Alan Mamedi Wife Pics, Truecaller Founder Images, Wedding, Children, Sasha PhotosAlan Mamedi is an entrepreneur and is well-known as the CEO of Truecaller. In the year 2009, Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam co-founded an application called “Truecaller” that displays the names of the unknown callers. In this Truecaller founder Alan Mamedi biography by Youth Developers, we will be throwing some light on his professional as well as personal lives. Even though Alan Mamedi success story is an inspiration to millions of aspiring software developers, the struggle behind the same is lesser known. Before he could be called as the founder of Truecaller, an application that revolutionised many ways in which we used internet, he was just another struggling developer. Also, Truecaller founder wiki may not be exclusively available but he is widely followed on Alan Mamedi Twitter handle, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In these profiles, you will be able to find lots of Alan Mamedi photos and other stuff.

Alan Mamedi Age, Family, Wiki

Today, Truecaller CEO name is known worldwide but there is a lot more to him than his professional achievements. Born in the October of 1984, Alan Mamedi age is 31 years as of now, although Alan Mamedi date of birth is not known exactly. Alan Mamedi family background speaks of Swedish culture and since he was born in Sweden, Alan Mamedi nationality is Swedish.

As regards Alan Mamedi education, he holds a graduate degree in B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. This biography of Alan Mamedi will also cover facts about Alan Mamedi personal life in the later segment of this text. Till then, you can learn about his professional career and Google Truecaller founder images on the web.

Alan Mamedi Success Story, Net Worth

Everybody in the world of technology today knows about the hefty Alan Mamedi net worth but it is unknown that how he became so rich. Alan Mamedi first start-up was True Software Scandinavia AB which is also the company that produced Truecaller. However, it is hard to confirm that whether or not this was Alan Mamedi first job. It is enough fact that Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi bio data is as impressive as it could get, given his age. Due to his young age and massive success, Alan Mamedi controversy every now & then does not come as a surprise.

Those who are inspired by him have been looking out for Alan Mamedi contact details, which are obviously undisclosed due to security reason. However, you can find Alan Mamedi email id very easily through his Facebook profile. The most common question his fans want to ask him is about Alan Mamedi new start-up. Now that his company is a huge success, Alan Mamedi Truecaller funding is not a big problem anyway. Also, as per Alan Mamedi latest news, the biggest market for Truecaller in the world is India. This was also appreciated by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

After such amazing innovation, we are waiting on Alan Mamedi upcoming projects so that it can make our smartphone use all the more pleasant. Of all Alan Mamedi investments that he must have ever made, Alan Mamedi stake in Truecaller is definitely the most rewarding one. It is undoubted that Truecaller mobile app has made our lives easier in so many ways, and knowing a little bit about Truecaller mobile app founder life history has made it even more meaningful.

Alan Mamedi Love Life, Marriage, Wife

The personal life of Alan Mamedi is rather discreet and a very secretive one. We know very little about Alan Mamedi love life as the rumours about Alan Mamedi love affairs have always been overshadowed by his professional achievements. After a long time discussion about Alan Mamedi girlfriend, it was finally revealed that Alan Mamedi dating Sasha was a fact. Even though Alan Mamedi Sasha relationship was kept under the limelight by the couple for a long time, when they finally spoke, they announced Alan Mamedi wedding date with Sasha.

Since Alan Mamedi married Sasha, the couple has been seen at various events together. In fact, Alan Mamedi with his wife is a common sight at every public and relevant event. Owing to that, Alan Mamedi wife name has now become a household name to his fans. While Alan Mamedi Sasha love story is not completely talked about, we are happy that the couple found the bliss in each other.

Even the controversial Alan Mamedi Sasha age difference could not set the couple apart. In fact, it is believed that the wife of Truecaller founder Alan Mamedi is soon going to be a mom and that the news of Alan Mamedi wife pregnant is true. However, we do not have any reliable sources to believe that from. But we are hoping that Alan Mamedi children turn out to be geniuses like him, as and when that happens.