Judy Balan Husband Pics, Wedding, Hot Images, Blog, Novels, Daughter, FamilyWriting is the entire rave these days. More and more people are turning to writing these days. The industry has really opened up. Today we will be discussing the “Two Fates” author Judy Balan biography. Judy Balan best-selling books are amazingly written so much that Judy Balan novels have sold thousands of copies. Judy Balan author profile has been discussed in the next section. People like her are an inspiration to many Indian female writers. The latest book is about Judy Balan personal life, regarding the divorce. Her official website has many Judy Balan hot pics. The “Two Fates” author name is a mix of Christian and Indian and the “Two Fates” author images shows a beautiful woman with long hair. Don’t let the hot Judy Balan photos fool you, yes she is very smart and her language and style of writing proves that. Her blog woman and a quarter by Judy Balan make for a very interesting read. Let’s find out more about Judy Balan personal details now.

Author Judy Balan Age, Family, Wiki

The biography of comedy writer Judy Balan starts with Judy Balan family background, which is a small family from Chennai. Judy Balan parents are simple people who are very proud of their daughter’s success. The author Judy Balan age is around 40. Judy Balan height is an average 5 feet 3 inches.

Judy Balan date of birth must be approximately around 1970. The author Judy Balan wiki mentions that Judy Balan education happened from Sacred Heart convent and later in Stella Maris in Chennai, from where she received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Judy Balan nationality is Indian.

Author Judy Balan Best Books

Judy Balan new book title is called “Two Fates: The story of My Divorce”. This book is supposed to be a parody to Chetan Bhagat’s “Two States: The story of My Marriage”. Seeing the connection to Chetan’s novel, some directors might want to turn Judy Balan’s books into movies. There is strong commercial potential in it.

Judy Balan movies will also have the proper humor content along with entertainment. This is Judy Balan first book and for a debutante in this field she has done quite well. “Two Fates” by Judy Balan is an entertaining delight to read. Her wry humor about life and marriage is quite enthralling. She writes more or less like Anuja Chauhan.

Author Judy Balan Marriage, Husband, Divorce

The newbie author Judy Balan was married. Judy Balan wedding date was quite a special day for her but not anymore. Judy Balan husband name is Kumar. The “Two Fates” author real life husband is divorced. Judy Balan love affairs ended in a marriage that did not last. In Judy Balan Twitter account she often cracks jokes about romance and marriage. The news about Judy Balan dating is a rumor, because she is totally focused on raising her daughter Kiara and writing more books.

The author Judy Balan love life is a passé now. The writer Judy Balan boyfriend eventually married her and then separated. Judy Balan blog shows many influences in her writing of her personal experiences. The writer Judy Balan relationships are fun as she is humorous and cracks up people all the time with ease. The “Two Fates” author wiki mentions that she currently lives in Chennai with her daughter.

Author Judy Balan Latest Buzz

Judy Balan latest news is that she is a single parent to her almost 9 year old daughter and she juggles work and parenting single handedly. Judy Balan next novel is called How to stop your Grown-up from making bad decisions. Judy Balan is well regarded as a comedy writer. Comedy is not everybody’s cup of tea but she drinks on like a boss. Judy Balan controversy about getting out of her bad marriage has been handled quite maturely.

There are three Judy Balan upcoming books which will be released in 2016. Judy Balan net worth is not much as she is only one book old. Judy Balan hairstyle is very pretty, she wears her hair simple, open and long which adds to her beauty. Judy Balan writing style is humorous. The husband of author Judy Balan author of “Two Fates” book must be regretting divorcing her now that she’s become a famous writer pelting book after book.

Many female Indian authors will take inspiration from her life. Her contact details are available on the official Judy Balan website. Judy Balan has received quite a few awards for a debutante female comedy author. The country’s comedy female writers must be feeling very proud for their community.