Amit Trivedi Wife Kruti Pics, Live Concerts, Son Images, WeddingThe music industry has been blessed with some of the best ever proponents of music of this time. Passion for their profession and art can be felt in their voices and renditions. Today we will be discussing one such musician. The music composer Amit Trivedi biography is going to be the detailed description of all the glorious songs he has sung so far which can also be referred as the some of Amit Trivedi best songs. Amit Trivedi singer profile will also be revealed along with singer Amit Trivedi photos. Amit Trivedi studio address is in Mumbai where he lives with his family. Amit Trivedi personal details will include Amit Trivedi net worth which is at an all time high and also a few hints of Amit Trivedi contact details.

Singer Amit Trivedi Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of singer Amit Trivedi includes Amit Trivedi family background. He belongs to a humble family from Bandra, Mumbai. His native city is Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Amit Trivedi parents are proud of their son’s success. The singer Amit Trivedi age is just 36 and he has greater heights to scale in the industry. Amit Trivedi height is average. Amit Trivedi date of birth is 8 July, 1979. The singer Amit Trivedi wiki mentions that Amit Trivedi education happened from Mumbai which was good for him as he got a lot of exposure.

Amit Trivedi first song was one track called “Aaja Sajna” which was part of a Malayalam movie in 2008. Amit Trivedi first album was called “Junoon” released in 2007 and it was a non-film album where he had sung 4 songs. Amit Trivedi first Bollywood song was of the song Dev D and that was what bolstered him into success.

Amit Trivedi studio in Mumbai came in handy when he had to compose and rehearse for his stint for MTV. The star mention of the film composer Amit Trivedi bio data is the amazing work he did with the Trivedi MTV unplugged songs. Amit Trivedi “Zinda” song and Amit Trivedi “Iktara” song were of the same genre and did quite well in the box office.

Music Composer Amit Trivedi Songs, Live Shows

Amit Trivedi live concerts keep happening from time to time but he generally shies away from a train of events at a stretch. Amit Trivedi live shows and Amit Trivedi live performances attract huge throngs of people as Amit Trivedi best compositions, are the ones which are performed. Sometimes Amit Trivedi and Amitabh Bhattacharya are seen on stage. The latter writes the songs for him and is known to be a master of Hindi and Urdu.

Amit Trivedi and Yo Yo Honey Singh have a fun song to their name called “Kikli Kalerdi”, other collaborations with various artists include Amit Trivedi and Sneha Khanwalkar songs. The tune, perception and feel of Amit Trivedi album songs are very different from the rest of the musicians which is why Amit Trivedi is able to render hit songs in movies. Amit Trivedi personal life is much like that of singer Sonu Nigam and both of them have had the good fortune of Amit Trivedi MTV coke studio songs.

Singer Amit Trivedi Marriage, Wife, Son

The singer Amit Trivedi love affairs are not many which is why there is almost no Amit Trivedi controversy. The singer Amit Trivedi married Krutee and she handles his money and madness very well, as confessed by him. Amit Trivedi wife also sings sometimes. She was Amit Trivedi girlfriend earlier and comprises of Amit Trivedi dating history.

Amit Trivedi wedding date was very lucky for him. Amit Trivedi wife name is Krutee and they have known each other since college. Amit Trivedi with his wife is not seen in many social events as he is a very private person. Amit Trivedi wife Krutee Trivedi are best friends, he has even went on record to say that she a lovely human being. Amit Trivedi Krutee Trivedi relationship is that of love and friendship.

Amit Trivedi Krutee Trivedi love story is very real, in which he is the naughty one and she is the anchor. When Amit Trivedi wife was pregnant, two of his albums weren’t released and he had felt he couldn’t take the responsibility but later after the birth he sobered up and Amit Trivedi love life was stable again. Amit Trivedi child is only one. He has a son who has taken after him completely and keeps their hands full with naughtiness. The wife of music composer Amit Trivedi has been of great support and Amit Indian singer also said that his mother is his greatest fan.

Music Composer, Singer Amit Trivedi Latest Buzz

He is a reader of sorts and Amit Trivedi new book which he has started reading according to GoodReads is The Fragrance of Freedom. Amit Trivedi latest songs have been that of “Queen” movie was a huge commercial success. Amit Trivedi next movie song has fetched him any awards. Amit Trivedi new album will be out soon with Amit Trivedi upcoming songs.

Amit Trivedi “Badra Bahaar” song and the melodious Amit Trivedi “Gal Mitthi Mitthi” song were loved by all. Both songs were in contrast to each other. There are no Amit Trivedi band members, as he is a solo singer and used to do ad jingles and TV serial scores before joining Bollywood. The dates of Amit Trivedi upcoming concerts are not out yet.