divya Khosla Kumar as actress in the music industry. Divya Khosla Kumar appeared in South Indian film Love Today before she got her big break in the Bollywood industry. If you would like to know Divya Khosla Kumar acted in which movie, the name of the movie is “Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo”, directed by Anil Sharma in 2004. And thus began actress Divya Khosla Kumar’s biography in a new avatar.

In “Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo”, Divya Khosla Kumar with Akshay Kumar appeared with a star-studded cast of Amitabh Bachchan and Bobby Deol. These were Divya Khosla Kumar’s movies before her life took another turn in February 2005.

Director Divya Khosla Kumar Movies

Director Divya Khosla Kumar’s biography begins with her direction of many music videos including ones for Pankaj Udhas, Mithun, Adnan Sami, Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson and some other ad films. These included Divya Khosla Kumar album of Agam Kumar Nigam’s directed by Divya Khosla Kumar “Phir Bewafaai”.

In 2014, she directed her first movie, which received critical acclaim and Divya Khosla Kumar awards which include Divya Khosla Kumar Rajiv Gandhi Award for Excellence for her movie Yaariyan. She also choreographed 5 songs in Divya Khosla debut directed movie “Yaariyan” in 2014, including “Baarish”, “Maa”, “Love Me Thoda Aur”, “Allah Wariya” and “Zor Lagake”. If one looks at Producer Divya Khosla Kumar’s biodata, one will find out that she has also produced some music videos and movies in her career. One of her productions is a Ranbir Kapoor starrer film.

Divya Khosla Kumar Awards, Next Movies

Thus, Divya Khosla Kumar’s net worth, including her music business tycoon husband’s worth is a lot in the Bollywood industry. This is not all, there are more Divya Khosla Kumar new films coming out. This increased even more with Divya Khosla Kumar on Comedy Nights with Kapil TV show appearance in January 2014 and Divya Khosla on Nach Baliye 6 dance show in its Grand Finale, with her team of movie Yaariyan. In 2014, Divya Khosla Kumar in Mirchi Music Awards show also saw her graceful appearance.

Divya Khosla Kumar’s upcoming movie has already created a lot of buzz in the industry. Divya Khosla Kumar’s next movie stars Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Arjun Rampal. Divya Khosla Kumar’s new movie name is Roy and it is slated for a February 2015 release.

Divya Khosla Kumar Bhushan Kumar Love Story

Divya Khosla Kumar Husband Name, Husband Pics, Pregnant, BabyAfter the release of her first movie, Divya Khosla Kumar’s love life started when she met Bhushan Kumar at a party at Anil Sharma’s residence. Although not much is known about previous Divya Khosla Kumar’s love affairs, her romance with Bhushan Kumar is the most well-known romantic story of her life. Bhushan Kumar is the Chairman and Managing Director of very famous and one of India’s top music companies, T-Series.

When Bhushan Kumar met Divya Khosla Kumar at Anil Sharma’s party, he was providing the music for the movie “Ab Tumhare Hawala Watan Sathiyo”. This is how the Divya Khosla Kumar Bhushan Kumar love story started when he started messaging her even after the party and they both started having long chats, and eventually started dating. So if now anyone is wondering if gorgeous is Divya Khosla Kumar married, the answer is, yes.

Divya Khosla Kumar’s husband’s name is Bhushan Kumar. The Divya Khosla Kumar wedding date was February 13, 2005, and according to the Divya Khosla Kumar wedding photos, she looked absolutely phenomenal in her wedding attire. Divya Khosla Kumar husband Bhushan Kumar got married in a big ceremony in Dubai, attended by the stars of the Bollywood industry. Clearly this was a match made in heaven as Divya Khosla Kumar Bhushan Kumar age difference is also not much as Bhushan Kumar was born in 1977 and soon Bhushan Kumar was seen supporting Divya Khosla Kumar’s career as husband of Divya Khosla Kumar.

Divya Khosla Kumar Pregnant, Children

The year 2011 saw Divya Khosla Kumar pregnant and soon Divya Khosla Kumar’s baby was born. They had a little boy and Divya Khosla Kumar’s son’s name is Ruhaan. Divya Khosla Kumar loves her son very much and she says she can’t sleep without him. Since there was such a long gap between the wedding and the baby, there was a lot of Divya Khosla Kumar controversy. But soon after the birth of Ruhaan, all Divya Khosla Kumar Bhushan Kumar divorce rumors have been put to rest. Divya Khosla Kumar with her husband is very happy in her family. We will now see Divya Khosla’s director Profile to see what kept her busy all these years.

Divya Khosla Kumar Latest News

According to Divya Khosla Kumar wiki, there are no Divya Khosla Kumar brothers, but she has a sister-in-law whose name is Tulsi Kumar, who is a playback singer. Divya Khosla Kumar director personal details are kept hidden generally, but people always find reason to gossip. That is why there is no Divya Khosla Kumar blog or Divya Khosla Kumar Twitter profile feed.

However, according to top media channels which always manage to follow her around trying to get Divya Khosla Kumar latest news, all is well in paradise. There are no crises in her family and all the rumours of a Divya Khosla Kumar divorce can be put to rest. She is a happy and successful career woman, and a family woman with a lovely and supporting husband and child.