Iulia Vantur Hot Red Saree Pics, Wedding, Husband Photos, Romanian Model, FamilySalman Khan, the erstwhile Bollywood star has launched many careers. From Aishwarya Rai to Katrina Kaif, to her looks alike Zarine Khan. Though he has not been successful in developing romantic alliances with these ladies, this time around he just might be lucky. The actress Iulia Vantur biography is the topic of discussion in this article. She is the latest lady love of the Indian star and he intends to marry her. IuliaVantur has recently been in a Bollywood movie which was under the scrutiny of Salman Khan. Iulia Vantur TV shows are very popular back in Romania. In this article we will discuss Iulia Vantur actress profile. Iulia Vantur hot pics show a very fit woman not at all looking more than 25. The supermodel and TV presenter, Iulia Vantur has a huge Twitter following. Iulia Vantur new look is inspired by India and Iulia Vantur hopes to land some more upcoming movies and with the prospect of making Salman, the husband of actress Iulia Vantur, we can say that she will definitely have a bright career.

Iulia Vantur Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of television presenter Iulia Vantur starts with Iulia Vantur family background, which is that she was born into a very modest family in the fourth largest city of Romania. Her family was full of intellectuals and they all are hail from Lasi, Romania. Iulia Vantur parents are also academic minded people. The actress Iulia Vantur age is 35 and Iulia Vantur height is 1.78 meters.

Iulia Vantur date of birth is July 24, 1980 which makes her zodiac sign to be Leo. The actress Iulia Vantur wiki also mentions that she is a star back in Romania. The hot Iulia Vantur images show a sexy woman who looks in her twenties and not at all as a woman who might be approaching 40.

Iulia Vantur education happened in Romania in the Faculty of Lasi from 1999 to 2003, she also took interest in Volleyball and basketball. It was apparently then that she formed the foundation of a career in modeling. Iulia Vantur nationality is Romanian. Iulia Vantur personal life has been revealed in the section below along with other interesting facts about Iulia Vantur.

Actress Iulia Vantur Modeling and Acting

As an adolescent she has worked for fashion houses and also by age 17 she had worked as a mannequin model soon going on to become a mentor. Iulia Vantur bikini photo-shoots happened when she took to modeling in the early years of her career. She also took acting lessons from the acting school run by Dragos Bucur and workshops conducted by Dan Nutu.

Iulia Vantur Career in Television and Films

Iulia Vantur first TV show was as a presenter for a TV magazine show called ‘Europe Nova’ where she worked for a year and then moved on to become a newsreader at ‘BITS Iasi’ for two years. Iulia Vantur first movie is called ‘O Teri’ and this Iulia Vantur Bollywood debut film is opposite Pulkit Samrat and Bilal Amrohi who are also debutantes in this film. Iulia Vantur features in ‘O Teri’ movie is a special song which is kind of like an item song that is tiled ‘Ummbakkum’.

Iulia Vantur dance performance is quite sizzling in that video and she has successfully impressed Salman Khan as well. Iulia Vantur next TV shows are at PRO TV where she moderates a political show called ‘Hiring Mayor’ where she was presenting, corresponding, reporting, editing, producing and also looking after editing installation.

Iulia Vantur was also seen in Bigg Boss. She has acted in various movies. In 2008 she was seen in an American movie, ‘Bunraku’ directed by Guy Moshe. Then she was seen as a guest appearance in ‘Las Hot’ in 2013 after which she made her appearance in Bollywood through an item song in 2014.

Actress Iulia Vantur Awards

Iulia Vantur awards are many. She won twice for the category ‘The best show about ordinary people’ in 2006 and 2007. In 2010 and 2011 she received awards for being ‘The sexiest TV star’. In 2008 and 2010 she received awards for ‘The best entertaining program’.

Actress Iulia Vantur Charity Work

The actress Iulia Vantur bio data also talks of a lot of charity work. She is a supporter of Hospice – “House of Hope”, “Let’s Do It Romania”, “We have life blood” and “Stop torturing animals” etc. Apart from this she is an active supporter of the Association “Paper Tree”, “Stories Pici” – which is a campaign of Pro TV News “Children protv.ro”, More Green supporter of the Association and campaign against domestic violence launched by the magazine Marie Claire. It seems that this talented lady has more in common with Salman Khan than all the ladies that he has dated so far.

Iulia Vantur Love Affairs, Dating, Boyfriend, Relationships

The latest news on Iulia Vantur love affairs is that she has been seeing Salman Khan since quite a while now. The actress Iulia Vantur love life has been the topic of everyone’s interest now that she is seen with the ‘Bhai’ in all social events. The Salman Khan Iulia Vantur love story began in 2011 when she was visiting India. She was even seen sporting a ‘Being Human’ t-shirt.

Iulia Vantur boyfriend is supposed to be a little upset recently when she was seen mingling too close with other males in Salman’s party. The fact that Iulia Vantur was dating Salman Khan was quite clear when he took personal interest in the item song she was featuring in. It was released only after Salman gave the final approving nod. Iulia Vantur relationship with Salman Khan has reached a new level as the Bollywood superstar has already hinted on getting married this year.

Earlier there were talks of Iulia Vantur romance with Mauris Moga, who is just her co-presenter in a dance reality show that has been aired for 10 years now. It is rubbish news that people are even asking the question of ‘is Iulia Vantur married with Mauris Moga?’

Iulia Vantur latest news is that there was news that Iulia Vantur and Salman Khan are about to get engaged soon. Yes as soon as this year. In the recent Iulia Vantur birthday party, Salman was heard saying that he would like to build on Iulia Vantur marriage although Iulia Vantur wedding date has not been decided yet, things are moving quite fast. So yeah, Iulia Vantur husband name just might be Salman Khan according to the media sources.

Actress Iulia Vantur Latest Buzz

Iulia Vantur has been seen in a red Saree a number of times and she looks breathtakingly beautiful in it. Iulia Vantur is a blonde and wears her hairstyle according to the demands of her role and work in a music video or film.

Iulia Vantur beauty secrets are regular workout. She has a very sexy figure that is well maintained. Iulia Vantur net worth will increase if she married Salman Khan and the rest of Iulia Vantur personal details have been discussed above.