Comedian Naseem Vicky Biography, MarriageCurtains are not just pulled for actors and dancers anymore but comedians have also embossed their names in films and dramas. There are many comedians like Krushna Abhishek, Ali Asgar, etc.; whose shows are awaited curiously by a large number of spectators. Naseem Vicky is a popular name in this art who has made people roll into laughter and his humour has revitalized and enlivened ambience around. His shows have been largely appreciated by his fans and hence they are quite a few who are anxious about comedian Naseem Vicky biography. The actor and stand-up comedian Naseem Vicky is known for his contagious lively presence which has made him a popular comedy superstar. The biography of Naseem Vicky shall give you a gist of his career work, shows, professional growth and personal life. He has been anointed with prestigious remarks for his outstanding talent and his fame has crossed the national boundaries. The Pakistani comedian has shot to international fame and is praised heartily by Indian audiences.

Naseem Vicky Age and Personal Details

Naseem Vicky is a popular laughter shows’ performer and has appeared in some elite laughter shows. He was born in Pakistan in the beautiful state of Faisalabad. Naseem Vicky date of birth is July 18th, 1976. Naseem Vicky age is 38 years currently. He was born in Faisalabad but later moved to Lahore with a view to start his career. He had the thought of settling his family and achieving a prestigious position in the society.

Naseem Vicky family background represents a humble Muslim family bearing staunch ethical and religious values. Naseem Vicky religion is Muslim and he is a devoted follower of Islam. He follows all the traditional customs in his religion and takes pride in it. He had started working in Pakistan and his work received positive reviews owing to which he decided to try his luck on bigger platforms.

Comedian Naseem Vicky Wiki

Stand-up comedian Naseem Vicky had worked in a couple of comedy shows featured on news channel. Naseem Vicky comedian profile is graced with some of the hit comedy shows like Nautanki Ke Super Overs, Family Front, Laugh India Laugh. Naseem Vicky wiki gives a brief detail about his comedy shows and performances in popular shows. His show Family front had received loud appreciation and it paved way for bigger opportunities.

Naseem Vicky “Laugh India Laugh” was also very successful and he became a comedy star in India. Audiences and viewers were so moved by his work that no one bother about Naseem Vicky belongs to which country and never questioned on his nationality. In spite of hailing from Pakistan Naseem Vicky had received warm welcome in Indian dramas and TV shows.

Pakistani Comedian Naseem Vicky Comedy Shows

Naseem Vicky has worked in some Punjabi dramas and has taken part in some Laughter challenges. He shot to fame with Laugh India Laugh in which his entertainment received grand appreciation. Judges came on the stage to congratulate him for his outstanding performances. He was also declared as the winner of the show. Naseem Vicky first comedy show was Family Front. It was a Pakistani comedy drama that had featured in 1990s.

He later appeared in other popular Pakistani shows like Home Sweet Home, Janjaal Pura, Lahori Gate etc. He became popular in India after his stupendous entertaining performances in laugh India Laugh. He has also been awarded as the best performer for the show Nautanki Ke Super Overs that was featured on Colors TV. Kapil Sharma has extended his welcome to the Pakistani stand up comedian in his show. He shall be currently seen as Ramu in “Comedy Nights with Kapil”.

Ramu shall play the role of Kapil’s neighbour and the news of Naseem Vicky back in comedy nights with Kapil has already given triple dose of fun for all the viewers. The real name of Ramu in comedy nights with Kapil was a mystery until now but very soon the episodes will feature Naseem Vicky. Naseem Vicky has also featured in the Bollywood comedy flick One Two ka One. The movie failed to create a Box Office magic.

Comedian Naseem Vicky Marriage, Wife Name & Kids

Comedian Naseem Vicky has awed and entertained the audiences with his performances and world class humours. It is fascinating to know about the lucky lady who witnesses him in the house. Naseem Vicky personal details unveil details about his married life. People often wondered about his love life and hence questioned is Naseem Vicky married. He is married to a gorgeous lady and enjoys a happy family life.

Naseem Vicky wife name is Chandni Naseem and the couple is blessed with two kids. Naseem Vicky wife photos and the photos of Naseem Vicky kids are not much seen on popular internet sites. Interviews might reveal some more information on stand up comedian Naseem Vicky personal details and on Naseem Vicky daughter.

He has already garnered huge number of fans who thoroughly enjoy his shows and now it’s his family life that gives him a thorough satisfaction. Naseem Vicky with his wife makes an amazing couple. Naseem Vicky is presently working in Comedy Nights with Kapil but Naseem Vicky upcoming comedy shows are being anticipated by all his fans. Naseem Vicky is indeed a treat to watch!