Kalki Koechlin Mother, Wedding Dress, Hot Pics, Boyfriend, DaughterUnconventional actresses have emerged over the past few years and Bollywood is lucky enough to have the brilliance of film actress Kalki Koechlin biography which is all about her life as an actress and Kalki Koechlin poetry which has made her quite famous, surprisingly more than the Kalki Koechlin hit movies. Recently, after her latest release Kalki Koechlin in “Comedy Nights with Kapil” was aired on TV. With her raw acting skills and honest portrayal of characters Kalki Koechlin in Cannes was also seen. She also made quite a furor on women’s day last year with the infamous Kalki Koechlin monologue. Apart from this Kalki Koechlin Filmfare awards was won for her phenomenal performance in “Dev D”. Now that you have a gist of Kalki Koechlin actress profile, you must be very curious to know about Kalki Koechlin personal life. The following article is a biography of film actress Kalki Koechlin which encapsulates all the information from the Kalki Koechlin website in short.

Actress Kalki Koechlin Age and Family Details

This feisty is of French descent and that’s not all, her father and mother met here in India and are big believers of Shri Aurobindo – that quite sums up Kalki Koechlin family background. Joel Koechlin and Fancoise Armandie are Kalki Koechlin parents. Kalki Koechlin wiki has a host of information to offer about her.

Actress Kalki Koechlin age is 31 and Kalki Koechlin height is 1.73 m while the Kalki Koechlin date of birth happens to be 10 January, 1984. The web is full of Kalki Koechlin hot pics because she has starred in so many films. Kalki Koechlin education happened in Ooty in the Hebron School. Kalki Koechlin siblings don’t exist.

Actress Kalki Koechlin Career, Movies

The actress has always grappled with her identity being called a ‘white girl’. She has given power packed performances in her past films and Kalki Koechlin upcoming movies are going to be even better. The Koechlin love life has been dotted with the harsh reality of truths. Dev D was the Kalki Koechlin Bollywood debut movie and ‘Mantra’ as well as ‘Love Affair’ is the Kalki Koechlin latest movie.

Today Kalki Koechlin net worth is quite a lot as she has been in Kalki Koechlin latest news for her appearances regarding women’s issues, identity crisis and other interviews time and again. Till date she has not been known to have done any Kalki Koechlin advertisements. It is insane to be looking for a Kalki Koechlin contact number as it is a well-guarded secret.

There were no rumours of Kalki Koechlin love affairs however she did get married to Anurag Kashyap. Kalki Koechlin first film was the critically acclaimed “Dev D” based on a Bengali novel. Actress Kalki Koechlin personal details are further enlisted below. She is known for her phenomenal acts on the big screen just like Kangana Ranaut. Get to know all about Kalki Koechlin awards while reading further and for Kalki Koechlin HD wallpapers search the internet.

Actress Kalki Koechlin Controversy

For her opinions on child abuse and feminism and equal Day Kalki Koechlin controversy had sparked. There was Kalki Koechlin smoking photos that are available on the net and along with Kalki Koechlin drinking images. Anurag Kashyap was Kalki Koechlin boyfriend and she even married only to get separated later.

Margarita with a straw is the Kalki Koechlin new movie for which she also received a lot of praise and an award too, for playing daughter Kalki Koechlin and Revathi as mother of a patient of brain palsy. The actress Kalki Koechlin bio data has been an interesting discovery so far even if you kept aside the Kalki Koechlin dating history. Everyone is waiting for her to reveal new wonders on screen with her lovely acting skills.

Actress Kalki Koechlin Love Life

Kalki is quite an unusual lady in her own capacity. She is an amazing talent- house of French descent and is the only child to parents who settled here some 60 years ago. The husband of actress Kalki Koechlin is Anurag Kashyap and there have been various rumors of a divorce of Kalki Koechlin with her husband. Soon after the rumors took root, it was claimed by her that she was a victim of abuse and hence soon after Kalki Koechlin split with Anurag Kashyap.

After a very short while of the Kalki Koechlin Anurag Kashyap wedding, they separated and the Anurag Kashyap Kalki Koechlin divorce reason was speculated to be abuse. Kalki Koechlin Tamil movies are what the actress is interested in next. But will audience want to see a Kalki Koechlin and Emraan Hashmi movie, if not anything she will get at least a lot of Kalki Koechlin hit songs as Emraan has a luck on that area.

Actress Kalki Koechlin Marriage, Husband, Divorce

Kalki Koechlin Anurag Kashyap Wedding Pics, Husband Photos, DivorceShe has an illustrious career but a little turbulent love life. The fact that Kalki Koechlin married did not work out has not deterred Kalki Koechlin next movie. The Kalki Koechlin wedding pictures are not available but we know that Anurag Kashyap was Kalki Koechlin husband name and a separation happened between Kalki Koechlin husband Anurag Kashyap.

It came as a shock to the public to know about Kalki Koechlin Anurag Kashyap love story given the great Kalki Koechlin Anurag Kashyap age difference but since actress Kalki Koechlin husband Anurag was so talented, people logged on to Kalki Koechlin husband wiki page to get more details about the person and get his credibility for marrying the sweet ethereal eccentric veteran actor.

However during the short married phase, Kalki Koechlin pregnant did not happen and there are Kalki Koechlin children though her fans would love to see that happen one day. Just like Kangana Ranaut, Kalki too is very out spoken and always takes a stand on social issues when its highly needed. She is a brilliant poet apart from being a theatre personality for so long and her art is one of a kind.