Niharika Acharya Husband Pics, Wedding, Hot Images, Kids, Family, BoyfriendIn 21st century world, we come across some incredible women personalities who are inspiration to women empowerment. These women symbolize integrity and dignity and prove that women are no less than men. This biography is about one of those women who when stepped into social media embarked a new revolution. Niharika Acharya, today, is the editorial Director at Nation Journals. She is a well known news anchor and freelance fox TV producer. Niharika Acharya biography will tell you about her dynamic personality which helps her prosper so high. Niharika Acharya as a news reporter is a well known face in media. Niharika Acharya was an anchor for ‘Voice of America’ and ‘Duniya’ program on Aaj Tak, the leading TV news channel of India. She was then the Managing Editor of Voice of America’s India Service. Niharika Acharya images are seen on web appearing in news shows and news telecasts. She is considered one among those hot female news readers in India. This biography of Niharika Acharya contains all substantial information about her life and career.

Niharika Acharya Age, Family, Wiki

Niharika Acharya birthplace is Sarahan in Northern India. Niharika Acharya nationality is Indian. Everyone might be eager to now the famous news anchor Niharika Acharya age which is still young and she is counted among one of the hot Indian female news anchors. Niharika Acharya family background belongs to middle class Indian family.

Niharika Acharya parents were always very supportive regarding her career. Her parents have always motivated her throughout her life which is why she is in top today. News reporter Niharika Acharya bio-data has appealed many media channels. Media does not reveal much of Niharika Acharya personal details. It seems like the person who herself invades other’s personal life through interviews and controversies, has always kept her details in silence to avoid controversies.

Niharika Acharya Education, Contact Details

Niharika Acharya education is quite appealing. She earned a Master of Arts in the Mass Communication research centre at Jamia Milia Islamia University in New Delhi. Prior to that, she graduated at the top of her class in political science from Lady Shri Ram College for Women in New Delhi. During her childhood days, she completed her schooling from a New Delhi based school Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute.

Basically she lived a Delhi based life, being born and brought up at the same place. Niharika Acharya Facebook page is receiving constant likes every day. Niharika Acharya Twitter tweets are worth reading. Niharika Acharya house is in New Delhi. Being a social person, she is easily accessible to her viewers and readers. Niharika Acharya email id and other contact details are available on web.

Niharika Acharya TV shows, Anchoring

Niharika Acharya TV shows were always rated with high TRPs. She is the Editorial Director at National Journal, an Atlantic Media company. Prior to joining the National Journal, Niharika Acharya fox TV anchor, was a freelance producer at fox TV. Niharika Acharya first job was at NDTV times where she worked for 7 years. Later she also worked for Bloomberg TV from 2010 to 2014.

She was the Producer of Bloomberg Television’s flagship political show, Political Capital with Al Hunt, a political show with an economic edge. The show features discussions on national and international news, along with a weekly wrap-up and interviews with key political figures. Before joining Bloomberg Television Niharika Acharya as TV journalist has covered many events. She was an anchor for Voice of America. As a reporter/editor Niharika covered 2004 and 2008 U.S Presidential Elections, UN General Assembly sessions, 9/11 Anniversaries and US-India Relations (including the U.S-India Nuclear Deal).

Niharika Acharya Awards, Fame

She was the Managing Editor of Voice of America’s India Service. Her noteworthy interviews include Former US President Bill Clinton, Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Indian and Pakistani foreign ministers, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, State Dept officials, NASA Astronauts: Neil Armstrong, Suni Williams, members of American Congress, Indian Politicians and Hollywood-Bollywood artists.

Today, she is among India’s famous female journalists. Niharika Acharya Awards includes the VoA’s superior accomplishment Award. Niharika also covered the relief efforts mounted by American communities for 26 December 2004 Tsunami disaster victims and their families. To be honest, being flourished so high in career, Niharika Acharya salary is quite high. Niharika Acharya net worth is in Lakhs.

Niharika Acharya Love Life, Marriage

Being such a social person it is assumed that the husband of Niharika Acharya will be someone very lucky to have her. Niharika Acharya love affairs though have been on top search, but due her extremely polite behavior much suspects have not come up. Niharika Acharya boyfriend will of course be someone very career oriented. Always busy with her works and formal attire, Niharika Acharya wedding will be a day to observe her ethnic beauty. All focus has always remained on her career and reporting. Some Niharika Acharya linkups were heard but those being very minor were passed on to air.

Niharika Acharya Latest Buzz

Niharika Acharya and Shaili Chopra has worked together in many shows, both being top successful women in India. Niharika Acharya and Sweta Singh seem to be in a close friend zone. Niharika Acharya husband name, though kept in her personal private life, her fans are eager to know about it. Being an eminent face in media, some of Niharika Acharya pictures are available on web especially during her news photo-shoots.

Niharika Acharya controversy is heard often due to her diplomatic talks in some of her career field which is very common to happen in such profession. Being a very socially active person, Niharika Acharya relationship with her co-workers is very strong. Niharika Acharya latest news about her upcoming shows and news coverage are available on her Facebook page and can be easily tracked down from web.