Shubhra Shetty Hot Images, Anurag Kashyap New Girlfriend Images, Family, Wedding, BoyfriendIt is quite common in b-town to fall in and out of love. The number of divorces, separation and re-marriages does prove that. Take into account the case of Hrithik Roshan and Suzzane or that of Sooraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan. Another interesting story is that of Karishma’s failed marriage, Ranbir and Deepika’s failed to work before marriage and so did John and Bipasha’s. Bollywood is teeming with various stories of numerous love trysts and failed relationships. But there are successful ones too. Today Anurag Kashyap girlfriend Shubhra Shetty biography is the topic of discussion. Some of Shubhra Shetty images have been posted in Instagram in the form of a collage by Anurag Kashyap and a lot of insiders are saying that the two are dating. So today we are going to get to the bottom of this.

Shubhra Shetty Age, Family, Personal Details

The biography of Shubhra Shetty mentions that Shubhra Shetty family background is quite well-to-do and that Shubhra Shetty parents has allowed her to study mass media. Shubhra Shetty age is 22 and Shubhra Shetty height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches. Shubhra Shetty date of birth is somewhere around 1993 as mention by Shubhra Shetty wiki. Shubhra Shetty education happened in Mass Media from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Shubhra Shetty has recently celebrated her 22nd birthday and Shubhra Shetty birthplace is Mumbai.

Shubhra Shetty Career, Movies, Modeling

Shubhra Shetty actress profile mentions that whether Shubhra Shetty has done theatre shows or not she has definitely found her ticket to enter Anurag’s production house that is the phantom Production. We are yet to see Shubhra Shetty acting style but we do know that Shubhra Shetty hairstyle is quite contemporary. She has brown long locks. Shubhra Shetty beauty secrets will not be very interesting because she is not the average Indian beauty, she is more than that.

She is a combination of the modern and the Desi. These are the interesting facts we know about Shubhra Shetty personal life. So far there has been no Shubhra Shetty photo-shoots but if at all Shubhra Shetty decided to do a bollywood debut it will be very fun to see this young bella metamorphose from an out of college intern to a full grown actress in Shubhra Shetty movies.

Shubhra Shetty Love Life, Dating, Relationships

News about Shubhra Shetty love affairs has spread already and it is being said that hers is Anurag Kashyap girlfriend name. Anurag Kashyap Shubhra Shetty relationship is gaining momentum. Anurag Kashyap romance with Shubhra Shetty is raising quite some eyebrows mostly because the girl he is attracted to is just 22 year old and he is 43.

The film director Anurag Kashyap is seeing a much younger girl who is just graduated from college. An insider has also said that the new girlfriend of Anurag Kashyap is very feisty and intelligent and maybe that is why he is dating Shubhra because intelligence is certainly a very hard to find quality in a woman. Kashyap is seen almost all social events with his new girlfriend. Not a lot of people know about her yet therefore Shubhra Shetty Twitter handle is still in the wraps.

Shubhra Shetty Anurag Kashyap Love Story

Shubhra Shetty is working for a new movie for Anurag’s production house. Shubhra Shetty and Kalki Koechlin have one thing in common that is Anurag. Shubhra Shetty could also go for modeling as she has the golden dusky looks and the height to be one. The hot Shubhra Shetty photos could be seen in the Instagram handle of Anurag Kashyap. She is wearing a monotone Lehnga Choli looking all sexy and resplendent. Once you get a look at the photos, you will be able to figure out what Anurag sees in her.

Apparently both of them are quite close but will Shubhra Shetty be planning a marriage, not sure. She is far too young for that now. Shubhra Shetty’s husband name may turn out to be Anurag in the long run if the relationship lasts but seeing his unlucky streak with 3 women in a row, that seems pretty farfetched. Shubhra Shetty upcoming movies have not been titled yet and are still in the pipeline. As of now the model Shubhra Shetty boyfriend, Anurag is having the time of his life with this new al in his town.

Shubhra Shetty Latest Buzz

Shubhra Shetty latest news is that Anurag is dating her and the age difference is a mighty 21 years. But as they say love is blind and sees no number. Shubhra Shetty controversy has been taking air especially after it is known that Anurag is planning to welcome New Year with her. This Bollywood newbies is slowly landing on her feet. The girlfriend of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has a long way to go if she keeps going in this pace.