Kangana Ranaut Sister Acid Attack, Hot Movies, Hot Pics, Family, Brother, HusbandThe ensuing article is basically a detailed insight on the life of an actress. Many girls struggle every year to bag one role that would make their dreams come true but only few are able to achieve that. Kangana Ranaut was one such girl amongst the crowd of others, who managed to shine out of the lot. Reading the rest of his article will throw more light on the film actress Kangana Ranaut biography and reveal some really interesting details about her life. She is known for her power-packed roles and needless to say, none of us are any less informed about Kangana Ranaut hit movies. From the moment she appeared in films, she invariably attracted everyone’s attention and has made a niche for herself in the Bollywood industry ever since. Although she has not done a lot many films but one will find Kangana Ranaut profile quite filled with accomplishments, praises and accolades.

Actress Kangana Ranaut Age and Family Details

All great trees start from a tiny seed. So to understand how one little inconspicuous girl reached such great heights, one has to take a sneak peek at her background. Not much is known about actress Kangana Ranaut personal details. She took birth in Himachal Pradesh in a small town called Bhambla but when she was 16 years old, she decided to shift to Delhi to make her career.

Kangana Ranaut family background is quite an interesting one. She describes her early years as simple and happy however from a very early age she was against all kinds of stereotypes. Kangana Ranaut date of birth is 23rd March 1987. All of the information available about her life can make for quite a biography of film actress Kangana Ranaut mostly because of the way she has rose to stardom while coming from a humble background in a small city. She used to be a very sincere and studious kid while she was being educated in DAV Chandigarh.

Kangana Ranaut education says that she is from the science stream, she was headed to be a doctor but instead fortune pushed her towards modeling. Currently, the stunning actress Kangana Ranaut age is 29 while her height is 1.73 meters (5 feet and 7 inches). From modeling she happened to start working with a theater group as she thought it had more scope of creativity and thus soon after a few bumps along the road Kangana Ranaut Bollywood debut movie was being released.

Actress Kangana Ranaut Struggle & Sister Profile

At first there was a lot of resistance from her family because of her career choice. Actress Kangana Ranaut parents were against her decision to go for modeling and that led to frequent fights and reduced communication but eventually she went on to do good work after finding her freedom and space and for that she got many awards. A space was carved for herself when Kangana Ranaut national awards were claimed. She lives with Rangoli which is Kangana Ranaut sister name. Not much has been hard about her lately and as a result things have been a little low on the Kangana Ranaut latest news front.

There were a lot of media scandals that surrounded the actress but she has remained unfazed throughout. The very first one was about Kangana Ranaut sister acid attack. Many years later the family reconciled but during the early years of her career she had to live off bread and pickle, however now Kangana Ranaut with her sister live lavishly in their Mumbai home. She is said to be a vibrant, original, creative and a very free-spirited person. She has confessed that often times she felt shut out and insecure because the industry people used to make fun of her lack of fluency in English.

Actress Kangana Ranaut Wiki, Career

She came to the limelight of the media with her debut film Gangster. She has been quite a favorite with the media on and off screen because of so many of Kangana Ranaut controversy and so many of those quirky Kangana Ranaut advertisements. She is a very versatile actress starring in movies like Life..in a Metro, Woh Lamhe, Tanu weds Manu, Fashion, Once upon a time in Mumbai and Queen. These roles followed after Kangana Ranaut first film Gangster which was a hit romantic thriller.

Although she was criticized for doing dark intense roles, she proved her acting prowess with roles in Once upon a time in Mumbai and Queen. Kangana Ranaut upcoming movies are many. Among them Tanu weds Manu returns which is Kangana Ranaut and R Madhavan new movie is much awaited. Apart from this, Kangana Ranaut new movie are Ungli, Mr. Chalu, Dhamaal 2, etc. Enough said and told about the broad view of her life, read on to get more interesting details about Kangana Ranaut personal life. She has achieved a lot more in a short period of time and for that she deserves all the fanfare.

Actress Kangna Ranaut Success Story, Awards

It is a story of almost rags to almost riches from small town Bhambla in Himachal Pradesh to Mumbai. Through all odds, she had a stormy life and a normal childhood. Kangana Ranaut boyfriends were many and that made her a part of the news always. Kangana Ranaut Nicholas Lafferty relationship was the most hyped probably because he was a doctor and a scientist of 28. Long distance took its toll on them a soon after, that became the Kangana Ranaut Nicholas Lafferty breakup reason.

She told that it was the most real and sane relationship that she had ever had. Her career received a boost due to her mettle which she proved time and again and won national awards and got invited to shows. Kangana Ranaut in “Anupam Kher Show” as one TV show worth watching. Actress Kangana Ranaut net worth would be a lot today than it was before because she bagged so many Filmfare awards. She has dubious views about marriage and says its trick so chance of Kangana Ranaut husband name ever appearing for real are quite slim.

Actress Kangana Ranaut New Movies, New Look

Many think that she is a controversial figure because she has always managed to stay in the news now and ten regularly. Kangana Ranaut Tamil movies are not there except R Madhavan who is a co-actor. Kangana Ranaut latest movies suggest that she does not insist on marrying.

Kangana Ranaut new haircut always grabs a lot of eyeballs as they are nothing less than a statement in itself. Kangana Ranaut next film will depict Kangana Ranaut married and that should be an entirely new experience to watch. R madhavan was the privileged guy who played actress Kangana Ranaut husband, as in reality Kangana Ranaut wedding date is not on the cards yet. Whoever marries her will be a lucky guy as he would be claiming someone who has Kangana Ranaut HD wallpapers along with high quality collection of Kangana Ranaut hit songs.

She is quite an accomplished lady. Indian actress Kangana Ranaut bio data is overloaded with accomplishments and skills. She has braved peer pressure and all kinds of family resistance and failed love stories to be this successful and what with the upcoming Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan movie, Katti Batti, she is bound to be adding on to the Indian actress Kangana Ranaut property. The movie will soon be released and after her latest blockbuster hit of queen people are really looking forward to more of her performances.

Actress Kangana Ranaut Love Life, Boyfriend

Her life has been frequented by many men for love is something that all of us are hungry about. Kangana Ranaut love affairs are quite famous. At one point she was seen in a very close embrace with designer Manish Malhotra which indicated the present status of Kangana Ranaut love life. Earlier it was Aditya Pancholi who was rumored to be the boyfriend of actress Kangana Ranaut which was later on confirmed that they used to live together and apparently knew each other quite well.

Kangana Ranaut dating history records many men among which a Dr. Lafferty surfaces time and again. He is quite famous in India as the boyfriend of actress Kangana Ranaut. Despite so many distractions and diversions she has always managed to focus on her wok which is quite commendable. Often when we go through the Kangana Ranaut profile we come across Kangana Ranaut boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty. This was allegedly a usual love story, long distance indeed which was going smooth until both of them amicably separated as Kangana was not ready for married life.

The news of Kangana Ranaut dating Nicholas Lafferty soon took a back seat when rumours of the hot and sexy actress moved on and fell for numerous other men. Kangana Ranaut relationships with Ajay Devgan at the sets of movie “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai” and Adhyayan Suman at the sets of “Raaz 2” movie started to blossom at different points of the timeline.

Actress Kangana Ranaut Marriage Gossips

On the aftermath of all these relationships taking root and then vaporizing, especially after the Kangana Ranaut Nicholas Lafferty love story she revealed a lot on the media. Although she tries to keep mum at the start but she ends up confessing more than necessary. She was on the news a lot for speculation of Kangana Ranaut drinking images soon to be seen when she plays the role of Meena Kumari in an upcoming film.

The online world is flooded with Kangana Ranaut hot pics and even there was a huge media flash on her when she went on record to say that she liked Anushka’s boyfriend. Kangana Ranaut and Virat Kohi though will look great together but again speculation rises, will they be able to last the race. There has been no news of husband of actress Kangana Ranaut post the breakup with Nicholas. Kangana still remains skeptical about marriage and at 28 she feels she is too old to marry.