Gauhar Khan Boyfriend Sahil Peerzada BiographyThe sensational model with a ravishing beauty and alluring persona Gauhar Khan has enthralled millions with the crowning of victory in Bigg Boss 7. She has given some placid movies but her victory in Bigg Boss marked an inception of prodigious recognition. Gauhar khan ex-boyfriend name Sahil Peerzada had been the talk of B-town for quite some time. No wonder the success of Gauhar Khan showered light on her personal interests and affairs owing to which the opulent model Sahil Peerzada garnered media attention. Gauhar khan boyfriend Sahil Peerzada biography unveils the roots of this wealthy businessman hailing from an illustrious and rich family. Model Sahil Peerzada wiki is pretty fascinating with his spicy love affair with the sensational model Gauhar Khan. It talks about his early life and career and gives you brief information of his professional and personal niches.

Sahil Peerzada Age & Family Background

Sahil Peerzada belongs to a rich background. His father is a businessman and his mother is a housewife. Sahil Peerzada real name is Sajid Peerzada and he basically belongs to the Sopore area of Baramulla district. Sahil Peerzada age is 33 years and he was a very shy nature kid in his childhood times. He has done his schooling from Oberoi International School in Dubai. After schooling, he takes too much interest in his father’s business so that he completed his graduation in Bachelor of Business Administration. After graduation, he completed his MBA from Scottish College in Dubai.

Sahil Peerzada date of birth is 18th May, 1981 and he usually celebrated his birthday with his family members. Sometimes, he also celebrated his birthday with his close friend Siddharth Mallya. Sahil Peerzada is the youngest son in his family and he has three elder brothers. Sahil Peerzada brother names are Lateef Peerzada, Feroze Peerzada and Majid Peerzada. Sahil Peerzada height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

Sahil Peerzada First Marriage, Wife Name, Divorce

Sahil Peerzada started his career in the field of modelling. After completing his post graduation, he went to Mumbai to start his career as a model. But he failed to make his career in modelling. Sahil Peerzada got married at a very early age. Sahil Peerzada first wife name is Shama Dadlani. His wife was truly in love with him and totally mad for him. She also converted her religion for him. But Sahil Peerzada first marriage was not successful for long years. Both the married couples got divorced each other. Sahil Peerzada divorce reason is his wayward nature. Now, Sahil Peerzada wife Shama Dadlani lived separately. Know more about Gauhar Khan boyfriend Sahil love affairs and marriages in the next paragraphs.

Sahil Peerzada Gauhar Khan Love Story

Sahil Peerzada is a successful businessman these days. After got divorced from his first wife Shama Dadlani, Sahil Peerzada and Gauhar Khan love story started. Sahil Peerzada seen with hot and sizzling model Gauhar Khan at several restaurants in Mumbai. Both the couples came close to each other after his divorce. At that time, Gauhar Khan was dating with Sahil Peerzada at various places in Dubai and Mumbai. There were also rumors that both the couples got engaged and got married with each other soon. But all these were only rumors and gossips. People also made gossips on Sahil Peerzada and Gauhar Khan relationship. But after sometime, both Sahil and Gauhar broke up with each other due to some personal issues.

Sahil Peerzada Second Marriage, Wife Name & Net Worth

Sahil Peerzada got married again with a beautiful and gorgeous model. Sahil Peerzada second wife name is Zeba and she lived in a flat in Versova, Mumbai, India. Sahil Peerzada started his father’s business which is a Mumbai based Kashmiri business. They mainly export ready-made silk carpets and Kashmiri handicrafts. They used to operate his business from Mumbai and Srinagar.

Gauhar Khan ex boyfriend Sahil Peerzada is also known for his huge property in Mumbai. His 4 BHK flat is located near Superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s house. Sahil Peerzada net worth is worth over Rs. 3000 Crores and he used to visit Page 3 parties in Mumbai with his best friend Siddharth Mallya.