Anuja Chauhan Blog, Next Book, Wiki, Battle for BittoraMany of you have heard of Pepsi ad’s catchy phrases “Ye Dil Mange More” and “Oye Bubbly”. This is the sole idea of “The Zoya Factor” author name Anuja Chauhan who has worked for Pepsi, Nokia, Kurkure and Mountain Dew. The author of “Battle for Bittora” book became famous after her three book releases. Before that she was an advertiser. The sources have said Anuja Chauhan “Battle for Bittora” will turn into movie soon. The life experiences of Anuja Chauhan author profile are portrayed in her biography. Anuja Chauhan best-selling books were popular in metropolitan cities. There is lot more to be read in Indian author Anuja Chauhan biography stay tuned.

Anuja Chauhan Age, Family

Born to Rajput family, Anuja Chauhan date of birth is officially unknown. But author Anuja Chauhan age is estimated to be 45 years old. Talking about Anuja Chauhan parents are well educated. His father is an army officer and left the army at rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The disciplined Anuja Chauhan family background considers education is must.

The readers are delighted to read Anuja Chauhan wiki. Anuja completed her graduation in Economics from Miranda House, Delhi University. Anuja Chauhan education comprises the post graduation in mass communication. Anuja Chauhan birthplace is Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, India. There is lot more to know about Anuja Chauhan personal life and career.

Anuja Chauhan Best-selling Books

Anuja is known for writing Rom-Com novels her first book “The Zoya Factor” released in the year 2008 includes the glimpses of Indian cricket team. Anuja Chauhan first book portrays the character of Zoya Solanki who is a lucky mascot of Indian cricket team. The biography of author Anuja Chauhan holds her interesting style of writing.

The title of third book is Those Pricey Thakur Girls related to the state-censored media. It is one of Anuja Chauhan latest books. The updates of Anuja Chauhan next book will be published soon by media. The author Anuja Chauhan upcoming novels are most waited among the youths. She is as popular as Preeti Shenoy. Those Pricey Thakur Girls author Anuja Chauhan bio-data stands unique from other authors because of her style of writing. The big producers of tinsel town had decided to turn Anuja Chauhan new book name into movies as it contains unique subject. This makes Battle for Bittora author wiki to be powerful and worth reading.

The most popular Anuja Chauhan columns published in weekly magazine has turned down many readers and followers. The intellectual Anuja Chauhan quotes has shaken the minds of common man. Anuja Chauhan biography holds the romance and comedy in her writing books style. The amazing facts of Battle for Bittora author Anuja Chauhan personal details, makes it delightful to read. One could get Anuja Chauhan book list from online source.

Anuja Chauhan Books into Movies, Blog

It is said that Anil Kapoor has bought the rights for three years for the Battle of Bittora and planned to sign daughter Sonam Kapoor and actor Fawad Khan. Anuja Chauhan books into movies are getting much attention in the public these days. The readers wait will be proved worth when Anuja Chauhan movies will be releasing. One can get Anuja Chauhan contact details from Anuja Chauhan website.

The interests can be seen and shared on Anuja Chauhan blog. The noted fact Anuja was selected as by Femina magazine among 50 most beautiful women in 2011. Anuja Chauhan images are popular on micro blogging sites Facebook and Twitter. The various life experiences can be heard in Anuja Chauhan interview especially about her literature work.

Anuja Chauhan Marriage, Husband, Children

Anuja Chauhan Kids, Husband Name, Niret Alva Pics, New BookAnuja is been associated with JWT for 17 years. She was the Vice president and creative director at the age of 33. Anuja Chauhan love affairs began in her office while she was working. At initial stage of her career she worked in an advertising firm. Anuja Chauhan love life came alive when she met Niret Alva in 1989. Niret is a television producer and presenter of Indian Idol aired on Sony Entertainment television.

Anuja Chauhan boyfriend Niret became the happiest man when he married with her in 1994. Anuja Chauhan married and had three children. One can get Anuja Chauhan wedding pics on the internet. The auspicious Anuja Chauhan marriage happened with the god’s grace.

Anuja Chauhan husband name is amongst the top television producers. He and brother Nikhil are running Rs. 50 Crore Company at Gurgaon, Delhi-suburb. There are no secrets of Anuja Chauhan Niret Alva love story. The husband of Anuja Chauhan is a co-founder and chairman of Miditech, a television software company. There are many who dream to become a professional like Anuja Chauhan husband.

Anuja Chauhan children are very lucky to have a mother like her. Anuja Chauhan daughters name are Niharika Chauhan and Nayantara Chauhan. Her elder daughter Niharika is 17 years old and Nayantra is 14 years old currently. Her youngest kid Daivik is only 11 years old currently. Anuja Chauhan son name is Daivik Chauhan. The prettiest and adorable Anuja Chauhan Niret Alva relationship had ups and downs like every other relationship. The news of Anuja Chauhan Niret Alva divorce flung in the media which was untrue.

Anuja Chauhan Latest Buzz

The latest novel Those Pricey Thakur Girls author has raised her voice in favour of Lok Sabha and members of parliament satirically. First book ‘The Zoya Factor’ by Anuja Chauhan emphasis on the lives of cricketers and role of Zoya Solanki the lucky mascot. You can find author of ‘The Zoya Factor’ has devoted her life in the advertising field and working for an organisation for such a long time is really a big deal. This has surely contributed to Anuja Chauhan net worth at a higher rank. The sweet and simple girl had never landed in fake controversies. Anuja Chauhan controversy has no impact on her career. So readers what are you waiting for go and grab the copy of Anuja Chauhan novels today itself.