Richa Kar Photos, Zivame Founder Husband, Marriage, Children, Startups, Women EntrepreneursThe crux behind starting a business is that there should be a need for your product or service in the market. Keeping that in mind, the Zivame founder Richa Kar biography talks about how this woman saw an opportunity and decided to grab it with both hands. Although she started out her venture in 2011, today she is a high net worth individual. Her success story is quite the interesting read as you will see when we discuss her personal life. She is quite active on Twitter. Known as one of the most influential women entrepreneurs of the country, she has changed the face of lingerie shopping for women through their first startup, Zivame. The Zivame founder name has appeared in many magazines and she is a force to be reckoned with. The CEO of Zivame website put her social life on hold for almost two years in order to put her startup on its own two feet. She has launched the first lingerie website in India that helps women find their lingerie in all sizes, color, type and material.

Richa Kar Age, Family, Wiki, Education

Richa Kar hails from a very conventional family background. Her parents were initially shocked by her decision but turned supportive later on. Her mother, a homemaker could not wrap her mind around why her daughter wanted to sell lingerie online because it posed to be a shameful fact for her. The current age of Richa Kar is 36 and her date of birth is 17th July, 1980. Richa Kar height is approximate 5 feet and 5 inches.

Richa Kar wiki mentions that she completed her education from the reputed college of BITS Pilani after which she worked for an IT company. She was always fascinated by business operations which is why in 2005 she did her MBA from NMIMS again after which she worked for 4 and a half years. Her birthplace is Jamshedpur where her father was posted as a Tata Steel employee and her nationality is Indian.

Richa Kar Success Story, Startups

The Indian first lingerie website founder Richa Kar has entered the haloed club of successful Indian female entrepreneurs which is no easy job. As they say, no pain no gain is apt to be quoted here. Her first startup idea was born out of her realization from a research she was conducting in her then job, that lingerie in India was more a bottleneck for women than and experience. That is when she decided to become the founder of Zivame. The name of the company comes from a Hebrew word ‘Ziva’ meaning brilliant and the ‘me’ was added on by her.

She opened the first bra shopping website in India. Most of her contact details like email id can be found in her LinkedIn account. Zivame is an online bra store that opened in 2011 and till date has achieved in acquiring 5 million customers. Unlike Suchi Mukherjee she decided to go ad open up new possibilities in an entirely new niche. Although there was some speculation regarding the success of her company, it has taken up well and change consumer buying behavior over the past few years.

The biography of Zivame founder mentions how fearless one needs to be to enter the club of successful women entrepreneurs in India. She has broken the taboos of society and has launched the quirky Zivame bra advertisements as well. The website sells panties and lingerie of all sort and types like backless bra and bikini collections. Other than various panty set, the site also has a collection of pajamas, boxers, housecoats, etc.

Richa Kar Fundings

She received her series A funding from Vani Kola led Kalaari Capital and IDG Ventures. The investments happened smoothly because Vani worked fast and really understood what her business was all about. The stakes were indeed high; stating a business from scratch is no easy task. She is the sole runner of the company however she does listen to Vani from time to time who is the founder of IndoUS Venture partners.

Richa Kar Love Life, Marriage, Husband

Richa Kar Husband Photos, Wedding Pics, Family, Kids, Zivame Founder ImagesThe Indian female entrepreneur Richa Kar love affair started way before she jumped into the startup scene. She was already dating Kedar Gavane when she quit her job to get into the online lingerie business.

The boyfriend of Richa Kar didn’t mind this sudden decision at all in fact her relationship with Kedar Gavane only strengthened. Their love life was stalled for a while when operations went live as she was keeping busy and barely eating herself.

In one of the interviews, she mentions that once her wedding date she only took a day off to get married. Richa Kar husband name sometimes appears in association to the company because he act as an informal advisor. Kedar Gavane Richa Kar love story is made sweeter by the example of support and understanding she has set for future generation of men.

The husband of Richa Kar married her when she was 29. She has not had the time to get pregnant yet because trying to raise kids in a time when her company is set to expand would be a bit too much to handle. The marriage location did not matter because she was in the middle of work and took Friday off and married him on a Saturday to be back to work by Monday. The Zivame founder husband definitely has something to be proud about.

Richa Kar Latest Buzz, Future Plans

The Latest news on the company is that she dreams of taking Zivame to become a 100 crore company in the next 5 to 7 years. She has no plans to open a new startup because she is totally focused on the present project, according to the sources. Her life history suggests no role model who might have sowed the seed of entrepreneurship in her.

Zivame website CEO Richa Kar started her own startup diaries based on a single moment of epiphany. The only controversy the talented woman behind could have ever been a part of is social stigma. Her upcoming projects include taking her company to newer heights.