Avantika Malik Khan Wiki, Baby, Height, Age, DaughterAvantika Malik is the wife of Bollywood actor Imran Khan. Imran is a famous Bollywood actor and Imran Khan wife name is Avantika Malik Khan, post marriage. It would be amazing too read Imran Khan wife Avantika Malik Khan biography because of the various aspects of her life. Often it was questioned that Imran Khan actor wife Avantika Malik is also an actor or not; however, seems like she is quite afar from the B-wood industry. However, husband of Avantika Malik Khan is quite a celebrity of the industry given his acting career and also the fact that he is maternally related to superstar Aamir Khan.

Imran Khan Wife Age, Personal Details

To start with Avantika Malik Khan personal details, it is interesting to note that Avantika Malik Khan wiki states mainly about Avantika Malik Khan family background and other personal details. She was born on 18th July, 1987 and so Imran Khan wife age is 27 years. Many times Avantika Malik Khan date of birth is seen to be a lucky day for Imran and she has made several appearances in films starring Imran Khan.

Not too high, Avantika Malik Khan height is 1.57 meters and Imran Khan wife wife pics are the best way to take a look at the same. Born to an ordinary couple, Avantika Malik Khan parents are Vandana Malik and Ranjev Malik. However, no details of Avantika Malik Khan siblings exist. Nothing much about her maiden life is known; however, it is a well known fact that she and Imran dated for almost 10 years and then got married. As of now, she has a daughter named Imara Malik Khan and it seems like a small and happy family.

Avantika Malik Khan Wiki

Although, limited is known about Avantika Malik Khan personal life and even Avantika Malik Khan twitter profile does not reveal much of her persona, we’ve had some buzz about Avantika Malik Khan love affairs every now & then. Similarly, nothing is ever spoken about Imran Khan wife profession so she’s assumed to be a homemaker. However, Avantika Malik Khan Bollywood debut was a short appearance in Imran Khan’s and Sonam Kapoor’s film “I Hate Luv Storys”.

Imran Khan Avantika Malik Wedding

Actor Imran Khan Wife Name, Wife Photos, Wedding PicsTalking about the marriage of the two, Imran Khan Avantika Malik age difference is 4 years. Imran Khan Avantika Malik engagement made in the top news of the year and so pictures of Avantika Malik Khan with her husband went viral. Even though Imran Khan Avantika Malik wiki will not specifically speak of this area, media was quite a fan of Imran Khan Avantika Malik wedding date. It was soon released that Imran Khan married Avantika Malik in February, 2011 after 10 years of Imran Khan dating Avantika Malik. The pictures of the couple and Imran Khan Avantika Malik marriage photos can be easily found on the web. Soon after they were out on the web, Imran Khan Avantika Malik wedding pictures blew away everyone’s mind seeing the Big Fat Bollywood wedding.

As the wife of actor Imran Khan, Avantika had to keep up to the stature and she was seen on various Bollywood events. This is why there was always Avantika Malik Khan news airing the television. While writing Avantika Malik Khan biography, it would be needless to mention that Avantika Malik Khan husband name made quite an impression in the Bollywood films.

Avantika Malik Khan Pregnant, Children

After 3 years of blissful marriage, the talks about Imran Khan wife pregnant were aired and which were later confirmed. It was then that Imran Khan Avantika Malik baby was born and this too was a media-loved moment. Even though biography of Imran Khan wife includes various phases of her life, her motherhood is said to be most amazing. This is why Avantika Malik Khan photos with Avantika Malik Khan daughter were most loved on the social media as well. Although, Avantika Malik Khan husband images with the baby are quite adorable too.

However, it was not much later that Avantika Malik Khan pregnant again news was heard of. But nothing was ever confirmed and was shunned away like a mere rumour. Being the wife of a Bollywood celebrity, Avantika Malik Khan controversy is a common discussion in the media. Amongst other celebrity spouses like Neeraj Khemka, Avantika is a lot more seen and known in the industry.

Avantika Malik Khan Career

Since Avantika Malik Khan husband is a popular celebrity, she is often surrounded by media and fans. However, nothing in specific has ever been known about her profession or Avantika Malik Khan education, and so Avantika Malik Khan bio data till date includes the short appearances she has made in Bollywood films. But as Imran’s fans would want to see, it is expected that Avantika Malik Khan career might just include several films in the future including her longer roles in the films. Well, if this happens, we’d waiting to see Avantika Malik Khan movies and how talented is she at acting.