Danielle Steel Books, Wedding Pics, Husband Photos, Net Worth, Quotes, Young Pictures, ShoesWriting is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience and creativity. The account of the best-selling novelist Danielle Steel biography shows just how much storm a writer has to face to get good. Her book list exceeds 90 titles excluding the non-fiction and other works. Her stories has been translated into 28 languages and sold in 47 countries worldwide. Her books have also been translated into movies and there are more than 25 of them. We will take a sneak peek at her personal life which was no less than a bestseller story of hers. She is active on twitter and also functional on her website. This best-selling author has taken many incidents form her life experiences and turned them into plots for her many books. She is hand-down one of the best-selling female American authors the world has witnessed. The biography of Danielle Steel will tell you that she is just like Nicholas Sparks, only better.

Danielle Steel Family, Age, Wiki

The family background of the author is that of mixed heritage. Among her parents, her father, John Schulein Steel was a German Jewish immigrant and the owner of Lowenbrau beer and her mother, Norma Da Camara Stone dos Reis was of Portuguese descent and the daughter of a diplomat. The writer’s current age is 68. Her approximate height is 5 feet 7 inches though she looks taller. Her date of birth is 14th August, 1947.

Danielle Steel completed her primary education in France and later attended college at New York City, America. She graduated from the Parson’s School of Design and later from the New York University in 1967. She studies fashion design and literature design. Danielle Steel wiki also mentions that her full name is Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel. Her birthplace is New York City making her nationality American and she was brought up as a Catholic.

Danielle Steel Books List, Writing Style

Although during her early years she dreamt of becoming a nun her first job was at a Public Relations Agency in New York called ‘Supergirls’. She was very young when she completed her first manuscript at the age of 19. However her first book that was officially published was titled ‘Going Home’ in 1973. All her books since then have been nothing short of bestsellers.

The American female novelist Danielle Steel writing style is influenced from the life and times of people in her era and the effects of tragedy, loss, deception and sickness on family life. These have always been the main themes of her works and she has always handled multiple projects each year which is why she has written more than 90 novels and several other non-fiction and children’s books. Needless to say she has also been on multiple book tours around the world.

Danielle Steel Movies, World Records

The award winning author Danielle Steel book list is quite impressive and these works have fetched her various awards as well as nominations. Most of her books like ‘Fine Things’, ‘The Ring’, Wanderlust’ and ‘Zoya’ are hits around the world. Her books have also been turned into Hollywood movies like ‘Kaleidoscope’ that was released in 1990 and ‘Mixed Blessing’ in 1995. Danielle Steel movies list exceeds 25.

The innate nature of her stories is family drama which serves as good scripts for movies. She was launched as a successful writer with the book ‘Passion’s Promise’ and ‘Now and Forever’ which were said to have been inspired from incidents from her own life. She was listed in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ in 1989 for having been on the New York Bestseller List for the most number of consecutive weeks. She was there for 381 weeks.

Danielle Steel Marriages, Husbands, Divorce, Daughters, Sons

The American best-selling writer Danielle Steel had many love affairs from very early on and almost all her boyfriends ended up marrying her. She started at the age of 18 when her relationship with Claude Eric Lazard turned to a marriage. But the couple got a divorce after 9 years of being together and several years of separation.

The next love story of Danielle Steel started when she was visiting prison in order to interview a convict. She fell in love with the prisoner Danny Zugelder even before her first divorce. The man moved in with her in 1973 when he was paroled but was soon sent back to prison for robbery and rape.

Danielle Steel Husband Photos, Daughters, Sons, WeddingAfter divorcing the second husband she moved on to William George Toth. She married Toth when she was heavily pregnant with his child and the wedding date was set to the day after the second divorce proceedings were over.

However this marriage didn’t last long as Steel now being a member of the Sa Francisco High Society and her husband a former drug addict couldn’t find common ground. Soon they split up. The divorce reason divorce reason was that her husband felt very left out.

A fourth wedding happened with John Traina with whom she had 5 children. He still remains her current husband. They had 4 daughters Samantha, Vanessa, Victoria and Zara and 1 boy Maxx. The son from her previous marriage Nicholas was also adopted by Traina and given the family name.

Danielle Steel New Books, Net Worth, House

Danielle Steel latest book is ‘Magic’. Her next novel is titled ‘The Award’ and her upcoming book tour will be in 2016 for the book ‘Rushing Waters’. One interesting fact about the author is that she considers her current husband to be some sort of a lucky charm because post her marriage to him she has been irreplaceable from the bestseller list. Her hairstyle is very simple and she also indulges in charity for the cause mental patients.

Danielle Steel net worth has increased over time and left her quite wealthy. Although she is a novelist she has also published an anthology of her love poems. Some of her other projects include picture books and a guide to raise a baby. She is without a doubt one of the top ten female novelists of America and has belted out No. 1 bestsellers for far too long to be easily forgotten. She writes in the fiction genre and has experimented with many kinds of writing styles.